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Lil' Scrappy

Closeted Gays

Spread AIDS

7/7/2012 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Lil Scrappy believes gay men like Frank Ocean are the "doorway to AIDS" ... and wants more closeted homosexuals to "come out" so it can't be spread to straight people.

Scrappy -- who now stars on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" -- was on "TMZ Live" this week to talk about Ocean's revelation ... when he explained why he completely SUPPORTS the R&B singer.

"I'm glad that he came out ... so all the real women that love to mess with real men, straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down, you feel me?"

Scrappy continued, "[homosexuality] is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically."

As for the facts, there is evidence that shows men who have sex with men are at an increased risk of contracting HIV.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, men who have sex with men accounted for 61% of all new HIV infections in 2009.

Despite his opinions, Scrappy says he has no reservations about working with Ocean if the opportunity arises -- telling us he would "jump on a track like it was yesterday."


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Thugs like him kill lots of people too.

837 days ago

It's Dave    

Dollars to donuts says "Lil' Scrappy" is more than a little familiar with the inside of a closet himself.

837 days ago


is this guy effein retarded??? seriously?
educate yourself!

837 days ago

The truthbetold    

Isn't this the same Lil Scrappy that is affiliated with having sex with a girl who was known for having "poor hygiene?" He sounds just as ignorant as his mother!

837 days ago


Scrappy sit yo ass down, you now yo as done been burned before. yo as done had chlamydia from ****ing raw. you one hit wonder ass, really a mF forgot all about you until vh-1 gave you a name again. you a "non mother ****in factor" in music and in life. mayne were the kkk when you need them, hang yo ass BOY!.. yes im black!

837 days ago


I hope you get whooped on VH-1, i wonder have yo mama or grandma been burned before. I bet they done spread some things before... legs,mouth ass, throat. yup they familiar with spreading too

837 days ago


he is not entirely wrong. gays are not the only people who spread HIV/AIDS. unprotected sex with multiple partners is a big contributor. if our culture accepted homosexuality they could be open and safe with sexual activity.

837 days ago


Yet another homophobic black man in the music business. Yawn, no wonder black music is going down a hole. Black people obviously aren't very intelligent.

As for homosexuality being the doorway to AIDS, there's no such proof. You don't get AIDS because of your sexuality.

837 days ago


take a look at the rate of syphilis among gay men in san francisco

837 days ago


It's not anti-gay to talk about AIDS and homosexual sex, I didn't hear bigotry from Lil Scrappy.
AIDS is only more common among gays because of anal sex, pretty simple.
Anal sex causes microscopic tears in the tissues, tight fit ;)
Just as risky for heterosexual couples who have unprotected anal sex, and plenty do.
Women get vaginal tears during sex too, increasing AIDS risk if they don't use protection.
Gays being at 61% is only slightly more than half of the cases, almost half the other cases being mostly heterosexual men and women, AIDS is rare among lesbians.
We can just barely claim gay people are the majority of cases, not enough of the majority to consider it a "gay issue".
Either way I didn't hear bigotry from Lil Scrappy, sounded to me like the guy is pretty accepting.

837 days ago

E C     

Maybe if the number of "straight" african american men who get aids from screwing everything with a hole would decrease, then the spread of AIDS would decrease as well. Look at the statistics in what race is contracting the virus the most then post your logical comments.

837 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

How about just saying it's men being whores? And don't be indenial because their are a ton of downlow men doing this ****. It's fact, not bigotry.

836 days ago


I didn't even hear any bigotry from Mr Scrappy. I only saw bigotry in the TMZ commentary section but what's new?

836 days ago


is he the son of the long retired heavyweight "scrap iron johnson"?

836 days ago


Calm down people. I don't even know who this Scrappy character is, but he's definitely not stupid and he wasn't being a homophobe. I think he makes a very interesting, thought provoking point. We'd all be better off if we could just accept differences in opinion about uncomfortable topics. Nobody's gonna win this one. Let's talk about it, not fight about it.

836 days ago
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