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Animal Org. to Cee Lo

Don't Whip Out Your

Cockatoo on 'The Voice'

6/24/2012 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0625-cee-lo-3Cee Lo is taking some serious heat over plans to rock out with his cockatoo out on the upcoming season of "The Voice" ... over concerns that stress from the show could cause the bird to self-mutilate.  

The controversy stems from Cee Lo's recent announcement that he'll be replacing the pet cat who accompanied him during Season 1 with a Moluccan cockatoo named Lady.

But the move is causing some concern among bird activists -- because Moluccan cockatoos are endangered ... and are known to be extremely TERRIBLE pets.

TMZ spoke with Monica Engrebretson -- a rep for the animal rights org. Born Free USA ... who also happens to be an expert in all things related to the Moluccan cockatoo. She's also a HUGE Cee Lo fan.

Monica tells us ... "Moluccan cockatoos are beautiful, intelligent animals but they are very challenging to care for especially in the long term, and are prone to considerable welfare problems."

She adds, "Many Moluccan cockatoos develop self-destructive behavior including feather plucking and self mutilation not known to occur in the wild."

"Many parrot rescues are already filled to capacity with moluccans and other large parrots. I encourage “The Voice” to reconsider featuring a moluccan cockatoo or any bird as a 'pet' on the show and instead promote a more appropriate companion animal such as a dog. Even better, they could feature a rescue dog or a dog in need of a home."

She adds, "I want to add that I am a huge fan of Cee-Lo and I am glad that he appears to be an animal lover."

We reached out to Cee-Lo -- so far, no word back.

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titty bangaa    

c lo found himself a white girl 2 tear up.

849 days ago


yes pay for a backyard breeders pet when there are good breeders spending thousands on socialized and healthy animals *eyeroll*

849 days ago


Theyre right. People are really SO SO stupid sometimes. The show is watched by a huge number of people and many of them will start playing with an idea of having a ****atoo for a pet. ITs always the same. Like it was with monkeys many times when they were in big feature films. And then a year or so later you see hundreds of them overfilling the shelters or are found on the streets. Dead or alive. Because they are beyond horrible pets but nobody WANTED to hear that part.

849 days ago

BB in CA    

Cee Lo – Listen to the nice lady (Monica) and don't bring a moluccan ****atoo to work. I like the idea of featuring a rescue dog each show though. Or bring back the pretty kitty. d;^'

849 days ago


I am sure that bird has seen Cee Lo's fat stubby ass naked in direct sunlight and if that didn't cause it to self mutilate nothing will.

849 days ago


who is this no talent hack?

849 days ago


I watched 5 minutes of The Voice once and began to self mutilate.

849 days ago


it is a rent-a-bird. just like with that white cat. he rented it just so he would look "interesting". what a joke.

849 days ago


Short stubby Milk Dud-headed Garbage Pail Kid

849 days ago


Despite all the hateful comments making fun of him, I actually like Ceelo, but I have to agree... bringing his endangered bird on set is probably not a good idea. The last thing we need is for a bunch of people to go out and buy birds as pet and it sounds dumb, but people are dumb.... so... it will happen. Better question though... how did he manage to get an endangered bird to keep as a pet? Backyard breeder or not... people know he has it. If the bird is known to get stressed and doesn't do well in stressful situations... bringing on a TV show might not be the best idea.

849 days ago


Sadly 'show business' used to be about talent and substance, now it's JUST about 'show'.

848 days ago

jared phillips    

Every time I see this guy I think of the fat cenobite from Hellraiser.

848 days ago


I would say to them "**** you"

848 days ago


Kids with downs syndrome should be watched carefully as they handle Kakatoos

848 days ago

South Beach    

I think C should listen, and it's unfortunate that better research was not done on the front end. The rescue idea is a good one. If "The Voice" steps into to "what show has the most BS" arena, I'll stop watching..

848 days ago
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