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Kris Humphries


That Baby's Mine

7/7/2012 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kris Humphries finally got the news from ex-GF Myla Sinnaj -- the news TMZ broke -- that's she says she's 3 months pregnant and claims he's the dad -- but sources close to Kris tell us ... he's not convinced he's the daddy.

According to our sources, Kris didn't express his doubts to Myla ... but we're told he'll take a paternity test for proof positive.

As TMZ first reported, Myla is sure Kris is the baby daddy but wants to raise the baby on her own.  But that could change, because we know Kris is making sounds he may get back together with her.

Our photogs spotted Myla yesterday, looking only mildly baby bumpy so far.


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I doubt she is even pregnant and if she is it likely isn't his. This reeks of being a desperate attempt for her to stay in the headlines and to blackmail him knowing that a DNA test won't be done until after the baby is born. That is an eternity in celebrity news time.

847 days ago

Carl Wive    

I don't know who's classier, Chris, his girlfriend, or that chick wearing tight shorts and a Geek Squad t-shirt. FTW!

847 days ago


3 months my ass!! She is a good 6 months!! GTFOH!

847 days ago


That is NOT what "3 Months pregnant" looks like!

847 days ago


Mildly baby bumpy?? That is more than a mild bump. And it looks like she's further along than 3 months. Most women, especially with a first pregnancy, don't show like that until much later. This beeotch tells lies.

847 days ago


If she is really only 3 months pregnant she is gonna end up looking like a huge cow. I was going to say Jessica Simpson fat but that is in a league of its own. Alot of stupid girls I know let their belly hang out and look extra large when they are in the first couple months and it's their fist baby. They have no idea what they are in for once they REALLY start gaining weight. I never looked like this at 3 months. You usually can't even tell at that early. So she is either lying or she is just FAT.

847 days ago


I'll bet she can't even narrow it down to ten guys.

847 days ago


You would be a moron if you don't go see Dana (DNA). All you are to this broad is a dumb paycheck. She's doing what black women do with stupid, one lot away from having the extra 21st and X chromosome, who barely made it through college, yet made it into basketball, rich moron. Hey, and next will be a reality show to talk about you. After she takes all your money. This is the new formula for these broads. Hopefully she will get as blimpy as Jessica Simpson and this will make you always wear a condom!

847 days ago


Sounds like a ratings buster for "The Maury Povich Show!"

847 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Jessica Simpson, giant baby bump after about the first 5 minutes of pregnancy. I know, this woman has opportunist written all over here but don't forget the Jessica factor in assessing the bump reality ;)

847 days ago


Whoever the father, that poor child is going to have an awful life because that horrid skank is the mother.

847 days ago


"...we know Kris is making sounds he may get back together with her." How? How do you know that, KMZ, when he's been silent since kimmie dumped him? Also, why don't you also talk about the twit pics myla sent out a few days ago with a totally flat belly? She's a scammer, pimpmom is a scammer so nothing about this supposed pregnancy matters until you report the findings of a DNA test. In the meantime, isn't kimmie's deposition coming up very soon? She's going to definitely find out that her decision to screw with an innocent person's life for her own greedy profit was despicable and will have severe, legal ramifications.

847 days ago


I 'm sorry to say this, but haven't we heard enough of this garbage now. Chris Humphries ex girl friend pregnant, and he's claiming he's heartbroken about the divorce from Kim of the slut family. These people should be casterated and the others fixed. Remember, it is these unwanted pregnancies where the children are screwed up for life. Bunch of ............ . Seems as if the more money you have, you can do what you want.

847 days ago

Cheryl A.    

If I was him I would want a test too. But I would also know it was his. He really F'd up !

847 days ago


she looks farther along than just 3 months...

847 days ago
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