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7/14/2012 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0714_nadya_suleman_pole_danceOctomom Nadya Suleman stripped down Friday night like it was her job ... because it was ... and TMZ has obtained the pics to prove it.

After months of anticipation, Octo finally had her first gig as a stripper and hit the stage at Playhouse Gentleman's Club in Hallandale, FL for TWO WHOLE DANCES!!!

Even though her time on stage was short, the mother of 14 went all out -- using costumes, props and we're guessing a gym ... cause girl didn't look half-bad.

Octo went with a couple classic stripper numbers -- dancing as a leather-clad dominatrix (set to Rihanna's song "S&M") and then a naughty, lollipop sucking school girl.

Looks like she's already a pro. Yay?


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When her children are old enough to realize what a nut job their mother is they are going to run fast and far, I hope.

833 days ago


She's not being a mom, she's an immature narcissist.
Her masturbating on camera and stripping have nothing to do with her trying to make money for the kids, she's self-centered and wants the attention for being naked.
First, she has *ample* government welfare aid available to her, much of which she is are already fed....and receive free medical care.
Second, she filed bankruptcy...she didn't use the donated money to pay her bills in the first place...and now she's not obligated to pay *any* of them.
Third, she receives regular large donations of money, kid's clothes, needed supplies, toys and gift certificates.
Fourth, she's provided with *free* child care and *free* maid service.
Fifth, there are hundreds of regular jobs for her to get, clerk, cashier, bank teller, etc....if her motives were really about supporting the kids.
But her motives are to get millions of people to look at her body and give her attention.
Nadya is all about Nadya, not the kids.

833 days ago


3000 miles away from her kids, stripping...wasn't she begging for welfare only months ago? She's sick, and exploits the heck out of her "Octo" status, but really drops the ball on the "Mom" part she should care about. How would you like to be one of her kids and be shown how your mother behaved while you were at home with the babysitter(s)? Oh, well...I guess it's better than her being an alcoholic or drug addict, right?

833 days ago


Wishing Nadya would sell her freshly worn panties. I want to hold them to my mouth and nose and inhale some heaven!! Love you, Nadya!! <3 <3

833 days ago


Loving me some super sexy Nadya!! Damn, girl, you are smoking hot and the stuff that dreams are made of. When are you going to hit the clubs in SoCal so I can throw money at you and hope for a whiff of your sweetest honey hole? Love you, baby!! <3 <3

833 days ago


ok her kids should totally taking away from her she could find a normal job whos watching them this woman is so disgusting im sure she likes the attention she is a pig

833 days ago


I am quite confident this stripper gig and her porn film did NOT get Octo OFF OF WELFARE!! With 14 kids, she can make about $140,000 a year and still collect welfare/food stamps!! I doubt a $5k stripper gig and a porn film that as of her Stern appearance had not paid her anything yet is getting her off welfare.
AND - according to a FL tv report last night, Octo HAS been on public assistance almost her entire adult life. She does not know any different and it's a way of life now for her. She IS a welfare queen - then/now/most likely forever.

833 days ago


No no no no no please no no no please get it out of my memory oh God please make the image go away...I promise never to look again, just please make it go away....

833 days ago


I'll agree she didn't look half-bad. She looked full-bad. Like 400 miles of bad road.

833 days ago


her kids must be proud of their mommy...ugh

833 days ago


I feel bad that she is deduced to stripping. At least she is making an effort to feed her children. She is in great shape for someone that age who has had a child - let alone 14 OF THEM! Give her a break . . . . . .

833 days ago


So is she working AND getting food stamps now ???

833 days ago


Can anyone say NASTY??? I do not see what the big deal is about her. She had a ****load of kids that she couldn't afford to take care. She obviously had them for a "get rich quick" scheme.

833 days ago


I applaud Nadya for doing what it takes to put food on the table and pay the bills. She looks great! Unfortunately what ever she does people are going to bash her. Yes, she did bring it on herself but hey, she's moving forward.

833 days ago


Maybe she will meet a nice guy. Get married and have some children...

833 days ago
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