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Meredith Vieira REJECTS NBC Offer

to Replace Ann Curry

6/21/2012 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC secretly offered Meredith Vieira a big contract to replace Ann Curry on the "Today" show ... but she turned them down.

Sources connected with the network tell TMZ ... the offer was made approximately two weeks ago but Meredith wasn't interested in returning to the show she anchored for 6 years.

TMZ broke the story back in April ... Ann Curry was on her way out, partly because NBC was unhappy with her performance, partly because the ratings started to suck, and partly because Matt Lauer didn't like working with her.

As we reported, when Matt re-signed with "Today," he made it clear he wanted a new co-anchor, but NBC delayed making an immediate change because the network didn't want to make it look like a big foot on Matt's part.

From what we're hearing, Ann could be 86'd within a matter of weeks. 

As for who will replace Ann, network sources say the frontrunner is Savannah Guthrie, who co-hosts the third hour of "Today."


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replace matt w/ amy robach

800 days ago


Ann is the perfect example of the Peter principle- she was simply promoted to her highest level of incompetence. She was great at the news desk, but has no personality as an anchor. I was a loyal Today show watcher for years, but haven't watched since Ann's first week. Meredith and Matt had a fun relationship, but Ann is boring.

800 days ago


KEEP ANN !!!!!

800 days ago


Matt, life has a way of humbling you and your lesson will come. I have an idea, your co-anchor should be Oprah's gal pal....Gail. You'll enjoy her, she's just like you, full of yourself!
Ann, I've watched the show for one reason because of you. I can only imagine the hell you've gone through. You deserve better and if this does indeed happen, it will be a blessing. You have many fans and you will be an asset to where ever you go. I will follow you...always have and always will.

800 days ago

Sonia Davis    

I changed to CBS Charlie Rose, Erica Hill who do a better show and are more professional.....Charlie Rose is also more respectful to the guests...They also do the news, no cooking shows, etc. I tune in for the news.... Ann did her best for many years, time for her to move on and go somewhere else...

800 days ago


I feel sorry for Ann. I started watching GMA while Merideth was cohost, I just got tired of the Today show, what is it 3, 4 hours long now? No thanks! i won't even channel hop over to NBC knowing how awful they treat Ann, eff em! Hope the ratings tank even more!

800 days ago


Who's the bully here, Matt Lauer?

800 days ago


Ms. Curry needs to be replaced indeed. She has such a slurpy speeking and is so difficult to understand.

800 days ago


Shame, shame, shame. Get rid of Jenna Wolf, Matt and Savannah.

800 days ago

Jo Jo    

I think Matt sould leave he acts as if he owns the station I only watch because of the rest.
I will never watch the station again if you'll let Matt get red of another co-anchor we think Ann is the greatest.
When Matt talks to people he never gives them time to answer before he amswers himself

800 days ago


I QUIT watching when Meredith V came on the show.. When Ann was moved to anchor, I started back watching... Now I will change the channel again..

800 days ago


They are all boring ego maniacs as far as I'm concerned. You mean to tell me "the industry" can't train-up a couple good puppets for these spots?

All these morning "news" shows just glorify the hollywood puppets anyway. I'd rather get "real" news off the internet. TMZ is good to use for who "the industry" is targeting next. The world really is a bunch of players.

800 days ago

Jack Kepler    

If Ann goes, there goes the show. She is the nicest, person on TV. Down to earth and a real person. When she goes, so do we.
Hatteras Jack(& Shirley)

800 days ago


DOLLARS TO DONUTS, Meredith V will linger until a reasonable length of time has passed, then, SURPRISE, she will fill Ann's position next to Matt just as he wanted. That's SHOW BUSINESS, folks!!!
NBC has insulted the intelligence of the American people by "pretending " M V was not interested in the job. NONSENSE!! By the way, what has she accomplished to earn the title of "legend.?" Haven't been able to figure it out!

799 days ago


Matt Lauer IS probably behind this. Never have liked him. I hope the ratings really sink after Ann is removed. Also, it's sad males in media are still paid more.

799 days ago
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