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Kris Humphries

Family Hopes

He Is NOT the Father

7/8/2012 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of Kris Humphries heard he might be a daddy the same way you did -- in the media -- and they are hoping it turns out he is not the father of Myla Sinanaj's baby ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Kris never told his family Myla might be pregnant, even though he had discussed the possibility with her for weeks. We're told Kris' family was disappointed that he kept it a secret from them and they had to read about it like everyone else.

We're told Kris has spoken with his family since the news broke, but he spoke only vaguely about the situation and gave them no details.

According to our sources, Kris' family will love the child unconditionally if it turns out to be his ... but they are privately hoping it isn't.


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No Avatar


Someone should kick this guys azz for being so stupid. His family must be so proud of raising a complete moron for a son.

803 days ago


Why is TMZ perpetuating this smear campaign against Kris? Meanwhile, the Mrs. is running around Europe ,shacking up with the black dude. Kim, the little opportunist, doesn't miss a beat, Too bad Kris, doesn't have the shrewdness & cunning of the K.s to operate with.

803 days ago


"We're told Kris has spoken with his family since the news broke, but he spoke only vaguely about the situation and gave them no details. "

LOL what "details" was his family looking for? Kris and Myla got nasty, baby resulted..amen!

803 days ago


I feel bad for the unborn baby. Already no body wants him/her? It's not the baby's fault, it's the adults fault. Like Daisy said, if the baby is his, which I think it is, already the grand parents are saying they hope the baby isn't Kris'? The poor baby has no choice in the matter, so I think his parents should keep their mouths shut until they know exactly what's going on.

803 days ago


Well duh. Nobody wants to be associated with this skanky hoe. She probably turkey basted this baby into herself.

803 days ago


Um, hello! Cleanup on aisle 5, LMAO!!!

803 days ago


I have read or watched as litlle as possibe about this menagerie of losers with money......apparelty there ARE some other losers on this planet that think this circus is entertaining.

This guy is as dumb as a brick. He need to bolts coming out each side of his neck to resemble Frankenstein. The guy has NO morals.

803 days ago


Cuz his family want some of that kardashian settlement cash. Oopps

803 days ago


To everyone out there - if you do NOT want kids wear a condom. If it is his he will be paying through the nose for a long while.

803 days ago


Frankenstein Perez, Jr.

803 days ago


First you claim he had no idea until story broke.
Now he's been discussing with her.
If you can't confirm it, don't print it.
But all that concerns TMZ is traffic. To hell with accuracy, the sheeple want juicy stories.

803 days ago

Katie Keane    

If you dip the stick then you got to pay for the oil. Also, stupid people shouldn't breed so wrap it up.

803 days ago

Oh well    

He claimed she was a prostitute and extortionist yet was stupid enough to have unprotected sex with her.... Oh my!!!

803 days ago


Okay, I hope in a much different way this child is not his, one day the media will bring this story to light and ask the child or teen 'what do you think about this?' Well, in all likely hood the persons head will need even more therapy.It certainly is not always the teens or substance abusers who should not have kids.The thing is birth control can be and is free in the US and third world countries .(yes, they are dropped millions of condoms to use)

803 days ago


Haha, that's what they get. They were trying to weasel their way onto the Kardashian show by encouraging Kris to stay in MN, which caused the big rift in his marriage. Now they'll have an illegitimate grandchild that they won't be able see unless Kris pays, and an unemployed lunkhead living at home for mama to take care of.

803 days ago
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