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Alec Baldwin


on Another Photog

6/29/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062912_alec_baldwin_splash_launchAlec Baldwin
got physical with ANOTHER photog in New York City moments ago ... verbally blasting the guy in the middle of the street, squeezing his arm and ordering him to scram.

It's unclear what touched off the aggressive confrontation ... but we do know the paps have been following Alec all over the place since the infamous shoving incident at the court house last week.

It seems Alec finally had enough ...  

This time, Alec -- clutching a pink stuffed animal -- approached one of the photogs who was hanging out in front of his apartment building and lashed out, "I want you to shut the f**k up ... leave my neighbor alone ... get outta here."

At one point, at the beginning of the confrontation, It sounds like Alec says to the photog, "I know you got raped by a priest or something."

Then, in an effort to assert his dominance, Alec got right in the pap's face ... and in a menacing tone said, "You little girl."

The pap tried to explain himself, but Alec wasn't having it ... and walked back into his building.

Even though he might have been baited, the confrontation may not have been the smartest move for Alec ... since the NYPD is still investigating the actor for assault over the court incident.

8:39 AM PT -- A source connected with Alec Baldwin tells TMZ ... the photog had confrontations with other residents in the building before the incident with Alec.

The source also says ... when one resident asked the photog to stop "harassing everyone," the photog told the person, "f**k you."


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Alec aka Publicity Wh***.

Did it ever occur to him that the whole reason they film him constantly is BECAUSE HE DOES THIS? They follow him because he is aggressive and attacks them and it sells their footage. I think he knows this which is why he repeatedly reacts the same way to make headlines.

817 days ago


'If you hate me bc I want moments of privacy or bc I think ppl like Harvey Levin are vermin, then hate me. I don't really care. '

Go Alec!

817 days ago


The next mayor of New York City ladies and gentlemen.

817 days ago


Alec Baldwin is funny. I love that guy, he looks great. I support him 100% Bulls*it to go after his neighbors.

817 days ago


I cant believe you people - I think it is about time that one of the actors sticks up for himself and lets them know if you taunt and violate someones space you will not like the response. The way they follow these people and the crap they say is like a verbal assault and the way they impede the movement of these people is ridiculously careless and wrong period. Just because they are actors does not mean they should be subject to this abuse - they are not politicians running or sitting in public office so they should have some right to privacy and not being harassed by whoever wants to harass them especially for their own monetary gain!!! Team Baldwin all the way !!!!

817 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Imagine if this idiot, baldy,became Mayor of NYC & photogs wanted to take pictures of him....not good. If baldy doesn't want his picture taken, don't take it.We can certainly live without baldy's picture! Ignore him until he's on his knees for attention/picture taking from you then throw the bum a crumb.

817 days ago


Stupid **** photo ***gots and press bitches. It would be hilarious if someone walked by and gutted that ***got with hawk bill knife. The killing will start soon.

817 days ago


Couldn't give an F about Baldwin, but I don't blame him. If celebs are pieces of excrement, then the Paparazzi' are the flies.

817 days ago


Just send big alec to Chicago with his attitude, the streets there need to swept clean of real criminals.

817 days ago


Just send big alec to Chicago with his attitude, the streets there need to swept clean of real criminals.

817 days ago


Just send big alec to Chicago with his attitude, the streets there need to swept clean of real criminals.

817 days ago


He gets away with this behavior because he's a big fat lib.

817 days ago


These photogs are out of control. There should be no laws against beating them. I wish more celebs would grow a pair and slap these guys around. Good for Alec!

817 days ago


You people are ****ing ridiculous. **** the paparazzi ****in losers should get a real photography job. **** low life s*** getting paid to harass other people. They are worse than ****ing cops

817 days ago



817 days ago
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