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Dez Bryant

Allegedly Hit Mom in Face,

Ripped Her Bra

7/17/2012 8:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dez Bryant mug shot
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant allegedly hit his mother in the face with his baseball cap ... and grabbed her by the shirt so hard that he ripped her bra ... this according to arrest documents obtained by TMZ.

The docs say ... cops were dispatched to Bryant's mother's home in DeSoto, Texas on July 14 at 1:47 PM after receiving a 911 call reporting an assault -- family violence.

Once cops arrived to the scene, Dez's mom Angela told cops she had gotten into an argument with Dez and demanded that he leave the home ... and that's when Dez got physical.

On the 911 call, Angela says, "My son has assaulted me. He's here now. he won't go home. I keep telling him to go, he won't go." You can clearly hear an argument in the background as Angela says, "I can't let him keep doing me like this. I'm gonna put an end to it today."

According to the documents, cops returned to Angela's home 2 days later and she complained of pain in her wrists, hands and arms ... and said her chest was sore from Dez pushing her.

Cops say they observed bruising in her upper arm. The docs list Dez Bryant as being 6'1", 198 pounds.

Bryant turned himself into police yesterday, and was booked for assault -- family violence, a Class A misdemeanor.

Dez’s attorney, Royce West, tells us ... “We’re going to do an investigation, find out what happened for ourselves. The most important thing is that we heal the family.”

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No Avatar


He's a little young out of control ass - I say kick him off the Cowboys roster and send him packing straight to jail!

789 days ago


The man is violent and should be prosecuted for his conscienceless actions against his mother, who is probably much smaller than this brute. Yes, it is shameless and a crime and he should be punished where it hurts him the most by being suspended by the NFL. He's had many brushes with the law before and after he was drafted by the Cowboys and therefore should know better and it appears he does not have any control.

789 days ago

Rick Hundley    

Makes no sense to me...families have spats, but what is a world class athlete with world class money be doing in a situation like this? And how many moms ask their rich sons to leave? This is just so rediculous. Sad, but rediculous. More going on here that what we know or read.

789 days ago

to much drug    

cut him no other team sign the nut.

789 days ago


This is a tragedy for the cowboys he will be talked about for years to come. I have been a cowboy fan for years and this is terrible for us to go through again. As for Dez man look to God to get your life back together cause he is your savior and a merciful GOD. MARK15:20

789 days ago


funny she should kick him out of the house... considering he paid for it and all.

789 days ago

Decatur ATL BOI    

Dude should be taken out back and shot in the face for hitting his own mother. No longer a Dallas fan as long as this fool is on the squad.

789 days ago


A pimp has to keep his ho in line, he has her out of the stable turnin tricks at the senior center, she gets mouthy and BAM one right upside her wiener holster, but tearin her bra, ain't he a little old for breast feeding on her, besides, her saggy boobs are probably full of cancer anyways

789 days ago


Dez Bryant needs to get a regular job and live like regular people!Why should he do this?It will teach him humility and appreciation! Who hits their mother? I wish mine was alive. My brotha you should be ashamed of yourself! Shame on you Dez! Sounds like you are a little boy starving for attention! From sagging pants too hitting your mom! Wow

789 days ago


He ripped her bra, hes kind of old for breast feeding isn't he.

789 days ago

The Republic of Texas ;)    

Yeah well y'all don't know his mom or what his life has been like!!!! His mom wouldn't have sh!t if it weren't for Dez. He is not a let to Lufkin. Not agreeing at all but seriously he is not a thug. Outlaw would still b proud of Dez.

789 days ago

The Republic of Texas ;)    

If it weren't for Dez his mom would still be nothing. Research before you comment. He is a kid that overcame a lifetime in his short life. Coach outlaw would be proud and we in Lufkin will still wear our Bryant jerzees.

789 days ago


First off all his mother is batteling a drug addiction. So, there is no way to confirm if she was in her right mind at the time she called the police. No one knows the full story, as we were not present at the event. Before you pass judgement, just know that Dez and his mother's relationship has never been a good one. He was raised by his aunt because of his mother's drug addiction. The altercation occured in Desoto, TX, at the home of his Aunt. Why was his momma even over there? Was she begging for money to fed her addiction? Think about that before you're so quick to jump on this man. And furthermore, get 'cha facts straight... He didn't beat her up... her shirt got torn and she made complaints about her wrist. To me, it sounds like he was tryna make the bitch stay where she was, instead she was tryna go to Soooouth Dallas and get a rock. It ain't no secret about this lady's addiction.
BiTCH, I'M FROM FORT WORTH, TX !!! #inthisthang #****youmean

788 days ago


i dont condone hitting your mom,but you have to have the facts before u can judge DEZ.

788 days ago


How else is he supposed to keep his pimp hands strong?

788 days ago
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