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Kim K's Lawyer

Grills Kris Humphries

Like a Cheeseburger

6/25/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0625_kris_humphries_getty_articleThe bad news for Kris Humphries -- he's about to face hours of grueling/brutal questioning from Kim Kardashian's legal team. The good news -- the lawyer is really hot.

We've learned Kris is minutes away from taking an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and then disso queen Laura Wasser's associate (who's just as hot as Laura) will fire questions at Kris. Por ejemplo ...

-- If you were so devastated by Kim pulling the plug on your marriage, why were you banging a new girlfriend 2 months later?

-- Why do you think you're entitled to $7 million when you signed a prenup saying you'd get nothing?

-- Did you not profit from the marriage, by becoming the celebrity to which you have aspired?

The depo starts at 10 AM.

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Unless Kris has a text or voicemail with Kim saying it was a fraud, he will NEVER win this, if there is no smoking gun, he will just be a Man scorned and, they will issue the divorce and he will have to pay for all of this drama, having to fly people in and out to be deposed and all fees, now I hear he is trying to have Amber Rose deposed, this is ridiculous, he is only wasting his own money, so oh well. He should have given up after he got caught with the chick, now everyone knows he is a liar and will do anything to cover up his lie. He better be careful, the FBI does not take litely to filing false reports and making false claims to them. I believe that when this is over Kris Jenner will sue him for defamation if that girl has it in text or on a voicemail that he did indeed say that she was the one that encouraged the sex tape. He has made a mess for himself.

850 days ago


She's cute, she's a (practicing) lawyer and she's Jewish! What more could anyone ask for? Ok Harvey, here's your chance!

850 days ago

Who Knew    

Lets all chip in and buy a space X rocket, pile that vile family in, point it a Pluto, push the button, than stand back and cheer.

850 days ago


another one-sided biased story for the kraphoarins I'll bet tmzlive is tanking no longer watch it maybe Harvey should read the comments and realize ppl aren't stupid to fall for it,

850 days ago


Shut up TMZ, how much did d Kardashians pay u?

850 days ago


Boring. He can't win on these sites. You are all bought and sold by the Kardashians. It's pretty obvious. Makes me wanna puke. All so boring and ridiculous.

850 days ago


He IS a cheeseburger.

850 days ago


Oh please. Kim's gonna roll over like a beached whale. Kris has already won and Kim's posturing for the media. She'll quietly settle soon because she doesn't want all her nasty secrets (affairs, abortions, cosmetic surgeries) coming out. Kris' playing around two months after the separation is irrelevant. Kim's a dirty whore.

850 days ago


As far as him "banging" some chic only 2 months after his split from Kim Whorebag,....... The way I see it is.. " To get over 1 Skank you gotta get under another" not to mention it took Kim a whole 2 seconds compared to his 2 months!!

850 days ago

Hank Wanky    

Ummm....The deposition doesn't even start for 40 minutes. So you DON'T KNOW if Humphries was "grilled" like a cheeseburger.


850 days ago


that fat ass kim profited the MOST.... ho, get what you can Kris, get some from that plastic mother of hers too , God knows you had to put up with her, kim can't do anything without her there. don't forget the $$$$$ being made in CHINA too Kris

850 days ago

buzz kill    

Humpty Humphries is one buger that is going to be well done, (burnt more like it). That chick he was banging was a KarTRASHian plant, now their plan move to step two.

850 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TMZ this story you've printed looks raggedy, but if you click over to fellow news wannabe MTO, you will see there is a story about KIM that will patch up your story nicely. When will you learn that words meant to beautify the life of a porta potty fools no one, but makes you look quite desperate and foolishly biased.

850 days ago


I hope he takes Kim for all the cash he can get

850 days ago


UGH, Harvey, what the f is with you and the guys over at TMZ constantly using the word 'banging' instead of dating or seeing..we all get it..you're all geeks trying to sound cool (you gossip for a living, so, cool won't happen) but, you, Harvey, of all people, being so sensitive to certain slurs, really have cornered the market on female disrespect. Grow the f up already!!

850 days ago
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