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Usher's Stepson

Family Can't Afford to Keep

Him Alive Much Longer

7/15/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_tameka_foster_usher_raymond_article_2Usher's ex-wife -- Tameka Raymond -- will be forced to take her 11-year-old son off life-support as early as next month, TMZ has learned, all because his insurance coverage is about to expire.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Tameka has not lost hope that her son, Kyle Glover, can make a drastic recovery ... despite doctors declaring him brain dead last week following a jet ski accident. We're told she is telling friends ... she still believes in miracles. 

According to our sources, Tameka can only keep Kyle on life-support as long as her insurance company agrees to pay ... otherwise she doesn't have the funds to cover the enormous hospital bills. 

We're told the insurance company hasn't set a specific deadline, but they've made it clear ... they're only willing to shell out coverage for a couple months ... tops.

Our sources say that Usher -- who helped raise Kyle for several years -- has been incredibly supportive in this difficult time... but has NOT offered to pay for any medical bills. We're told Tameka does not see him as a viable financial option.

As TMZ first reported, Kyle was struck in the head by a jet ski while inner tubing on Lake Lanier -- doctors declared him brain dead days later.


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If this is true on Usher's part. We will boycott his ass. The guy has more money then he would ever need in his life time!

792 days ago


DONT GIVE UP !!!! I have a friend and her son got shot in the head, they said he was brain dead and and wanted her to give up. she kept im on life support, with in time he smiled, started talkin, 5 mos later he is now taking steps learning to walk again. She has a high hospital bill but also has her son. GOD is good, amen

792 days ago


Another example of how wealth affects life expectancy. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. It would be best if he could stay on life support until the family comes to terms with his condition. Within reason of course.

792 days ago


Oh my God! Noooo! My heart is so broken! Please pray for them, and be with this please, Lord! :(

792 days ago


Im shure Usher would give his last dime to help his stepson live..... My prayers go out to them....

792 days ago


What about the biological father's insurance, and then what about the Lake where it happened, insurance and then what about the pending litigation against the lake and the jet ski driver??? They would need a court order.........TAMEKA GET AN ATTORNEY!!

792 days ago


I wish the best for her and her family it's in God's hands....Hat's off to Usher for being that great guy.

792 days ago


Look, Kile's father is a wealthy television exec, usher sprang for the private plane and visited his stepson wny should he foot the bill for his care, remember it is up to him but this poor kid has a very rich father without Usher.

792 days ago


I am amazed at how many people think Usher should be responsible for these bills. The article says Tameka does not consider Usher a viable financial option. Well maybe instead of having friends feed stories to TMZ, they can sell the stories. I am sure the stories would stop pretty quickly. An even better idea would be to start a website with a paypal account linked. All the people that think Usher should spend on a child that is not his responsibility, and step up make a donation.

792 days ago


God bless this child. I think the family is holding on a little longer to make sure that there hasn't been a misdiagnosis. My prayers are with them and the girl that was with him and her family.

792 days ago


Since when does the ability to pay mean you have the responsibility to do so? Oh wait, that appears to bethe direction this country is headed. For shame,

792 days ago


I'm so sorry this tragedy has happened. Even more sorry that his mother cannot accept a panel of doctors who have declared the boy brain dead. There is NO activity in the brain. Keeping him on a ventilator is only delaying the inevitable and is due to her denial of that inevitability. There are stories of people IN COMAS that "come to", but NOT someone who is declared brain dead-there IS a difference. This isn't due to racial or economic inequality. At some point, even someone with insurance, would be told--enough is enough.

792 days ago


usher should at least pay for one additional month of life support since it is just the right thing to do and also it might help with the child support suit.

792 days ago


I understand that Usher is the celebrity here, and alot is expected of him financially, not because it's his duty... but because he is in some way tied into Kyles life through his mother and brothers. That is not enough reason! I feel bad for what he may feel, the mother and the biological father. They lead every story with Usher when Kyles true identity and responsibility falls on his parents. If Usher had lost one of his kids and were hardly acknowledged/non-existant it would be offensive. It is not Ushers choice to pull the plug or keep it running, he is simply a step father, it does not mean he loved Kyle any less, but a real man knows his place and respects boundries that he would want respected in return. If Usher paid the bill for two years or until the mother chose to let go, it would never be enough! Its a loss, and mothers seem to never get over loosing a child too soon. However the only thing that will happen is his pockets get leaner and you may right a article of generosity about him, the family may never truly appreciate it, especialy if they feel he owes them that simply because he is rich. Im a BIG FAN of Usher and know he will do what brings him peace. And its not what alms he casts before man that determines his true wealth and blessings, but what alms he cast before GOD, his keeper, provider, comforter, father and friend. If he never pays one cent, he would be know lesser than all of us commenting negative thoughts and roll over and sleep well, you'll never miss him. But we should never judge or ask others to do what we wouldn't do ourselves rather known or unknown. Hopefully all realize a day isn't promised to none and to enjoy and treasure every moment like it's our last!

792 days ago


Usher, do the right thing and take care of it. NOW!

792 days ago
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