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Kris Humphries

How I Knew Kim

Cheated on Me

6/24/2012 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_kris_kim_kanye_gettyKris Humphries told his ex, Myla Sinanaj ... he KNEW Kim Kardashian hooked up with Kanye West because he was mysteriously absent from the big wedding ... sources close to Myla tell TMZ.

We're told Kris groused to Myla about how Kris Jenner suspiciously referred to Kanye as "a close family friend" -- someone Kim knew for a long time. Kris H told Myla, "If he was such a close family friend, why wasn't he invited to the wedding?"

We're told Kris confided in Myla he "felt played" by the whole thing and was genuinely devastated when news of Kim's new relationship broke.

Our sources say Kris was with Myla the day Kanye's song about dating Kim (and dissing Kris) was released -- and Kris was "visibly upset." 

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Kris needs to grow up. I hated him before he even married Kim. He's not a good guy.

814 days ago


Everyone who comments on her negativly, you do realize that all companies care about is exposure, right? They don't care if it's positive or negative. All they see is "aha. Kim K stories get 200 plus comments". If you want her to go away just stop commenting about her, that's what;ll make them go away in the end.

814 days ago


So, was OPRAH WINFREY duped????

814 days ago


lolol Kris is such a tool........and he looks like butthead

814 days ago


BB not BB said:
"Maybe he thinks life is too easy for them so he tries to
make it harder, playing God as the good Christian he thinks
he is. Maybe he should let God do his job and he does his,
which is basketball, not ridding the world of Kardashians."
But, Lord have mercy, if he SHOULD be able to rid the world of Princess PeePee and her crew......God should give him his wings that very day!!!! Lol

814 days ago


Kris has been so annoying about this whole thing, but i do feel bad for him. Kim is just a bad person on the inside. Dead in the eyes. I blame her greedy mother

814 days ago


Jealous women, envious men. Most of these post here are these type of people. It's sad to see it. Give it up. You women are just sper jealous of her beauty. Her body just makes you all look like boys. LOL

814 days ago


Donna Dandridge said:
"The kardashian kard nearly landed them with criminal
charges. They're now sueing the Chinese gentleman who
outed the fact that child labor was being used to make
the kollection for Sears. This gentleman is trying to stop
child labor in his country and now the kardashians are
sueing him for loss of sales. Now how greedy can you
get to sue a destitute Chinaman?"
WHOA!!! Where did you hear about this Donna? Do you happen to have a link?
If true, these WHORES are some greedy ass m'****ers!!! Their losing $$$ is sooo much more important than having adults, much less CHILDREN, working abysmal hrs in unsafe and over crowded work environments!!! Wow! Just....

814 days ago


This dude is such a bitch, lol! And this divorce is taking longer than Michael Jordans and they had kids and property. Give it up mofo, jeez

814 days ago


He totally contradicts his self he says it was a fake marriage and it was staged , how can she be called a cheater if the relationship wasn't real. He needs to move on, and stop trying to use her name to stay irrelevant . Point blank

814 days ago


I feel so sorry for Kris he is just wining wining wining and he is not going to win anything out of all these things he is saying. I am not a big fan of the Kardashian's but MAN move on.

814 days ago


Makes sense to me. Hey anyone seen all the flat ass pic's of Kim when she ran around with Paris Hilton in the old days before she got her fat ass pumped?

814 days ago


I still find it incredibly interesting how people hate Kim K
the way I break it down:
young, stupid and thinking she was in love, she made a private sex tape with her boyfriend
years later to her and her families horror it surfaces
faced with dropping off the planet in shame because of the dumbest thing she probably will ever do... the family collectively chose to support her through it
so rather than lie and deny - a favorite tactic used over and over again by politicians when they're caught in a scandle of their own making- , they moved forward and so began the hatered for the family
as the interest outweighs the hatred- the money began rollling in from their ventures and personal lives
for all of the venemous haters I have one wish for you-
I wish that your
*biggest mistake in judgment
*worst humiliation
*hidden secret
*buried past
*harshest words etc. (you get the idea)
suddenly come to global light and haunt and follow you in headlines, on gossip sites, in your neighbourhood, everywhere you or your extended family go for the rest of your lives.
woundn't llike it would you?
neither does the K family I would guess.
Time to let it go and let them live their lives
we are not on the planet to judge/mock/bully each other but some apparently seem to forget that
If we all had to wear our "dirty laundry" so publicly then the world would see the worst of us ...would that it were more forgiving of us than some are of the K family
just sayin'

813 days ago


Who cares? the divorce has lasted longer then the marriage.. wow

813 days ago


Shes always cheating, probably cheating on Kanye with Jay-Z right now

813 days ago
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