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'Pawn Stars' Chumlee


on Hollywood Blvd.

7/12/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Chumlee from "Pawn Stars" was involved in a crazy -- and bloody -- fight right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. this weekend ... but the reality star tells TMZ it was all in self-defense.

A video has surfaced showing Chum and his pals hanging out in front of Chum's Rolls Royce ... when they are approached by an unknown man.

Chum tells us ... the guy was harassing the group and demanding a ride in the Rolls. When Chum's group refused, Chum says the man threatened to pull a gun.

Chum says the man then reached for something in his pocket ... so his boys took action, socking the guy in the face HARD ... dropping the man to the pavement.

Once the guy hit the floor, Chum and his crew scrambled to get back in the car and quickly fled the scene ... while the man tried to pick himself up, blood pouring out of his face.

Chum tells TMZ, "Instinct just took over. [The man] didn’t even know I was on TV or anything … just wanted to ride in our car and start problems.”

So far, no word on the identity of the victim or his current condition.


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Thugs all over LA and I am glad Chum did what he did!

798 days ago

buzz kill    

Chumlee tooling around in a Rolls, now thats a hoot.

798 days ago

buzz kill    

This punk azz thug got what he deserved, should happen to a lot more of them.

798 days ago


Nice fake incident for a fake show by fake people. A real n*&^(* would have his own Rolls.

798 days ago


Is it wrong that knowing he drives a Rolls Royce .. ruins the show for me and kind of makes me hate my life lol

798 days ago


Chumlee says "handle this little dude so I don't have to". GREAT idea to let your buddies take care of this punk Chum. You don't need to take heat for some moron coming up and starting ****!

798 days ago


Ah... the biggest question left out here... WTF is Chum doing with a Rolls Royce???

798 days ago


What I saw was about 3 or 4 guys jump one man! Cowards these days.

798 days ago


damn he must be making good money in that pawn shop to have that rolls and his Maserati!

798 days ago


I hate the *******s on that show--they're all ****y, disgusting, and full of themselves. We can't hear what was said on the video, but I hope the victim files charges against this crew of bitches--the man does not reach for a weapon, and even if he threatened to reach for a weapon, the first punch can be considered self defense...not some douchebag subsequently walking steps up to the man, away from the door of a waiting car where he was and could have possibly gotten into to be safe, to kick the downed man in the street. Then he trots away, back to the car, like a little tiny dog that will only get in the fight if the man is incapacitated!! I hope these ******* get sued.

798 days ago


The stupid buddy deserved it. You can clearly see that Chumlee and his friends are trying to back away from the guy and he just keeps coming at them trying to be all tough. This dude had no right to come up and threaten them saying he's gonna pull a gun if they don't let him in the car. It's self defence and this idiot deserved to get his ass kicked. And by no means would I call that guy a victim. If Chumlee is going to be put under fire for defending himself against this ass clown, then that's not fair. What would you people do if someone tried to pull a gun on you and your friends? Just stand there and take it like a *****? Doubt it.

798 days ago


Gotta love the scrawny pencil-necked little sh!t who could only kick him when he was down and surrounded by 5 other guys. What a bunch of *******.

798 days ago


On my humble opinion...anyone who defends this behaviour are a bunch of moronic losers like the wanna be "tv star". You could tell by the video...the guy reached for nothing, and then scattered in every which direction like the ****roaches they are. They obviously have little penises, and need to try an compensate some other way. Hey...if I was a guy and couldn't get laid....always having women point and laugh...I might be angry too. Having four guys (who probably all together make up one brain cell) take down one guy...and they were too stupid to realize that he was already down when two of the four jumped in to kick the guy in the face a couple of times. That's excessive force (if for argument sake..he did threaten him), and at least two of them should be charged with aggravated assault. Can you say meow? Because that's what the lot of them by the car are... a bunch of pu****s

798 days ago


Guy was probably mentally ill. Looks too old to be gangsta or whatever.

798 days ago


I would add that kicking people when they're down is extremely cowardly behaviour which I abhor. This can create psychological as well as physical pain to a victim. Hate to see "animals" doing this to others. Society is on a down hill spiral.

798 days ago
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