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Puddle of Mudd Singer

Pleads Guilty

To Coke Possession

7/5/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705_west_scantlin_article_la_county_sheriffPuddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin pled guilty to cocaine possession yesterday -- but TMZ has learned, he won't be going to jail.

TMZ broke the story ... Scantlin was charged with felony coke possession back in April following his January arrest in L.A. Scantlin was also charged with two misdemeanors -- being under the influence of a controlled substance and driving without a license.

But Scantlin struck a deal with prosecutors that will keep him out of the pokey -- agreeing to plead guilty to the possession charge. The two misdemeanors were dropped.

In exchange for the guilty plea, Scantlin was sentenced to complete a drug counseling program.

He must show proof of enrollment by August -- and if he screws up, he could be sent to jail.


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One simply does not look like any character from lord of the rings

785 days ago


Well someone is looking for some street cred.

785 days ago


possess cocaine is nothing compared wih the crime his bad music is

785 days ago


How many of you LA jailbirds were busted for possession of cocaine?

Think it's not fair that he was sentenced to complete a drug counseling programme? It's not and if you don't like it, you folks in LA must VOTE those clowns off the bench. VOTE!!!! Those bastards aren't appointed, they love the folks that they fvck over won't vote. You idiots won't even complain.. so you deserve to be in jail.

785 days ago


just as Roger explained I am amazed that a single mom can earn $6190 in four weeks on the computer. did you read this web page

785 days ago


Everyone deserves a second, third, forth chance.

785 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I love the dirty things ya DOOOOOOOOO,
When I have control of you."

He better not sing that if he ever goes to jail.

785 days ago


I guess this is the "family emergency" that kept him from touring Canada last week.

785 days ago

Wesley Scantlin     

look everybody sometimes you accidentilly hang with the wrong crowd (cheryl sale) the wrong girl (cheryl sale) the only child (cheryl sale) all i want everybody to know about this terrible night cheryl sale who was sitting in the passenger seat in the car that night that know one knows about it all cheryl sale is that cheryl sale got to stuff her tiny little broke ass dollar bill with who knows what in it to save your own ass from going to jail and dealing with the consequences yourself but you sat back and laughed at me wesley scantlin and knew that it wasnt mine and you have embarrased me and my family for months and i am sure your still looking at this situation with petty evil vidicitive rotten thoughts that at this point will get you no where in life its just to bad the cops were to busy looking at your fake tittys look eveyone cheryl sale stuffed a weak dollar bill of total **** behind my seat that morning in marina del rey the cops let her urinate in a public parking lot at a crime scene and let the real perp cherly sale was the person who planted it behind my seat walk with a ride home from there cousin who was underage i hope you all really understand and enjoy the truth of this little matter keep rockin - look out for cheryl sale do not let her in your car!

785 days ago


For those of you mad at LA courts, the law in California is people charged with felony possession of a controlled substance for the first time are offered a drug diversion program in exchange for pleading guilty. The judges really get no say in these cases. It would be the same in SF or SD. I see reports of people getting similar punishments for first time DUIs (a crime that more directly affects others) in other states, so the "culture of leniency toward celebrities" idea is a bit ignorant.

785 days ago
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