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Tom Cruise

There's NO Settlement Without Suri

7/9/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise has made one thing VERY clear -- Suri is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker in his divorce with Katie Holmes ... this according to sources very familiar with the situation.

As we first reported, lawyers for both sides are trying to pound out a settlement. We're told Tom has insisted that the settlement provide "meaningful, significant contact with his daughter." As one source put it, "She is the primary concern in his life."

Sources connected with Katie tell us they have made it clear that Tom will be able to spend time with his daughter when he finishes his movie shoot in the Rockies.

Lawyers for both sides have been meeting for hours a day. Sources say they even met for a full business day on Saturday. And, we're told, they are not just trying to hash out a temporary truce -- these are settlement negotiations for the entire divorce.

Sources say both sides are negotiating custody, visitation, support and property settlement.

One caution -- we're told the negotiations are still "in flux" and it's possible things could fall apart.  But for now, no one is rushing to court.



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They're going to kidnap Suri right out of her hands. You just watch.

803 days ago


I am in no way a tom cruise fan--but does anyone on here really know the facts about the scientology religion and on what it is really all about? I do not but I do know Katie was asked 5 years ago if she had investigated it and she said she did and she liked it. I doubt this is 100% about there religion. not at all. Then again they could have just showen her what they wanted her to see then, as years passed she saw other things that creeped her out. Who know for sure. I do not have anough interest in it to explore this scientology thing but before people make all of these judgements about it they should see what it is truly all about. I don't think it is devil inspired or should be called a cult necessarily. It is about living on a spiritual plain in life. Of course I am sure there is more to it than just that--I think Tom by all means will be allowed visitation with his daughter why not? He is her Father. she is asking for child support--Just maybe not alone. With her nannies present at all times.

803 days ago


Do *some* people here resent their father or resent being fathers? Who would want to separate a daughter both parents?

I cannot imagine any daughter who would not suffer and develop some minor or major long term neurotic condition to be separated from a father by efforts made by the mother.

803 days ago

buzz kill    

Always liked him in the movies, in real life he's a turd.

803 days ago


What's going to happen when Suri's real father,(sperm donar) comes forward.......common people, get with the program!!!!!

803 days ago


You would hope that Tom loves his daughter and would want to do right by her. If so, then most fathers realize the child is better off with the one who has done most of the nurturing. In this case it appears to be Katie. You can tell she is very protective of her. Alot of people say she is too old to be carried and so forth, and maybe she is, but in her world you don't have to worry about just the nutty alien believers, there are many other kuku's that would love to get ahold of this pretty little girl. If I thought my husband had flipped out & was a danger to my child I would do whatever it costs to keep her away from that environment. Could never figure how any other religion can mesh with Scientology beliefs anyway, especially Catholicism

803 days ago


For one, it is against the LAW of Scientology for members to sue one another. Yet one of many, many, many,many reasons court will be avoided by Tom. Stay strong Katie!!!!!

803 days ago


Supervised visits only with Tom and Suri! He and his Scientology goons will surely snatch her and the brainwashing will begin! The eyes of the world are on you Tom and on your band of cruel and heartless Scientology misfits. Tread very very carefully ...

803 days ago


I just watched Anderson Cooper's Scientology: A History of Violence. In it, Marty Rathburn and Mike Rinder (think those were the names) talked. Both were Sea Org members and moved up the ranks. I believe one of them had children. Rathburn talked about Miscavige beating Rinder after pulling him out of his room at a Sea Org compound. If you're a Sea Org member and move up to high ranks do they allow you to marry and have children? Does Tommy Davis live on a compound or is he allowed a private home outside the compounds? Does anyone know?

803 days ago


visitation Tom? sure, but not without like 50 or so armed guards that aim at you when you start using cult buzzwords on her

803 days ago


Holmes just wants scientology away from her daughter. If she can be assured Tom would not shove that down her throat I don't think she would have a problem with visitation rights at all. It seems she just can't trust tom to do that. Sadly Cruise/Scientology go hand in hand.

803 days ago


O.K. we get it Katie's the greatest and Tom's a dangerous lunatic. But what kind of person has a child with this scientologist crazy man? There is more hear that meets the eye.

803 days ago


At first I kind of felt bad for Tom Cruise if they did use his auditing files as a type of blackmail that he himself was a victim of Scientology. But, once I thought about it, he has to realize if they do it to him, they do it to others. To want your child thrust into that atmosphere or other people to save face is really selfish. He's 50 years old, he has enough money that he could live just fine if he never made another movie. To protect yourself at the expense of other lives being ruined really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

803 days ago


The more I hear about Tom Cruise, the more he reminds me of O.J. Simpson, i.e., two faces, one for the public, and one private. I'm on Katie's side 100%, and I hope she gets EVERYTHING she wants, including Suri, including child support, and whatever else her heart desires.
Everytime one of these Hollywood couples separates it makes me think of Russell Brand, who I think is the nicest sweetest, manly-man over and above every other Hollywood ex-husband.
Russell Brand, the grand example of the true meaning of "Gentleman" and "Husband".

803 days ago


Katie should get sole & LEGAL custody.
She can easily prove the little creep is crazy, so his visitations should be supervised

803 days ago
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