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Hilary Duff

Bikini Ready

... 3 Months After Baby

6/28/2012 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff is Bikini Ready ... 3 Months After a BabyJessica Simpson should probably take note ... 'cause Hilary Duff has already bounced back to bikini form ... just 3 months after giving birth.

The 24-year-old actress -- who's married to retired hockey star Mike Comrie -- was hangin' by a pool in Mexico ... relaxing with her new son Luca Cruz, who was just born on March 20.

It appears Duff has already dropped most of the baby weight ... and she doesn't even have a $4 million deal with a weight loss company.

Nice work.



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Poopey Poopstein    

TMZ needs to get their eyes checked. This is a fat lady in a bikini.

846 days ago


No, no she didnt

846 days ago


This is what a post pregnancy body looks like. She's losing the weight slowly, the healthy way. To the idiot who said she's a size 18- do you know what a size 18 looks like? I've seen girls on the beach in their 20s who haven't given birth and are double her size.

846 days ago


Even I know it takes a 24 year a lot less time to bounce back then a 31 year old. Nice try to stir the pot though harv.

846 days ago


I think I'm going to ask TMZ live a new question today. What do the full figured ladies working at TMZ think about all the making fun of Jessica Simpson because she's not model perfect after giving birth?.
I'd really love to know how, struggling with weight issues how the gals of TMZ feel.

846 days ago


Comparing HIllary Duff's bod to Jessica Simpson's bod is like comparing apples to oranges. Sure they're both fruit, but only one was tempting. Typically women who have the ultimate proportionate female body, meaning that their bust is the same size as their hips and their waist should only be 10 inches smaller, usually do gain more weight during pregnancy and keep the baby fat longer as opposed to women with more androgynous bodies (they look like boys face on). So I think that Jessica Simpson is getting unfairly judged by those who don't understand this concept. Jessica has a perfect hour glass figure à la Mae West style. I would also like to point out that Kim Kardashian's hour glass figure is not typical and I believe she's had plastic surgery, aka: Body Sculpting, in order to get that "flat tummy".

846 days ago

Joan K    

Take Note TMZ staff of little dumb azz boys, how dare you tell Jessica Simpson to take note, what a bunch of Jack azzes.

846 days ago



846 days ago


I am in agreeance she is not bikini ready but she does seem to be looking better than Jessica Simpson, and to be honest I do not think Jessica is gonna loose the weight, she reminds me of Kirstie Alley

846 days ago

I am Spartacus    

She looks amazing and is in much better shape than many other girls you see on the beach in bikinis. She's not fully back but still looks incredible. And the juggs are still looking good as well.

846 days ago


She looks pretty good for just 3 months after the birth. But if she intends to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, she has more than a few pounds to go. Both Hilary and Jessica need to take it slow - took nine months to put on the weight, give it at least nine months to lose however much they want to lose. They might not want to be super-skinny any more - gotta be strong and healthy to run after those rugrats! They both have more important priorities right now, unless they want to miss all that irreplaceable time with the new tiny human "working out" and starving themselves just so TMZ shuts up about their weight.

846 days ago


"Jessica Simpson should probably take note It appears Duff has already dropped most of the baby weight ... and she doesn't even have a $4 million deal with a weight loss company." TMZ you should be ashamed of yourselves what a disgusting comment. Jessica Simpson has just had a baby of course shes not going to be back in shape already. What your doing is plain bullying and its people like you why moms are under so much pressure to be super skinny as soon as they have a baby. Good for Jessica for not quickly getting lipo like what all the other celebrities do when they have a baby and being herself. Also why dont you leave Hilary alone too? These pictures were obviously taken without her knowledge and she is at a hotel where she should have her privacy. You make me sick TMZ.

846 days ago


She looks pretty good for just having had a baby 3 months ago, but... what's with that weird red line across the bottom of her tummy about 2 inches above the bikini. The line that runs from one side to the other? Shaped kinda like a large smile. Definitely not a c-section scar....

846 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

I don't care how much she weighs or how many kids she has. She's beautiful and I would ruin that girl.

846 days ago


I think she looks beautiful, especially for someone who just popped out a baby 3 months ago. Women can be so judgmental and cruel towards other women. I mean, really, none of you are even in her league. She is beautiful!

845 days ago
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