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Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

Divorce NOT

Over Scientology

7/5/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
may say her decision to divorce Tom Cruise is over Scientology, but it's NOT ... so say sources directly connected to Tom.

Our sources tell us ... they believe Katie and her team are leaking false stories to the media by maintaining she was trying to save Suri from the grips of Scientology, and that's why she left Tom.

As one well-connected Tom source put it, "She [Katie] was totally committed to Scientology. She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies."

The source adds, "This is not a fight over religion. It's being used as a way to hurt Tom."

And on the subject of hurting Tom, as we first reported, sources connected with the actor tell us Katie's people have made it difficult for him to speak with Suri by phone, but he's talked to her every day. He has no immediate plans to see his daughter because he's leaving today or tomorrow to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Tom's lawyers have not filed any docs in court -- yet -- to establish his custodial rights. If that happens, we're told they will file in New York, although it's pretty clear they will ask to have the case sent to California.

And, as for what Tom's people say the divorce is really about ... they won't say yet, but tell us it's coming.


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voice of reason    

Like I said earlier,everybody wants to believe the woman,no one wants to believe the man,

803 days ago


"Divorce NOT
Over Scientology"

TMZ you left out the part "According to Tom's Reps Not Katie's"

But hey, missing headlines have become TMZ's stock and trade.

803 days ago


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this new "squeeze" of Hen's, Olga Kuryenko, is just another beard-esse. One in a long line.

Remember Penelope Cruz crying and freaking out over the whole giant media production pageant he expected her to "play along with?"

She was NOT down with the freak show and bailed early.

Smart girl.

803 days ago


Even money says that he'll claim that the "real" reason she is leaving him is because of her family--that they were always against him. Because controlling sociopaths never blame themselves.

803 days ago


Hen, being the OCD control freak and Humpty Dumpty narcissist that he is, got wind or "heebies" that Kate was about to bolt, so he "contracts" this new, younger hottie (HALF his age!!!) to prop up his brittle ego, and save some botoxed, bloated, increasingly distorted face.

803 days ago


Is this is the best the Scientology PR along with help from Harvey can do than Tom is in serios trouble.

Seriously, they think they can make the villian and Tom a victim and then claim Scientolgy has nothing to do with it. Riiiiight, and the Cult has nothing to do with Nicole's kids banishing her from their life.

Now the question on everyone's mind is how long til Katie gets a new man and has a couple of more kids? It's pretty obvious that little man Cruise with his little man issues had weak little men. Will Katie be the third wife to go have children with the next guy?

803 days ago


Then why did Katie leave the way she did? Doesn't matter what she knew or not know arranged or not...bottom line she knows enough now and changed her mind (yes Tom, she has her own mind) and is getting out for herself and daughter.

All that seems to matter to Holmes is that she want's no part of Scientology for her daughter. She sees it as a cult. Doesn't matter if the government tax wise says it's a religion.

803 days ago


Wow after watching TC and Will Smith on You tube about their Scientology beliefs they are real nut jobs, they seem to talk in circles, like they're kinda crazy. Wow what weirdos, run Katie run....they thought they could convert you...or whatever it is they do, they believe in aliens or something crazy its hard to understand. Luckily Tom and Will are entertainers so I expect my entertainers to be a little nutsy, but would not want to be personally associated.

803 days ago


Tom Cruise and Scientology Leader Were Inseparable

THESE are the THREE people in the marriage of Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise — the actor, wife Katie Holmes and Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Sources close to Cruise and Katie last night said their romance was doomed from the start because of the Hollywood hero’s intense friendship with Miscavige.

The pair are so close that Miscavige, 52, is mocked as Scientologist Cruise’s “manwife”.

He was the star’s best man when he wed actress Katie five years ago. And he has loomed large over their relationship ever since.

Cruise and Miscavige — known to the actor as COB, standing for Chairman of the Board — are both diminutive and have been known to wear matching black silk shirts.

The cult chief is said to have showered Cruise with lavish gifts including an AIRCRAFT HANGAR for his private jet and a custom-built luxury coach.

An insider said: “Miscavige and Tom are joined at the hip. Tom runs every important decision in his life by him.

“Tom really values his opinion and Katie often felt like she came in second place. When it became clear how much influence he had over her husband she knew she had to get away.”

Katie, 33, fled the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion before filing for divorce in New York on Thursday. She is seeking sole custody of daughter Suri, six, to “save” her from Scientology.

She sprung a surprise on Cruise, 50, yesterday, after she was given information about Miscavige’s grip on her family by disillusioned defectors from the sect.

One insider told how Cruise distanced himself from the cult for a spell during his 11-year marriage to second wife Nicole Kidman.

But Miscavige, who runs Scientology’s 500-acre “Gold Base” HQ in San Jacinto, California, allegedly obtained reports on the Hollywood hero’s activities.

And he clawed Cruise back when his relationship with Nicole hit the buffers, giving him a hand-picked team of staff who catered to his every whim.

In 2005, referring to Scientology’s founder L Ron Hubbard, Cruise said of Miscavige: “I have never met a more competent, more intelligent, more tolerant, more compassionate being outside of what I’ve experienced from LRH.”

Marty Rathbun, a former high-ranking Church executive who quit in 2004, said: “Nicole was really sour on Scientology and kept pressing Tom to stay away.

“She spotted Miscavige and didn’t like what she saw. Her big issue was that Tom was becoming like Miscavige. Nicole didn’t like the relationship that was developing between them.”

Rathbun knows Cruise’s deepest secrets as he often “audited” the star, in a process similar to Catholic confession, while with the cult.

He said Katie’s family are “aware of my stuff”. And he added: “There was an incredible amount of control of Tom’s life.

“It was a very wise move getting her out of the Church and LA.”

Katie, raised a Catholic, was also audited — but was careful not to divulge much. A source said: “She was never completely committed to Scientology but participated because she was in love with Tom and knew it meant a lot to him.”

Cruise flew back to America from Iceland in the early hours yesterday after scrapping plans for an A-list party to celebrate his 50th.

He has been filming sci-fi movie Oblivion there and was due to stay until Friday. But shooting in the country finished early and will now resume in California.

Rathbun says Scientology leader David Miscavige became drunk with Hollywood life and abusive to church managers. He claims Miscavige also paid staffers less than minimum wage to customize Tom Cruise's home and cars

I held a senior management position in the Church of Scientology from 1982 until 2004. During the last several years I was the inspector general of Scientology and answered only to Scientology’s Chairman of the Board David Miscavige.

During that time at the top I came to realize that Miscavige was progressively turning Scientology into a destructive cult. He began to spend most of his time courting and entertaining celebrities, most notably Tom Cruise.

Miscavige used church staff, who were paid less than minimum wage, to customize Cruise’s home, motorcoach and motorcycles. Then Miscavige presented the lavish productions himself to Cruise as personal gifts.

As Miscavige became more drunk with the thrill of Hollywood life, he became more abusive toward church managers. In January 2004, Miscavige held more than 80 senior management personnel in a couple of double-wide trailers that had been converted into an office building. He instituted group confessions where senior managers were physically and verbally coerced into confessing to harboring disloyal thoughts about Miscavige.

The managers were beaten, hazed, and degraded for up to 24 hours a day.

This is what Katie Holmes is up against. This represents the mindset of the guy who Tom Cruise has publicly stated is his best friend — the guy who was best man at their wedding.

This is the circle Cruise runs in. And clearly, he wants his daughter to follow in his footsteps. Katie Holmes, for good reason, doesn’t want that to happen.

Suri is only 6, but at the age where private tutoring and casual indoctrination could be a precursor to her becoming part of the church as early as age 10.

Miscavige maintained a management prison known as “the hole.” Managers in the hole were required to sleep on the floor, eat cold leftovers, and were confined to the premises 24/7 for weeks on end. In late January, Miscavige sentenced me to the hole.

On approximately the third day in the hole I decided that nothing could be done to reform this insanity from within and I escaped. After three years of decompressing from the experience on the outside, in 2008 I met up with friends who had followed my lead and left the Scientology compound after I had. I learned that Miscavige had prison bars installed at “the hole” in response to my escape and that his sadistic behavior had increased since I left.

In 2009, I decided that I had to speak out before someone was killed in “the hole.” I have been helping former members of the church recover and decompress from their experiences since.

I have also worked to make it safe for people to stand up to the Church of Scientology and hold it accountable for such abuses. I operate a blog called Moving On Up A Little Higher at that serves as a forum for former members.

I have also tried to help people distinguish the philosophy of Scientology (which I find does help when used with the purpose of helping) from the abusive cult-like organization that the Church of Scientology has become.

803 days ago


Katie is just doing all this to hurt Tom?! CLASSIC Scientology response! Also, it's predictable and not at all believable!

803 days ago


So if Tom was totally blindsided by this, how do his reps know the "real" reason(s)? Are they omniscient?

803 days ago

Pound Sand    

So if Tom was blindsided by the divorce filing and per TMZ he has not spoken with Katie, how the heII would he know it has nothing to do with Freakentology? These people are out of their minds.

803 days ago


Katie is doing this just to hurt Tom?! CLASSIC Scientology response! It's also predictable, and in my opinion, completely unbelievable!
I'm on Katie's side in this one, Tommy boy.

803 days ago


I want to know who the source is....A fellow scientolojerk?

803 days ago

Pound Sand    

Tommyboy needs to pick on someone his own size.

803 days ago
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