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Courtney Love's Ex-Asst

She Asked Me to Hire

Hacker & Forge Legal Docs

7/10/2012 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_courtney_love_article_1One of Courtney Love's former assistants is suing the singer -- claiming Courtney asked her to break the law ... by hiring a computer hacker and counterfeiting legal documents.

The ex-assistant Jessica LaBrie filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming Courtney intentionally withheld her salary because Jessica refused to "commit fraudulent, unlawful, and unethical acts."

Jessica doesn't specify why Courtney wanted a hacker, or what kind of legal documents Courtney asked her to forge.

Jessica says she worked for Courtney from June 2010 to July 2011 -- often working in excess of 60 hours a week -- but Courtney only paid her a fraction of her salary.

Jessica says she was eventually forced to resign because Courtney wouldn't compensate her -- and now, she's suing Courtney for failure to pay ... on top of a laundry list of other grievances.

FYI -- Jessica's the same ex-assistant currently shopping a tell-all book about Courtney, tentatively entitled "Get Me a Xanax."

Jessica wants unspecified damages.

Courtney's rep told us he couldn't comment on the suit because he hasn't seen it yet.


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835 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Courtney Love is a POS who's been riding the coattails of a dead man for a long, long time now.

835 days ago



835 days ago

News Flash     

Who the $@!! Would take a job as Courtney Loves assistant? Like...You don't have to be crazy to work here, we'll train you.

835 days ago


How come calls are never returned?

835 days ago

Jay W.     

Well... this is shocking news !

835 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Good for you, Jessica. Give her hell. God knows Courtney's given hell to enough people. It's her turn.

835 days ago


What did she think working for Courtney was going to be like? I can't imagine Courtney can go a single day without breaking some law.

835 days ago


well she already killed kurt kobain.

835 days ago


It's not coincidental that she only comes out with albums when she is banging talented musicians that can write music.

835 days ago


She isn't only riding the coattails of a dead man, I think she killed him in the first place to get control of his money before he left her. Her own daughter has nothing to do with this POS. I still don't understand what Kurt saw in her other than a drug buddy.

835 days ago


I can't believe I had sex with this woman. True story.

835 days ago


Not surprising from the woman who murdered Cobain.

835 days ago


Funny, all those allegations of crimes and yet the assistant never called a cop. There's a lawsuit that will be dismissed by a clerk before ever seeing a courtroom. Jessica = opportunist/idiot

835 days ago


This is just another piece of evidence which shows her sort of character.

The sort of character who might hire someone to kill their (soon to be) ex husband, because he wanted to divorce ?

I really hope one day they reopen the case.
There is too much compelling evidence against her.

Even the poem she wrote that her father put in his book. About wanting to marry a rich man then kill him to get what she wants.

Courtney is a money hungry psychopath. It's quite funny that her scam and murder money has dried up.

Maybe if she allegedly didn't hire all those people to kill other people to keep her secrets safe, she would still have plenty of money.

Glad frances took the money while she still could, Courtney would have blown it all by the time frances could access the money. The whole lot was supposed to be frances money, frances should sue.
Courtney should have no rights over the nirvana franchise, she is just some random untalented druggie who got Kurt hooked on drugs, therefore got to manipulate him.

She is a piece of work. I hope frances runs far the hell away from her and never returns.

What kind of mother would purposely spend all the inheritance? And even have the nerve to try to pretend there's no money left at all before frances went to court and got it!? Funny that, because frances just bought a house worth several million dollars? No money hey court? More like no money court wanted to share. The greedy pig dog.

She started off ugly as sin, then she got about 100 cosmetic procedures and started looking half decent, then she went over board and now she's ugly as sin again. Karma happened to her face, so hopefully karma will happen in the rest of her life. (if it already hasn't) she's a washed up druggie, acts like a mental patient, and her carreer is failing badly, she has no money to pay her bills, and her daughter got emancipated from her.. Looks like karma already happened. Psychopaths always end up alone and with nothing in the end. Stupid whore.

835 days ago
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