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'Storage Wars' Star

and Trey Songz --

YUUUP ... They've Settled

6/23/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Trey Songz and 'Storage Wars" star David Hester settle their dueling lawsuits over the phrase YUUUP? YUUUP!

Did TMZ first report that Songz and Hester each filed dueling complaints in New York, because each wanted the right to sell merchandise with the aforementioned phrase of affirmation? YUUUP!

Did lawyers for both parties file docs this week dismissing their lawsuits? YUUUP!

Were the terms of the settlement made public? NOPE

Are you as tired of this gag as we are? Don't answer that ...


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The YUUUP! phrase will forever be embedded in my head as a Dave Hester saying.

I watch storage wars of find it entertaining.

850 days ago


I HATE Dave ! I wish they would get rid of him, But as long as he keeps his shananagins up, they will, unfortunately keep him for the rateings.

850 days ago


i dont even watch storage wars.tried to watch it one time.**** was so staged and fake its sad.dude found a bunch of money in a storage building.who the **** leaves money laying around in t a storage building? production of course

850 days ago

Don Pedro    

I no longer watch the show because of the obvious staging and poorly written "setups."

850 days ago


Trey Songz has been saying Yuuup since his first album in 2005. That's long before Storage Wars was even a show. That SHOULD be case closed.

850 days ago

two cents    

Yes the show is staged. You see ALL those people in the background yet the regulars are the only ones who ever "win" the unit. It's still funny to watch though. But his "yuuup" is annoying as hell. He looks like an idiot.

850 days ago


Stage?, absolutely
Annoying?, for sure

But whoever, believes storage auctions do not find stuff like this should keep their traps shut, in the 7 years we have been doing auctions, we have found at least 3 units over 50k each, and many many around 10k, I no longer try to figure out why it happens, it just does, can't find money????, a friend of mine bought a 'build-up' unit 1 year ago, and I bought the one next to him, inside the build-up was a duffle bag with 50k of dirty/wrinkly $20 bills (probably drug money), it's rare and I have never found more then $20 in cash, but if you go to enough auctions and you have a pocket full of cash you WILL eventually find treasure. We have many stories and I can probably write a books on 'real' finds

850 days ago


who watches that crap??

850 days ago


Tmz. Who gives a f about this? You guys will report ANYTHING and make it look like its real news

850 days ago


This makes as much sense as Donald Trump trying to copyright the phrase "You're fired". :/

850 days ago


I love storage wars and Dave Hester!

850 days ago


What a waster of air and brain power...

I am a full time working auctioneer and like Trey's version better...

If you have ever been to any sort of auctioneer training or to a ringmans training course the Yuuups are ground into your head.

Auctioneers have been trading & selling "Yep" tapes for years.

Hester is not doing anything new...

But he is clogging up TESS a little at the USTPO office where this entire matter would be dropped in a New York Minute...

Two different Yeps and Yuups

850 days ago


Dave Hester is a colossal ass. I hope the only he got was laughed at.

850 days ago


The most ridiculous case ever. How the heck can anyone own a slang word? Neither was invented by these guys. Yup has been around since forever, along with aha, yea, yay, yesiree yeppers and any other way of saying yes. What a waste of time and money trying to own a friggin word everyone uses.

850 days ago


They both got Yuup From KING OF THE HILL That's what Hank and the guys always said Yuup King Of the Hill Was on the air why before ether of them...!!!!!!

850 days ago
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