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Kim K's Lawyer

Grills Kris Humphries

Like a Cheeseburger

6/25/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0625_kris_humphries_getty_articleThe bad news for Kris Humphries -- he's about to face hours of grueling/brutal questioning from Kim Kardashian's legal team. The good news -- the lawyer is really hot.

We've learned Kris is minutes away from taking an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and then disso queen Laura Wasser's associate (who's just as hot as Laura) will fire questions at Kris. Por ejemplo ...

-- If you were so devastated by Kim pulling the plug on your marriage, why were you banging a new girlfriend 2 months later?

-- Why do you think you're entitled to $7 million when you signed a prenup saying you'd get nothing?

-- Did you not profit from the marriage, by becoming the celebrity to which you have aspired?

The depo starts at 10 AM.

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1) He did it for sweet revenge! and she soooo deserved it! we all know that.
2) He is entiteled for a lot more. The prenup was sign when he thought the marriage was REAL!
3) Are u kidding me, he actually ruined his image by marrying her. Sure he gets attention, but not good attention. He would have been much better off with out that skank.


816 days ago


well humps, will not be able to fight the kards and wasser and win. hump, is not experianced in lying and and knowing how to manipulate the public. kards and wasser will do everything in their power to destroy him personaly and professionly. people are not valued be wasser and kards and hump, was a prop, they used him and thought he was gullable and would be easly gotten rid of,after wedding. he is young and hasnt been around people like this so he was immature and blindsided. if kim wanted this over she would have signed annulment, but she wants the silence part of the prenup to be active, so he can never defend himself or rebutt anything the kards and wasser say . how would you like to have someone use you and try to ruin you personaly and professionaly, and you have no way to defend youself. humps is you and me against wealthy , greedy people who think they are the only people who matter and we are nothing. its not fair but they will prevail because he is not dirty enough to play the game.

816 days ago


there is a problem with humps , he isnt a professional liar and media manipulater, the kards and ms wasser are win at all costs and destroy the other person. they are used to intimaditon and popularity, getting them what they want. humps, isnt and never was anything more than a prop (and it makes livid that he was played and they tried to destroy him in the process). she would be with reggie bush, if he would have her but turned her down , just before she filed for divorce. this would all be avoided, if kim , would release him from silence, as per her prenup. how would you feel if someone did that to you and you couldnt even reply back or give your side of the story. kards, have the money and conections to treat aany one any way they want and get away with it, while the public and celebrities just keep throwing money to the empire they are building.

816 days ago

Donna Dandridge    

Wasser will probably say that Kim's dead daddy told her to divorce Kris through psychic John Edwards therefore she is not responsible for any wrong doing and just doing what her daddy told her to do. The Kardashians are so ridiculous. Must be hard for Humphries to keep a straight face with all the crazy lies they're feeding Wasser.

816 days ago


He already was a celebrity, so screw them. Please, she was connecting with Kanye well before then, watch the show where she's getting ready to open the store in Soho. They're avoiding each other, but ya know he was there for her.

816 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

I'm sure Kim Kardashian has so much trash that waste management won't be able to pick it all up. Kris Humphries has some but not like the whore bag Kim. Your so pathetic Kim! Drink some piss and enjoy the ride you skank. Mother fukr

816 days ago


Here's exactly how I would answer those questions to prove they mean nothing;
1.Because that is what most normal people do after a break up; they go for a rebound. Doesn't mean you aren't still hurting over your breakup. I'm sure most of us have been here at least once.
2. Because the marriage was a fraud therefore the prenup is void.
3. His basketball career is in the crapper since he hasn't been picked up by a team so if anything I would say its been the opposite of profitable in the long run. Sure he's more famous now but the Kartrashians continue to try to run his name through the mud so I don't think he would do it over again if he could. It's not like hes a huge celeb now who's getting tons of endorsement and movie deals or something.

Now when Kim has to answer questions, I will be very interested to see how she answers. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she lied underoath because that's the type of person she is.

816 days ago


I thought these divorce proceedings were supposed to be televised?? It would have been the highest ratings ever- Kris.J slipping up. Of course, she probably wouldn't have editing privileges -LOL
Really disappointed ,just the same. Does anyone know if the proceedings are being recorded though? Is the hearing open to the public?

816 days ago

Gsharon 710    

KH even if a Judge kicks this question out, ask KK why her silly Mother allowed her to have birth control pills @ 14 instead of getting her interest in school work and healthy happy childhood.

816 days ago


What happened to TMZ? are they owned by the Whoredashians now?!..

816 days ago


1. Myla was a booty call, not a girlfriend.
2. He's entitled to the $7 mil because Kim comitted fraud/marriage.
3. He was already a known professional BB player. Otherwise the media-wh0re wouldn't have given him a second glance. TEAM KRIS!!!

816 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

-- If you were so devastated by Kim pulling the plug on your marriage, why were you banging a new girlfriend 2 months later? { Love how lame TMZ uses the word "banging"...great journalism there....NOT! There is no solid evidence that he was intimate with that troll. Kim was seeing the Chipmunk a lot longer, so why does it matter?}

-- Why do you think you're entitled to $7 million when you signed a prenup saying you'd get nothing? {He was scammed into marrying this troll for a fake fairy tale marriage. She set up how & where he was going to purpose. Seriously, it was taped for the show, so common sense would tell ya that Kim & her pimp were scheming.Not to mention the show was edited by Kim to make Kris look like the bad guy. You could tell that the slore had no intentions of being with him a long time ex:iron clad prenup, never lived together and her actions alone spoke volumes.

-- Did you not profit from the marriage, by becoming the celebrity to which you have aspired? How did he profit when that gold diggin heffin hairy armenian kept all the gifts, she had access to his profit which he never saw or touched. The wedding gifts were kept instead of returning them which was well over the amount that she donated to the dream foundation. The wedding was a sham, the marriage should be annulled, the prenup be voided and Kris awarded 7 mill. Also he should have rights to air out all the KarTRASHians dirty laundry in a tell all book!

816 days ago


If it weren't for Kim Kardashian, I would have NEVER known who Kris Humphries is, now we can't get rid of him.

816 days ago


It's funny how Kim always wants everything out on the TV and she doesn't want the divorce to be televised. I am hoping we get to see when happens and what is said in the court room. I really hope KH succeeds, and the truth comes out.

816 days ago


why isn't TMZ reporting this?


Yay #teamkris!!

816 days ago
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