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Karen Klein

I DON'T Accept

the Kids' Apologies

6/22/2012 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karen Klein tells TMZ ... she DOES NOT accept the apologies issued by the kids who taunted her on a NY school bus ... claiming "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children penned letters of apology to the 68-year-old bus monitor ... after the video went viral this week. Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated in the incident.

But Karen and her daughter just called in to "TMZ Live" ... saying they're just not ready to forgive.

Klein also says she has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished.

Klein says she's blown away by the outpouring of support she's received -- and has already come up with a few ideas on how to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars people have donated to her.


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john johnson    

yeah, they can do better......kiss her feet, lol.

830 days ago


Listen everybody that is hating on Karen... you obvioulsy have no feelings what so ever! Seriously?! What if this was you... just think about! If someone was saying these awful words to you how would you feel?

830 days ago


Harvey is a big idiot on his solution it is a catch 22 if the bus driver were to stop the bus and not go until there is an apology and not leave parents would be calling the school district and the police to find there missing kids and criminal charges would be brought against the bus driver and the moniter. for child endagerment and possible kidnapping. holding the kids against there will. In todays day and age it is alot harder for Parents and the school to discipline kids even if you have huge bodygaurd on the bus the kids can still do whatever they want. The best solution if the kids can not behave on the bus than the school should stop giving bus service and make the parents drop off and pick up there kids and spend the bus money in other departments.

830 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

There is no excuse for the way those little SOB's behaved but it should not have came to light by the video going viral. The lady was hired to monitor kids and keep behavior in check, i would also bet she was supposed to report things like this WHEN they happen.
Mine may not be the popular opinion and i know i will get slammed for this but she should have reported this. The driver should have been informed, the bus should have been taken back to the school and the little turds should have been dealt with when it happened.
Also kids are taught to report behavior like this, why would they if it isn't even reported by adults/staff?
She seems like a very sweet lady, but honestly i don't think she can handle the job she was hired to do. While no one should have to take that kind of abuse, this isn't a case of some random little old lady, she was hired to be the responsible adult on a bus full of teenagers.
Chances are this was not the first time these kids have bullied, and it won't be the last. If there was do***entation it would help in future (or past) incidents. By doing nothing she sent a message that this behavior is acceptable. She is the adult they are the kids and she should have done her job and reported it. (In our district teachers/staff are required to report all bullying and even rumors of bullying) I would be interested to know what her exact job description is, and if the district/school or state has any policies about mandatory reporting.
Personally i am surprised that no one else reported it, I know there are some kids on my sons Jr. high bus that report it when kids look crossed eyed at each other.

830 days ago


Shoot, I wouldn't accept it either. The 23yrs of my life on this planet, and I've never seen or experiencing kids being this cruel. Something is seriously wrong with the parents, and these kids, and people who think this is okay, and that she should've been stronger, **** that. And as for the money thing, I think that a bit much, but not hating on anything this lady gets at this point.

830 days ago


I don't really understand why she is getting so much money either. I was bullied 10X worse in high school and I didn't get any money. I think those kids should be severely punished, and i agree what they did was atrocious, but maybe they should get someone on the bus that can handle those situations better :s

830 days ago


That's how they raise kids these days, to have no respect for anybody. It's disgraceful.

830 days ago


It is nice to see something good happen for her and others being a blessing to her, after what those cruel kids did to her.

My question is, do parents not instill into their children EMPATHY for others any more? Are some parents failing their children by not teaching them to respect the elderly and to have empathy for others, to stand in the shoes of someone and wonder how you would feel if this was your Grandmother, mother, etc?

I get that the boys need to be held accountable, but the parents of these boys need to look inward too as to where they went wrong in their parenting that their own child would think it okay to abuse an elderly woman.

Never okay to abuse anyone!


I hope they truly feel remorse, but it makes me wonder if they have a soul or a conscience to do this to her and then think it funny to post it on the internet, shows they do not have a conscience. What else are these boys capable of doing then? What kind of examples have their parents been to them that they learned this was okay to do? Did they learn it from their parents bullying others? What or who did not teach them to treat others as you want to be treated and to feel remorseful when you hurt or wrong a person?

To the parents of the boys, what part of all of this is also your fault, for what areas of neglect in your parenting is behind this? Why are you not teaching your boys to have empathy for others or get them help for their abusive behavior? Where did they learn this from, who did they learn this from? Parents?

830 days ago

Hey Now    

Just remember to pay the taxes on the donation first. Cause you know you don't want to owe the government & have more problems later

830 days ago


This lady is just as big of a dbag as the kids who taunted her. I can't believe that there are morons out there who would donate money to a woman just because she had her feelings hurt. How sensitive are we these days? In my opinion, the kids should be lauded, not punished. They stood up to an authoritative figure much like our fore fathers did during the American revolution. When you can't be a jerk in America, especially at such a young age when you don't know any better, we've certainly lost one of our most cherished freedoms.

830 days ago


Those kids need to be punished for their behavior...maybe some type of community service....SAD SAD SAD how disrespectful children are these days.

830 days ago


You know, I was appalled when I heard the things those kids did, but I think this lady is really milking this. I think it's very immature of her not to accept apologies from the kids. For the most part, the ones I read seemed genuine. Life is too short. You have to learn to let go of things and move on with life.

830 days ago


This incident was the result of crappy parenting. I was taught how to behave as a decent human being, and would never even think of engaging in behavior like this. They need to let these kids' parents know that they're failing miserably and raising monsters. And these kids need to pay dearly. Just writing a forced "I'm so sorry" letter doesn't cut it.

830 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

How LAME,I will not give her a dollar.Do your dam JOB!By the way you have an easy job also.Fat Bitch!

830 days ago


I'm curious if any of their classmates will soon be coming forward with their own stories of how this particular group have harrassed them in the past. It's very obvious from the video that they prey on those they assume to be weak. Due to the fact that they did make physical contact with her and made threats of further physical violence I truly believe there should be charges pressed against them.

830 days ago
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