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Adrian Peterson Arrest Video

Last Call for Handcuffs!

7/8/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Video of Adrian Peterson being arrested
The lights were on and the club was slowly emptying out, but NFL star Adrian Peterson was getting arrested ... as you can see in new video obtained by TMZ. 

As TMZ first reported, Adrian was quite drunk at the time of his arrest Saturday morning, which police say came after Peterson shoved an off-duty police officer who was working security at the club. 

In the video, Peterson can be seen being escorted out by cops while several people look on. The woman who shot the video tells TMZ she didn't see what lead to the arrest, but once it was going down ... she felt the cops were being super aggressive with him.

Peterson was eventually charged with resisting arrest and posted bail a short time later.

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ok so NFL take away his rights to play FINE HIM and FIRE him now .. let someone else play

836 days ago


In case no one has noticed, media isn't reporting in any kind of routine way a key fact about the police. That their hiring standards are now scraping the bottom of the barrel.

836 days ago


Can't believe I wasted 10 seconds of my life watching this crap. Thanks, TMZ!

836 days ago


Idiot response. This bouncer is a grade A butt hole. I knew someone who had a club and he said he would never hire an off -duty officer for security because they were usually short guidos with napoleon complexes.... The worst type of man to give a job of power too.

836 days ago


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836 days ago


who is this guy

836 days ago


This is just another example of how blacks are portrayed on TMZ.

836 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Usually when someone is in jail & DRUNK they're held for 12 hrs. your article says he was "quite drunk" and released "a short time later"....hmmm....sounds like some facts might be twisted.

836 days ago


4th or 5th article about something/someone nobody cares about.

836 days ago


useless video

836 days ago


All the guy wanted was some H2O after drinking.
C'Mon Man!

836 days ago


Hey TMZ how much did you pay for that sh!tty cell phone video?

836 days ago


I have a lot of respect for police officers who aren't total dick heads, but sadly, some of them are. Of course because an OFF duty officer got pushed they're going to be super aggressive with him. There are MANY times where security guards/police officers use excessive force for no reason. It's a piss off. Of course if this dude was just a normal security guard, they still would have used aggression with Adrian, but you get my point. Like I said, I have complete respect for police officers who are deserving of it, but there are cases where the power gets to their heads and they develop a superiority complex.

836 days ago


It has been around 24 hours since the story first broke. I still have a couple of questions. Like, for instance, why was Peterson being arrested in the first place? He has been only charged with resisting arrest. But before you can arrest someone, there must be reason to arrest that person. If there is reason to arrest that person, then that person is going to be charged.
I am still struggling to find anything that shows or claims that the off duty police officers identified themselves as police officers prior to attempting to place Adrian Peterson in handcuffs.
When is the person who took this video going to be arrested? Last I checked, you cannot film an on duty or off duty police officer without prior consent from the officer. If this person is not arrested, it leads me to believe the officers consented to be recorded prior to the arrest. Meaning the officers planned on starting something film worthy.
Yes, I see that there are some cops in the video in their uniforms. I also see people holding AP's hands behind his back and leading him forward who are not in law enforcement uniform. This video only shows what happened after Peterson had been placed in handcuffs and on-duty law enforcement officers had been called in.

836 days ago


being a MN VIKES FAN, it nice to hear it took more than one officer to bring him down.... guess the knee is ok!

836 days ago
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