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Kris Humphries Ex-GF

I Want Him Back!

7/8/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
' freshly pregnant ex-girlfriend has lost her lawyer, dropped her lawsuit and is about to sign a confidentiality agreement with Kris -- the guy who tried to get her prosecuted ... because she wants to be back with him in the worst way ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources tell us Myla Sinanaj, who now says she is 3-months pregnant with Kris' kid, has decided not to go forward with a lawsuit she planned on filing against Kris with the help of her high-powered lawyer, Joe Tacopina. We're told Tacopina has already drafted the suit, claiming Kris defamed Myla by alleging she tried to extort him. We're told Myla has decided NOT to sue Kris.
To the contrary, as we reported, Myla has been in constant contact with Kris over the last few weeks, and he has been pressing her to sign a confidentiality agreement. And get this ... she's willing to sign and he hasn't offered her a dime. We're told she plans to sign in a matter of days.

Myla is telling friends she thinks there's a "good chance" she and Kris will get back together. Either that, or he's using her ... dangling a carrot so she'll shut up for good. 

BTW, when we first broke the story last month that Kris was Myla's boyfriend, he changed all of his numbers so she couldn't contact him ... that is UNTIL she hired attorney Tacopina. Then he got back in touch real quickly. Now they're in touch all the time.

Love ... it's a blind thing.

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He better offer her at least a dime. Completely one sided contracts aren't valid. There needs to be something given to her in exchange for her giving up her right to talk about part of her life.

836 days ago


God! I hope he's stringing her along and this is all part of his 'plan'. Dumb bi**h, gutter wh0re. She's ONLY dropping a lawsuit cuz she thinks she's gonna get somewhere w/Frankenberry. Women are SO stupid.

836 days ago


This Myla is scaring me. She is reminding me of that LUNATIC ARAB GIRL THAT KILLED STEVE McNAIR, and she is Arab too.
Notice how she is trying to trap Kris at any cost. Kris you are better of paying the lawsuit and child support. Kris, if you get back with her you may not be able to leave again. FREE YOURSELF NOW.

836 days ago


just say no, Kris!

836 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Don't do it dumbass!!! You were already stupid enough to fall for the fake marriage. Don't be stupid enough to fall for this fake 3 month pregnancy bs in which she looks 6 months preggo. The girl is known as a NO CHOICE.

836 days ago


as a pregnant woman she should not be making any decisions right now except focusing on her baby...I would think she could argue "Mommy Brain" if she signed it kind of like temporary insanity? I hope so but maybe she deserves it if shes that stupid to think he loves her or anything..the fact he threw you under the bus is sad and just shows she is desperate she was his rebound closes thing he could find to Kim its sad and she is falling for it...

836 days ago

buzz kill    

Who is this guy think he is Forest Gump? He needs to lay low and take care of his own career and business. If she has the kid and DNA shows it's his then go from there. If she really wants him she will wait.

836 days ago

buzz kill    

Somebody needs to introduce this mentally challenged dummy to Mary Palmer.

836 days ago


Who is this nobody slore? Are we sure she isn't a distant relative to the Kartrashians?

836 days ago

I am Spartacus    

This sucks... because he was with a Kardashian now TMZ thinks Kris Humphries is interesting or people give a rats ass about an average NBA player.

And now because of that we have this Snooki wannabe

836 days ago

I am Spartacus    

She's nothing more than a groupie. She's hoping to have bagged a rich baller so she doesn't have to work again.

836 days ago


Ewww Kris Humprhries. I find it hard to believe anyone in their right mind would let this guy even touch them. He is just a clumsy oaf and that can't
make a good decision to save himself.
Not a fan of stupid men.

836 days ago


jeeze kris stick to basketball aren't you tired of being used. Unless you like being played for a fool.

836 days ago


Stevie Wonder can see what's going on here....She will do ANYTHING to stay in contact with him...I don't blame him GET HER OUT OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! She is BAD news.

836 days ago

shafim alam    

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836 days ago
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