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Hilary Duff

Bikini Ready

... 3 Months After Baby

6/28/2012 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff is Bikini Ready ... 3 Months After a BabyJessica Simpson should probably take note ... 'cause Hilary Duff has already bounced back to bikini form ... just 3 months after giving birth.

The 24-year-old actress -- who's married to retired hockey star Mike Comrie -- was hangin' by a pool in Mexico ... relaxing with her new son Luca Cruz, who was just born on March 20.

It appears Duff has already dropped most of the baby weight ... and she doesn't even have a $4 million deal with a weight loss company.

Nice work.



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My goodness, how much weight did she gain if she has lost most of the baby weight? At age 24 she should be back to her original weight. Just cover up for a while & you'll be happier with your appearance.

763 days ago


AHHHHH screw off with body talk. I have 2 sons, 1st son i gained 80lbs, 2nd son, I gained 30lbs. Its different for everyone and every pregnancy. And frankly who gives a rats ass! we all know shes gonna lose it! Main thing is she had a happy pregnancy & she has a beautiful healthy baby!

763 days ago


So most of you don't have kids, I'm guessing.

My kid is two years old and my wife still doesn't look like that. I'd be happy for her to have that body now, let alone three months after giving birth.

[Insert obligatory "nice rack" comment here.]

763 days ago


That is not "bikini ready".

763 days ago


F*** you, TMZ, for writing something so rude.

763 days ago


That is NOT bikini ready! Gross!

763 days ago


She looks good for someone who just had a baby, but bikini ready? NO.

763 days ago

go home!    

Um....not really.

763 days ago

go home!    

And although I do not think she is "bikini ready" as you say, I think TMX you put this photo up for the sole purpose of us reacting to it and saying how she is not bikini ready. You knew she was not and you did this to try and get people to write a mean comment (which I am guilty of). Plus, the jessica simpson comment was classless and horrible. Sometimes I hate you TMZ.

763 days ago


All you people saying you don't need to be a size 2 to wear a bikini, get real and be honest....bikinis look best on THIN people. No one wants to see someone with a little (or a lot) of "chunk" in a bikini. She would have looked much better in a one piece. Bikinis are not for women who just popped out a little person. She definitely looks terrific for a new mother but she should not be wearing a bikini. She doesn't have the body for it right now-she may after a few months of intense working out. I had my first child at 28 and I popped back into shape with working out and watching what I ate. AND YES, I KNOW, all women respond differently to childbirth, which is why I say she just is not ready for a bikini---yet.

763 days ago


u people are cruel she just had a baby to number 1 mumbra have u had a baby so shut up

763 days ago


TMZ should take note of the majority of comments here and think about what kind of message and response they are prompting with their posts. I'm so sick of your baby weight/post baby weight/pre conception baby weight/'can't-believe-she's-halfway-through-labor-and-still-has-her-baby-weight' weight stories. Unless you are specifically giving accolades for a beautiful outfit or new hairstyle, stop commenting on women's looks, period. They just don't matter. Pregnant women don't need to answer to the media, or to anyone, about how many pounds they have gained or lost during or after pregnancy. They're pregnant. It's not your business. They can stay the size of boats for a year after giving birth and it still should not matter. Now you've got girls and guys on here looking at these photos and saying "Ew, she's like TOTALLY not bikini ready!" - WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? She owns a bikini and she has a torso! She's 'bikini ready'!

Your snide comment about Hilary being better than Jessica Simpson even though she's not the one with the $4 million weight loss deal was so nauseating that I can't even see what I'm typing here through all the vomit.

I also like that whoever wrote this probably thought they were being progressive and responsible for praising Hilary's 'bikini ready' body despite the fact that it's clearly not as fit and toned as 99% of the other stick thin celebs you give shout outs to. How noble and charitable of you for cheering her on! Ughhhh. You guys are seriously revolting.

763 days ago


Thats just her uterus still swollen she looks great!

763 days ago


How do they do it? I only wish I looked that good that fast after having a baby.

763 days ago


How nice, a contest for new mom's to lose weight...let them enjoy the thing that they've been carrying around for 9 months!

763 days ago
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