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Demi Lovato

BOOTS Bath Salt

Rappers from 'X Factor'

7/10/2012 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato
took a page out of Simon Cowell's playbook ... kicking a pair of 'X Factor' contestants off stage today for rapping about smoking bath salts ... TMZ has learned.

Sources on set for 'XF' auditions in Greensboro, NC ... tell us the two guys laid down a rap that included the line, "I'm high on bath salts."

Apparently most of the crowd didn't hear the lyrics, but Demi did -- and as soon as the duo finished she furiously scolded them, saying ... "It's really inappropriate to rap about drugs in front of kids."

Demi did a stint in rehab in 2011, and has admitted to using drugs and booze when she was underage -- so, it's no wonder she went off on the clowns.

We're told the audience agreed with Demi, and booed the contestants off stage ... and they were not judged for the competition.

There's a new sheriff in town ...


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Now you people will think she is a saint, now she can go to her trailor and drink vodka in a water bottle and snort her cocaine in privacy. with a big smile on her face, all the time thinking " I fooled all those fools."

833 days ago


It's always the former users who become the biggest hard asses. Every ex drinker, smoker, dr*ggie I have ever known acts this way.

833 days ago


I would love her to ride my d*** all night long!

833 days ago


Every time I come on this site it's full of spastics.People always see the worst in everybody.Who gives a **** if she done drugs or not,she was what,bi-polar,bulimic,suffered from an eating disorder was bullied and loads of other crap was happening in her life at that time.I would have been surprised if she didn't drink or experiment with drugs as she must have been so mentally ****ed up and she probably had no real friends telling her that it was bad what she was doing.I don't usually stand up for celebrities because I think they have it all too good but when I see ****s always commenting on stupid stuff it pisses me off.You can say **** behind your computer but you probably wouldn't dare say it in real life.

833 days ago


good for her! I respect her a whole lot more now for that!!

833 days ago


Crack is crap. Bath salts are crap. Have you ever met anyone who's done either, where you said hmm, he didn't seem the type? No, it's always, yeah, I thought that idiot was a crackhead. I think this was a setup, she knew it was coming. Also, that is one awful picture of her. She's not that double chinly is she?

833 days ago


Demi is a gross person that hates herself.

833 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

I like Demi way better now !

833 days ago


this fat ugly slut is the biggest phony in hollywood. she punched a girl in the face and blamed it on an eating disorder and pretended to go to rehab but really checked into a hotel instead and now she has millions of ppl feeling sorry for her

833 days ago

no one you know    

who is Demi Lovato and why is she a judge? Is she big overseas or something?

833 days ago

Lalita Selochan    

You shouldn't really be making fun of her going to rehab. She went through a tough time..and now she's better. OK? So STFU.

833 days ago


Demi has a history of life is fantastic Linda'm very fond of her.!!!
Demi Nois of Brazil loves you! Bjs

833 days ago


uh....hey demi. turn to the woman sitting next to you, named britney spears, whose music hypersexualizes little girls. what does britney's music teach girls? dress like a slut, grind up on sweaty guys, and go to the club and drink. britneys music AND image is not appropriate for little girls but she gets a pass? why?

im no prude at all but if ur gonna start 'policing' what is and isnt appropriate for the POOR INNOCENT CHILDREN than u will find that EVERY art needs to be censored. all u losers need to stop EXTERNALIZING and blaming the outside world for ur corrupt, bastard children and realize they are ****ed up bcuz ur a bad parent, not bcuz some losers on x factor rapped about bath salts

833 days ago


Hey Demi, Brittany got around $ 15 million to be a judge, doing the same job as you, dit you get the same $ 15 million ? hahahahh bet that really burns in her mind.

833 days ago


Is it better rapping about, drugs, murder. Mainstream rap has been taken over by... who knows. But I see alot of bophomet tee shirts in the vids these days. Con-yeh likes to rock the Horus necklace. Check out Yungn- Make ya eyes light up. Check it and see what your favorite rappers about.

833 days ago
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