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Aubrey O'Day

I Have Serious

Mental Health Issues

6/25/2012 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aubrey O'Day is a certified headcase ... so says one of her doctors, who issued the reality star an official medical document which allows her to bring her dogs on to an airplane.

A rep for Virgin America airlines tells TMZ ... the "Celebrity Apprentice" star was cleared to bring her 2 pets into the 1st class section of a flight this week ... because they are registered as "Emotional Support Animals."

So how does one get emotional support animal clearance? Ya gotta have a doctor write a letter ... stating you have mental issues.

According to the Virgin America website, the airline requires the passenger to produce a letter from a licensed mental health professional which substantiates the guest's disability-related need for the animal to accompany them in the aircraft cabin.

V.A. claims the letter must state that the passenger "has a mental health-related disability" ... and that having the animal accompany the passenger is necessary for his or her mental health.

The nature of O'Day's mental health issue is unclear.  We called the starlet for comment.
O'Day tweeted pics of the dogs enjoying themselves on the flight to San Francisco ... and the V.A. rep tells us she was "incredibly sweet and polite" ... and nothing short of a "great guest."

So far, no word back.


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Maybe it's just me, but I never heard of her before "Celebrity Apprentice"...and haven't heard of her since, other than celebrity-site coverage of her dress at some event and her dogs aiding her mental health condition on the plane. I guess I'm not her "demographic"... :)

814 days ago


I don't like the idea of dogs running loose on an airplane - first class or not. However, I believe Virgin Airlines has comitted a HIPPA violation and TMZ has perpetuated it into newsprint. I think you need to rethink your dot connecting.

814 days ago


So sick of this fake broad.

814 days ago


Aubrey O'Day and Alec Baldwin should start up their own airline--Fly The Crazy Skies.

814 days ago


1st class and Audrey O'Day do not belong in the same sentence.

814 days ago


It is called "comfort animals" and a way to get around the rule of not allowing pets out of their kennel carrier.. Comfort animals really should only be used for people with severe issues due to the fact that it is extremely unhygienic to have animals all over areas where people eat..


Also, having pets out all over the place creates an issue if someone on the place is allergic to said animal...


I am going out on a limb here - but I bet that Aubrey really doesn't "need" her pets out like that but doing it for her sole benefit, while not giving a crap about others around here..


After celebrity Apprentice - it is clear - this girl is totally into herself...and only cares/thinks about herself.. a vile woman to be honest..

814 days ago


That is the sorriest a$$ excuse I ever heard of.

814 days ago


Dont make me Google this whore and find out she is really a famous person,up for awards....I feel like this is another not famous celibrity taint in the butt whore of a coqsuckin slut bitch but people sound like they heard of her,please don't make me google this Paris Hilton in the face bich and come back madder because she has no credit but TruTV

814 days ago


Planted post trying to attempt to stay relevant. The true of the matter is this ho is a used up jump off with no talent, too many pounds on her body and head (thinks she is intelligent), and a lame attitude. She should never be in first class - total poseur!

814 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

I think its a crock. Not everyone loves dogs, personally i am terrified of them and if i had to sit near one an entire flight it would seriously upset me. I don't get how one persons comfort should over ride another like that.
What about people with severe allergies? My youngest sons eyes would swell shut if he was in an enclosed area like that with dogs. So he would have to suffer because someone has a note?

814 days ago


Oh please. Here's another example of a service cowtowing to a supposed celebrity. She has serious mental issues, all right; she's a mentally retarded dumbass...

814 days ago


So what if her pet was a giant python, or a pitbull or a monkey? Would that be allowed?

814 days ago


I would do here crazy ass.... She is definitely a head case for sure. Oh and to say VA violated HIPPA?!? What? They didn't disclose her disease!

814 days ago


That explains why she was so neurotic and obsessively controlling on Celebrity Apprentice,

814 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

If it was a true service animal it wouldn't be so bad but most "companion" animals that i have seen are the worst behaved!
Here it is illegal to take dogs in stores unless they are service dogs. But stores are not allowed to ask if dogs are service companion animals so anyone can take them in.

Also if it is a long flight, what happens if the animal has to go? WTH are they going to do that?

814 days ago
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