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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Back on the Hunt

7/17/2012 6:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Arnold Schwarzenegger has accepted that his marriage is over ... and we know this because he was all over a 25-year-old chick at a party over the weekend.

Arnold was at Bagatelle restaurant in West Hollywood Friday night and lasered in on a 25-ish-year-old brunette. The 64-year-old actor quickly made his move ... with his tongue.

But all good things -- like marriages -- must come to an end, and Arnold and the chick left separately.  On his way out, photogs asked him about Sage Stallone and eventually fired off a question about the chick ... but he wasn't in the mood to kiss and tell.

As for his divorce, we're told it's definitely going to happen.  But here's the twist ... After the story broke that Arnold fathered the maid's kid and Maria Shriver filed for divorce, he begged Maria to take him back, but she threw up roadblocks, demanding that he clean up his act.  On top of that, Maria changed her mind constantly -- one day wanting a divorce and the next wanting to reconcile.

Now we're told Arnold wants the divorce and Maria is the one who's tormented ... because she wants him back, but it's not going to happen.

Sources tell us both Arnold and Maria are now resigned to divorce, which should be official soon.

As for that 25-year-old chick ... we're told she's "kinda pretty, super skinny and hippie-like" -- rated a 7 by eyewitnesses -- which is 6 points higher than the maid.


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'As for that 25-year-old chick ... we're told she's "kinda pretty, super skinny and hippie-like" -- rated a 7 by eyewitnesses — which is 6 points higher than the maid.'

795 days ago


OH TMZ says Maria wanted him back and we're supposed to believe that? Nope, don't believe that. No doubt that Arnold wants her back. The old fool is a bigger idiot if he thinks a 25 year old is interested in him and not in his money. Arnold just get another maid or just pay for play. Cut to the chase because that's all they're interested in, YOUR MONEY you old fool.

795 days ago


He's a CAD! What a jerk off.

795 days ago


Arnolds gross

795 days ago


That's disgusting. Look for someone closer to your own age, Arnold. You'd need cybernetics in your p3nis to keep up with a 25-year-old.

795 days ago


Just because he's hitting up a woman doesn't mean he thinks his marriage is over. We are talking about Arnold, right?

795 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

Man this is gross.

795 days ago

two cents    

His kids must be mortified. He's making a fool out of himself. NO 25 year old would be interested in him. Stupid old man.

795 days ago


Won't rich men (or women) ever learn? If you are 64 and you think a 25 year old is interested in you for anything other than money, you are delusional. If you can't see it, I guess you get what you deserve and probably pay for. Everyone should love themselves enough to seek out a compatible partner that will make them happy. I guess age doesn't really matter, but if you are a celebrity with lots of money, you should understand that many are attracted to your money, I guess you are also more desirable as you age when you have a youngster on your shoulder. It's kind of gross though even if it gets you more acting jobs. I guess acting carries over into personal relationships too. Based on other celebrities, I guess it's probably about time to start a new family. How soon until we hear about a birth announcement. I suspect it will be soon because it will generate some new publicity for a "family" man.

795 days ago


Political marriage. Just like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

795 days ago


What is wrong with her? I would have left him so fast I would have left smoke and when it cleared he would have never seen me again...JERK Arnold.

795 days ago


This would be a better story if he was with two 18 year old girls. 25 is getting up there.

795 days ago

Poor Leno    

Arnold get in line at the retirement home, doubt there are any hotties that want you for anything else than your money.

795 days ago


Arnold would have been all over a 25 year old chick at a party whether he was still married or not. He was a player while married. He's still a player.

795 days ago

Blue Lake    

Another moronic post by the juvie a-holes at TMZ. Go judge your own looks, creeps, and leave the maid alone. I'm sure she outranks you easily.

795 days ago
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