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Lindsay Lohan

Lifetime Producers Worried Sick -- THEY DON'T GET IT!

6/23/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_lilo_lifetimeSources close to Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime movie tell TMZ ... producers have been in hysterics these past few weeks over LiLo's latest hijinks, and we're left to wonder ... WHY?!?!?!

According to our sources, producers were particularly upset over her car accident on PCH. We're told the producers have five big concerns:

-- The company that insures the movie might bail
-- Her probation could be violated for lying to the cops
-- She could be prosecuted for lying to police
-- She could crash her car again
-- She's going to clubs where bad things happen

But here's the thing ... when has a Lifetime movie ever gotten this much press (besides the one where Jennifer Love Hewitt played a hooker)? And don't they know ... nothing bad ever REALLY happens to Lindsay.

$10 says "Liz & Dick" is the most watched program in the network's history.


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The insurance company will just send them a new rider with an increased premium. Her probation is not going to be violated, the court does not want her publicity act back in their court rooms. She has always lied to the police and nothing ever comes of that. She will crash her car again, and their was either drugs or alcohol in her car the last time it crashed. And she will always be going to clubs where bad things happen. Here is the deal, the real Lindsay Lohan is not a good person, she is not a good friend, she is not a good daughter, and she for sure is not a good employee. If you or I got into this much trouble without the Lohan backup team she has, we would be unemployed and probably in jail for a few years. I feel sorry for her employees, her friends and any man who gets involved with her.

853 days ago

Not em    

I'm not watching and not interested in the movie, characters, or Lohan. Everything about this seems trashy.

853 days ago


what illiterate snark put this garbage together? Nothing to report about Lindsay so you produce your lie list. The only liars I can see are TMZ and their azzhole sources.

853 days ago


What a horrible casting choice.

853 days ago


I won't be watching. I have no interest in LL nor I am interested in Liz Taylor's life.

853 days ago


LL isn't providing any news herself so TMZ has to make up some "news" to give the jealous haters something to do. HILARIOUS!

853 days ago


Yes, you jealous haters will be watching. You're the same idiots that watch anything Kardashian and Jersey Shore, then come back here to whine about them too.

853 days ago


It's looking like there's a possibility that the movie may not even get finished. From what I hear, she will be dropped by the company that is insuring her. If it does get finished, people may tune in for a couple minutes, but no one is going to sit through the entire thing. I have a friend who is working on it and according to them, it's terrible. She can't act, delivers her lines all wrong, and isn't believable in the role. They're doing take after take after take and none of it is very good.

853 days ago


I know I won't be watching Liz & Dick. I just don't watch Lifetime. I think the producers have every right to be concerned, though. Lindsday's behavior is just the same as it's always been. She has no regard for consequences, acts as though rules do not apply to her and will continue to do as she pleases with no regard for anyone else. The fact is that these producers gave her this role and a chance to work again. She should be grateful and willing to comply with the guidelines they laid down(i.e, not driving), instead of acting like a selfish brat and all but giving them the finger. It's the same old Lindsay, just a different day.

853 days ago


James Deen Co-Star: James and Lindsay Lohan Will Be Fabulous!

It looks like James Deen’s fellow x-rated performers are very excited and supportive of him possibly starring in The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan.

RumorFix spoke exclusively with porn star Heather Vahn, who starred with Deen in James Franco’s ‘Rebel’.

Vahn played Natalie Woods in the video installation, and believes he and Lindsay will be great together.

“James Deen is a very outgoing and talented performer,” says Heather. “I absolutely enjoyed costarring with him in ‘Rebel’, it was wonderful – his ‘bad boy cool’ catches the attention of women often. And of course he is able to charm a smile onto the face of any lady — no doubt a trait adopted from our intimate industry where James is charming women on the regular!

A bit of ‘bad boy’ for a Lohan horror flick sounds fabulous to me. I feel like James and Lindsey will have a nice balance, even sans the sex appeal! I’m very excited for James and pleased to hear he’s working on bigger projects. He works hard and earned his rewards.”

Catch ‘Rebel’ for the last time on Saturday night (June 23) at the MOCA in Los Angeles!

853 days ago

Like It Is    

Angelina Jolie-Pitts boney ass looks more like Elizabeth Taylor than Simply Hohan looks like Elizabeth Taylor. What a joke to cast the Ho to play one of the greatest actresses of all time. Ha!

853 days ago

Like It Is    

Angelina Jolie-Pitts bony ass looks more like Elizabeth Taylor than Simply Hohan looks like Elizabeth Taylor. What a joke to cast the Ho to play one of the greatest actresses of all time. Ha!

853 days ago


Lohan looks NOTHING like Liz- whats the point? If I were in charge of Ms Taylors estate I would sue Lifetime. Lohan is a skank.

853 days ago


What a bunch of bullsh*t TMZ and you know it. Whats the matter you didnt get enough hits on Chris Brown and Drake. Leave this poor girl alone. my God...

853 days ago


I will watch it when it comes out. I was so against Lindsay as Elizabeth until I saw the photos come out. Damn, she CAN pull it off. Cudos to the producers who took the risk, I hope it eventually pays off.

853 days ago
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