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Katie Holmes

My Marriage to Tom

Was Kaput in 2011

7/2/2012 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0702_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_articleTMZ has learned ... Katie Holmes says her marriage to Tom Cruise was "irretrievably" broken at least 6 months prior to her filing for divorce ... this according to divorce documents filed in New York.

Sources connected to Tom tell TMZ ... Katie's contention is baffling, because he had "no idea" she was about to file for divorce. As the sources told us last week, Tom was "blindsided" by the filing.

Indeed, take a look at the pic (below) of Tom and Katie strolling the streets of Iceland hand-in-hand a little more than 2 weeks ago.

But wait ... there's more.

0702_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_iceland_splashWe've also learned ... Katie claims in her divorce documents that both she and Tom have been residents of New York for "at least 2 years." Katie, who filed in NYC, must establish legal residency in NY in order for the court to have jurisdiction -- something she wants because New York courts are more likely to grant sole custody of Suri.

No doubt ... Tom -- who shared a home with Katie in Beverly Hills for years -- will fight the residency claim tooth and nail.



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I don't blame Katie. She doesn't want to send Suri away. She's a sweet little 6 year old. Doesn't know about Scientology. She should make her own decisions about that when she's old enough.

809 days ago


Mothers should not longer be allow to use the courts to screw fathers.

809 days ago

Ritu Chattha    

Katie Holmes Singing "On My Own"... It's as if she knew, even then -

809 days ago


Makes you wonder how long she's been planning this. Seems she needed a couple years to get all her ducks in a row. With scientology, that's very wise. I wish her luck .

808 days ago

Renee Moritz    

Good for you Katie. I'm so sorry that your marriage broke down, but happy that you are getting out of it WITH (hopefully) sole custody of Suri. I am not a big fan of Cruise OR Scientology.

God bless you and Suri.

808 days ago


I told my ex-husband I was leaving for two years. When I REALLy did, he told everyone it was out of the blue. That statement don't mean ****!

808 days ago


Gee too bad for Tom that he was blindsided....he sure blindside Nicole to say nothing of refusing to see her in the hospital after she suffered a miscarraige..and YES the baby she lost was Tom's...Karma is a great thing and it's really coming back to bite Tom. Katie isn't about his money..she has plenty of her own but he stopped her from making much more with his control issues. Katie will be just fine as long as she's away from HIM and her child is safe from HIM and his cult.

808 days ago


Tom is so full of himself, that he can't see past his own nose. However, the picture of them in Iceland clearly shows that Katie is sooo over him. She's frowning and loosely holding his hand!! This screams she's so not into Tom! He can't be that clueless!! lol

808 days ago


I hear John Travolta will be avaiable soon! John and Tom would make a great looking couple!

808 days ago


I'm pulling for you, Katie; you're a great Mom and have EVERY RIGHT to be concerned about Suri as THIS SO-CALLED CHURCH is a CULT! Any church that discourages you to associate with family is a cult! Rooting for you, Katie!

808 days ago


So, Katie's parents wanted to "save" her from the cult of Scientology - so that she could go back to the cult of the Catholic church. The whole premise of Scientology is just as valid as the Christian doctrine. She broke up with her last fiance at 5 years - maybe that's her relationship limit. It seems to me that bailing on your marriage rather than working out the problems is not an action worth applauding. His other kids seem like grounded, good people and Cruise himself seems like a likable enough guy. If his entourage got to her she should have put her foot down, not snuck out like a child.

808 days ago


Tom is an accomplished liar (not an actor). He knew the marriage was over. In the photo above, Katie does not look happy and it looks like he has her hand, not her holding his hand. Tom blindsided Nicole with a divorce so he needs to shut up.

808 days ago


We all love a good fight so prepare yourselves.........but honestly,didn't we all know that it wasn't going to last? Katie wasn't in love,she was infatuated with a very popular,good looking MOVIE STAR and that's the bottom line.........
I don't think the Church of Scientology will like seeing it's name dragged through the mud....they shouldn't be underestimated.

807 days ago

Stephanie W. Wood    

What really bothers most of us is that the Constitution provided for "Freedom of Religeon".
That also means 'freedom FROM religeon", as the atheists proclaim. In either case, all of us should be allowed to choose what it is that we wish to honor, to believe in, to worship.
The Sceintologists believe that we should all be forced to believe in what they believe in. Come Hell or Highwater, they want to rule, just like all Cults do. That scares the "bejezzus" out of us. Let Katie choose what road she wishes to take, and let Suri choose her road, WHEN SHE IS OF AGE TO MAKE THAT DEICISION. Her beloved Mom is laying a path for the future decision for that little girl.

807 days ago

Stephanie W. Wood    

It is obvious that someone with a bona-fide legal background is advising and representing Katie (although it may be a "planning to remain anonymous" advisor). I truly hope that someone outside this sick Scientology force has her best interests at heart. These people are no less bent on domination than the Muslims and that's a truly frightening situation for a young woman and her baby. I wish her team all the best. Tom is sick in the heart and the head. What is wrong with a man in his position, who has access to all the information on this plantet, and then chooses this bad, bad Karma?

807 days ago
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