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Lindsay Lohan

Lifetime Producers Worried Sick -- THEY DON'T GET IT!

6/23/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_lilo_lifetimeSources close to Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime movie tell TMZ ... producers have been in hysterics these past few weeks over LiLo's latest hijinks, and we're left to wonder ... WHY?!?!?!

According to our sources, producers were particularly upset over her car accident on PCH. We're told the producers have five big concerns:

-- The company that insures the movie might bail
-- Her probation could be violated for lying to the cops
-- She could be prosecuted for lying to police
-- She could crash her car again
-- She's going to clubs where bad things happen

But here's the thing ... when has a Lifetime movie ever gotten this much press (besides the one where Jennifer Love Hewitt played a hooker)? And don't they know ... nothing bad ever REALLY happens to Lindsay.

$10 says "Liz & Dick" is the most watched program in the network's history.


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Unfortunatley, and I mean VERY unfortunatley, you will probably win that bet.

852 days ago


Lets take them up on this bet and make sure you don't watch it. I have NO intention of turning it on. Sounds boring and painful!

852 days ago


That's five big concerns. Somebody can't count!

852 days ago


Seriously? Jeez, I'm in the wrong career for sure. An idiot with an IQ in the single digits ... hell Snookie for that matter ... could have told the producers that. I still can't believe she had insurance backing. Who the "F" backed her? I want to make sure I never do business with that insurer.

852 days ago


TMZ, get out of her pocket -- Harvey is a lawyer. (1) The Porche company is going to sue Lifetime and/or its production team for damages for the totalled car. (2) The trucking company is going to sue Lifetime and/or the production team for damages to the 18-wheeler. (3) The insurance company already should have dropped Lifetime and/or the Liz & Dick production when Lindsay wrecked the car on the production's time and dime, against the policy. Not only could the production be tanked financially, but so could Lifetime. So much good all that "free" publicity did when betting on Lilo cost you the candy store.

852 days ago


Surprised?? Here we go again.

852 days ago


Why does TMZ keep covering this story? I'm no psychic but I can tell you she will never straighten up and she will never have consequences for her actions. There are things that should have a lot of coverage like the Sandusky trial and here we are still beating a dead whore. Lol.

852 days ago


I'm not going to watch this show.

They don't get it. She is a liability and anyone who takes her on and allows her a job filming, is jeopardizing their show/movie.

She is high maintenance and who would take such a risk in their business or company, knowing what they know about Lindsay Lohan.

She is reckless and does not care about about doing a stellar job or behaving. She only cares about her own instant self gratification.

852 days ago


You go to bed with dogs, you get fleas!

852 days ago


Lifetime's loving the publicity - that's why they hired her. They just want ratings, which = money. End of story.

852 days ago


She is a HUGE liability but did anyone expect any different from her? Lifetime is seems has a lot of faith in her, and here is how she thanks them?

852 days ago


Effe Lifetime for bringing this whole mess about! SHAME!

852 days ago

There's a problem here    

In every picture I see Linds has Elizabeth-type iconic clothes on and the resemblance ends there. Even her body type is all wrong. So she bears absolutely no resemblance to Liz and she can't act so it's not like you can even forget that. I'm thinking aside from the fact that this is a Lifetime Network movie, popular with welfare trailer women with no men or who take up with half-toothless pale white men with scraggly beards and mullets, someone like Stockard Channing from 20 years ago would have been a kick ass Liz, in looks and talent. Linds could be dead before this is in the can anyhow.

852 days ago


This movie will end up b lowing big Yarbles.

852 days ago


As Crazy Susan is so fond of saying:
"Hey TMZ why run this? It's a non-story. You're just doing it for hits."
(Which of course she WON'T say because it's sort of a positive spin.)

852 days ago
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