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Lindsay Lohan

Lifetime Producers Worried Sick -- THEY DON'T GET IT!

6/23/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_lilo_lifetimeSources close to Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime movie tell TMZ ... producers have been in hysterics these past few weeks over LiLo's latest hijinks, and we're left to wonder ... WHY?!?!?!

According to our sources, producers were particularly upset over her car accident on PCH. We're told the producers have five big concerns:

-- The company that insures the movie might bail
-- Her probation could be violated for lying to the cops
-- She could be prosecuted for lying to police
-- She could crash her car again
-- She's going to clubs where bad things happen

But here's the thing ... when has a Lifetime movie ever gotten this much press (besides the one where Jennifer Love Hewitt played a hooker)? And don't they know ... nothing bad ever REALLY happens to Lindsay.

$10 says "Liz & Dick" is the most watched program in the network's history.


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El Topo    

This DAVET character sure is funny. I enjoy reading his posts almost as much as I enjoy reading Help this young womans posts,lol. To bad the haters posts arent as fun being that they take up the majority of comments, like that babbling old bat Ketjo.

821 days ago

El Topo    

If this were the 70's Lindsay would have probably been in the Rocky Horror Picture show, and would have become a legend that people would dress up as, or she would have been queen of the *****cat Theater. Either way Lindsay would have rocked had she lived in the 70's I would be willing to bet.

821 days ago


I promise not to watch.

821 days ago


Most watched. You think? So what, that will be a whole 6 viewers...Dina, michael, Ali, Honig, Jill and one random loser.

821 days ago


I think that it should read....

-Insurance company shouldn't have been given 1st off!

821 days ago


Lindsay Lohan
A story of a Queen running around stealing everything she can just because she can till a couple of asps bite her in the azz and stops the klepto.
Rated: Don't bother!

821 days ago


I won't be watching it. I'll see enough of it right here on TMZ and also hear way too much about it right here on the TMZ comments.

Harvey can hardly wait. Katching.

821 days ago


It should read....

-Insurance shouldn't have been given in the first place.

-Her probation should have been revoked a long time ago!
-She should be prosecuted for lying
-She Will crash another car...count on it!
-She has always been going and doing things she shouldn't have.
She is and will always be a junkie liar, my blind uncle who has been dead for 10 yrs can see this!

821 days ago


We won't be watching and neither will my friends and family.

821 days ago


They are getting what they deserve for insulting Dame Elizabeth!

821 days ago


This is the end of the line for Lohan. All she has left is Porn

821 days ago


Oh well its there fault. Everyone knows this skank is a trouble maker and unreliable that's why no directors are hiring her and want her in their movies because shes box office poison plus shes a rubbish actress anyway. They should of known better than to hire her with her history. That role could of been given to an actress looking for her lucky break but the directors gave it to this vile woman who thinks shes better than everyone and who doesn't deserve another chance after the way shes behaved for the last 7 years. No point in complaining now.

821 days ago


Do we know when she'll be arrested for lying to cops? Oh wait, this is LA and she won't be charged. :x

821 days ago


First, much love to Love_Hewitt.

Who just lost her Mom -

Second, Lindsey and Love should become pals.

They're both brutally-intelligent, scary-intelligent.

For making exact-right-choices at exact-right-time.

Love's controversial choice to play a hooker (stretch, change image, etc.).

Lindsey risking by doing PLAYBOY and agreeing to do a film she would have killed:

"Linda Lovelace Story."

People haven't seen Lindsey's second-act.

Insist Lindsey doesn't have a second.

Maintain Lindsey's a one-trick-pony (kid films).

Once this unravels...

And we see the great work Lindsey does ...

(and the continuing upswing to Love Hewitt, now also an author.)

It'll seem like a no-brainer.

The Liz & Dick producers made a gutsy call.

A great call.

A call that will pay huge, huge dividends.

For all involved.

Sure, there's worries about insurance.

A silly PCH car crash.

But it's like Harvey said yesterday:

"Lindsey Lohan is guaranteed ratings..."

And I, for one, love/admire the chick.

Love/admire ... both chicks.

We're lucky to have both here.

Me, I'll take hits for this - acquire my usual 7,000 hates -

But that's okay -

...always have been a rebel/maverick...

Willing to make and take ...

The unpopular stand ...

Peace out.


821 days ago


I suspect that initially the producers at Lifetime felt this project would be "MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL" for all parties involved; BUT NOW THEY HAVE SOME RATHER "SERIOUS" REGRETS!!! I doubt seriously, if they're going to release this "BOMB" ANYTIME SOON because Elizabeth Taylor is a "CULTURAL ICON" and Lindsay Lohan's performance "FAILED" to live up to their expectations. Furthermore, they realized she hasn't really "CLEANED UP HER ACT" and lacks the "DISCIPLINE" to become a "TRULY ACCOMPLISHED" ACTRESS. At the rate she's going, ONLY "REALITY TV" WILL PUT UP WITH HER "ANTICS" WITH "NO ACTING" REQUIRED ON HER PART!!! Lifetime gave her a shot BUT THEY "DO HAVE STANDARDS"!!!

821 days ago
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