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7/14/2012 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0714_nadya_suleman_pole_danceOctomom Nadya Suleman stripped down Friday night like it was her job ... because it was ... and TMZ has obtained the pics to prove it.

After months of anticipation, Octo finally had her first gig as a stripper and hit the stage at Playhouse Gentleman's Club in Hallandale, FL for TWO WHOLE DANCES!!!

Even though her time on stage was short, the mother of 14 went all out -- using costumes, props and we're guessing a gym ... cause girl didn't look half-bad.

Octo went with a couple classic stripper numbers -- dancing as a leather-clad dominatrix (set to Rihanna's song "S&M") and then a naughty, lollipop sucking school girl.

Looks like she's already a pro. Yay?


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When is this bitch ever with her children? Even when she is not working she is not with them. When she does get work it does not pay much, but if it is in front of a camera she will be there. That is what this whole fiasco is about. Have a boat load of kids, get a Reality show, become famous and have someone watch the kids full time so that she doesn't have to. But she did not get a Reality show and she became imfamous instead. She got people to at least watch her kids, so one out of three ain't bad. It just wasn't what she had planned for, she wanted it all. So now she will have to show it all to support them all. The funny part is that everyone at her shows are really putting dollars in her g string to keep the dang thing on.

807 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

She may have a nice body but, that face of hers kills it.

807 days ago

laura coco    

hey!!! I do believe she should of put MORE thought into bringing all these children into the world...but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do! my motto is until you walk a mile in someone elses shoes...don't judge...but again this is what the media puts out we have right to comment!

807 days ago


Poor kids...

807 days ago


okay, the whole stripping thing is sick. But do you ever wonder why grown men or grown women)will always pay to see an older woman dressed as a school girl behave in a provocative manner and remove her clothing? Doesn't that make them about as sick as she is? Always puzzles me.

807 days ago


She looks like a demon. Oh wait, she IS a demon! A demon who used childbirth and 14 innocent little kids to stoke her narcissistic need for attention. Poor kids.

807 days ago

oh my i thought that was a tranny at first because she has a long face lol oh well i guess the government aint paying enough for all her kids smdh

807 days ago


i get pic,,,,,,,hispanic,,,,,,artist,,,,,,,,from all over got usher with romeo santos ,,,piddy with romeo santos mana ,,,,daddy yankee don omar,,,,,,,,,,exclusive in madison ,,,,,,,got juanes,,,,,,and so more,,,,,,,,much news ,,,if we can work something out,,.....

807 days ago


She doesn't get why people are repulsed. They see a woman who has spent 2 million dollars donated to her. She let her son go for years with a cleft pallet that needed medical attention while she sqwarded hundreds of thousands on plastic surgery on herself, to the point of having the lips of her giant crater removed. All she has done to enhance the outside package, people she the sick self serving person inside and it stinks! She is like looking at a ball of sick, putrified flesh, covered with maggotts and flies, because inside, that is all she is,

807 days ago


Umm TMZ she works the pole like a pro because she is a pro. She was a stripper and went by the name Angelina prior giving birth to that liter.

807 days ago


I am very good friends with the owner of the club and Octomom was Gang Banged by 6 guys in the dressing room after the club closed and she was so high and drunk she couldn't even stand up.

807 days ago


Oh God, why did I look at the nude photos? Spare yourselves!

She is shaved. She has several tattoos over where her pubic hair should be. Her surgical scars and stretch marks on her breasts and around her girth are airbrushed out, but you can see the web of stretch marks all over her thighs. And worst of all, she has almost no labia and a six-inch landing strip with a scar down where a normal vagina should be.

807 days ago


She looks to be a size bigger in her breast and upper and lower lips now.

807 days ago


You will notice she does not show her actual stomach with all the scars etc. from her multiple surgeries...also she is wearing clothes which do not show her rapidly dropping arse..very misleading!! Thought she was gonna wear a g-string..of course she didn't. The audience would have lost their drinks on the floor...

807 days ago

Daniel Asamota    

All I've got to say is; EWWWWWWWW!

806 days ago
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