Drew Pearson Heartbreaking HOF Snub Reaction ... Will Hit Ya In The Feels

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9:49 AM PT -- Dez Bryant is going to bat for Pearson ... saying the guy got screwed!!

"What they did to Drew Pearson is not Right... Original 88... you deserve to be in the hall of fame no if and buts about it.. I’m sorry how they are doing you man..."

WARNING: This will make ya a little teary-eyed ...

Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson learned Wednesday he was snubbed from the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet again ... and his reaction to the news will break your heart into pieces.

Drew -- Roger Staubach's favorite target in the 1970s -- had as good a chance as ever of being elected into the Hall this year given its expanded class of 20 TOTAL inductees.

But, when the names were called over a two-hour period and Pearson -- who held a party for the announcements -- didn't make the list ... it was devastating.

Drew rubbed his forehead and fought back tears ... and it was super emotional.

Later, after the news had really sunk in ... a frustrated Drew told his family and friends, "They broke my heart. They broke my heart and they did it like this! They strung it out like this!"

Pearson had every right to be upset ... he's one of the best receivers EVER -- earning three All-Pro awards and winning a Super Bowl with the Cowboys in 1978.

He's most famous for catching what is widely known as the NFL's first-ever successful "Hail Mary" in a playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings in 1975.

The names that were called during Wednesday's announcements included Jim Covert, Winston Hill, Harold Carmichael, Duke Slater, Ed Sprinkle, Steve Sabol, Alex Karras, Bobby Dillon, Donnie Shell, George Young, Cliff Harris, Mac Speedie and Paul Tagliabue.

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Warren Moon T.O. Is Wrong ... Dak's Better Than Brady


Terrell Owens is dead wrong ... Dak Prescott -- NOT Tom Brady -- should be the Cowboys starting QB ... 'cause he's a flat-out better quarterback.

Chill, that ain't coming from us ... those are the sentiments of HOF signal caller Warren Moon, who's adamant, bringing TB12 to Big D is the wrong move.

Remember, during a recent radio interview, T.O. said Jerry Jones should sign Brady -- a free agent -- and hand him the starting job.

But, Moon tells TMZ Sports he ain't down with Owens' plan.

"I don't think it's a bad idea for anybody to sign Tom Brady cause I think he can still play, but I just don't think it's a good fit for the Cowboys right now because of the way that Dak Prescott has developed, and he's only gonna get better," WM tells us.

The Cowboys had a disappointing season as a team -- they missed the playoffs -- but Dak put up big numbers ... throwing for over 4,900 yards with 30 TD's and only 11 picks.

Prescott's stats -- with the exception of 3 less interceptions -- were significantly better than Brady's ... and according to Warren, that's not some fluke ... DP's numbers were better 'cause he's a better QB.

"[Dak] definitely played physically better than Tom," Moon says.

"Tom still has those mental gifts that you can't compare because he's got so much experience behind him, and he knows how to play in the biggest games, and that's something you gain when you bring in a Tom Brady."

"But, physically, Dak can really throw the football. He knows how to spread it around. He can run the ball and use his legs. So, I think physically he's a better quarterback than Tom right now."

So, if Brady wants out in New England, he'll have to go lookin' for a job somewhere other than Dallas.

Terrell Owens Cowboys Should Dump Dak Prescott ... FOR TOM BRADY!!!

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Joe, Lo, and Dibs on 95.7 The Game

Terrell Owens says now that the Dallas Cowboys have fired Jason Garrett ... they only need to do 1 more thing to get back to Super Bowl glory -- DITCH DAK FOR TOM BRADY!!!

TO made the shocking statement on the "Joe, Lo & Dibs" show on 95.7 The Game on Tuesday ... claiming Jerry Jones is just one TB12 away from getting Dallas its 6th ring.

"They have a quarterback that's a free agent in Tom Brady. That's the next move."

Owens says he has a rationale behind his wild thinking ... saying the fact that Prescott STILL doesn't have a contract speaks volumes to the way Jerry Jones feels about the QB.

"He hasn't extended Dak's contract. So, that leads me to believe he truly doesn't believe in Dak. If he had, then I think he would have already got a contract extension."

Of course, Owens' recommendation to Jerry will probably never go down ... Dak seems destined for the franchise tag this offseason, while Tom would likely retire before leaving New England to play in Dallas.

But, if it DOES somehow happen ... just call Terrell "Owenstradamus" -- 'cause the dude says he's already been great at predictions -- saying he forecast the Mike McCarthy hire first!!!

Dallas Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy ... As New Head Coach

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That was fast!!!

The Dallas Cowboys have agreed to terms with Mike McCarthy to be their next head coach ... just roughly 15 hours after they officially canned Jason Garrett from the role.

Of course, the hire -- reported by FOX Sports' Jay Glazer -- was immediately hit with backlash ... especially considering the 'Boys only looked at McCarthy, Marvin Lewis and Jeff Fisher for the role.

But, Mike does at least come to Dallas with a nice resume ... the former Green Bay Packers head man was 125-77-2 in his 13 years with the Pack -- including a win in Super Bowl XLV.

McCarthy, though, received plenty of criticism for his time in Green Bay ... with most down on the guy for only winning one ring with Aaron Rodgers under center.

In fact, Mike was canned by the Packers last season after he and A-Rodge reportedly rifted on and off throughout their final years together in Wisconsin.

McCarthy will become just the 8th head coach Jerry Jones has hired since he bought the team back in 1989 ... joining a list that includes Jimmie Johnson, Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Bill Parcells, Wade Phillips and Garrett.

A press conference to announce the new hire is expected to come later this week.

Dez Bryant Slams Garrett After Firing ... 'Cowboys Just Became Real Contenders'

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Talk about piling on ...

Dez Bryant BLASTED Jason Garrett after the Dallas Cowboys fired the coach Sunday ... with JG's ex-superstar saying, "I don’t have no sympathy for coach Garrett losing his job."

"The cowboys just became real contenders."

The dig seems to have come out of nowhere ... Garrett helped draft Dez in 2010 and made him into one of the league's best receivers shortly after.

But, it seems there's clearly some animosity there ... 'cause Dez doubled down on the Garrett criticism after some fans fired back at the receiver on Twitter.

"Man it’s so much I can say..." Dez wrote. "I’m being nice."

What's weird is Bryant seems to be on GREAT terms with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones -- remember, the two kicked it together in a private box for a Beyonce's concert in 2018, despite being cut by the team after the 2017 season.

Maybe Bryant thinks it was Garrett who drove him out ... not Jones. But again, everyone knows the buck ultimately stops with JJ.

It's too early to say who could replace Garrett next ... but some feel like ex-Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy could be the new head man in Big D soon. Marvin Lewis is also reportedly in the running.

Jason Garrett OFFICIALLY CANNED!!! Cowboys Fire Head Coach After 10 Seasons

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It's finally officially over for Jason Garrett in Dallas ... the Cowboys have finally fired the head coach in a move EVERYONE saw coming from a mile away.

There were rumblings about Garrett's termination for weeks -- especially after the Cowboys went 8-8 this season and failed to make the playoffs.

And, even though the team was reportedly interviewing high profile candidates like Mike McCarthy and Marvin Lewis to take over, the team hadn't officially relieved Garrett of his duties ... until now.

Moments ago, FOX Sports' Jay Glazer said the team had finally sacked Garrett ... clearing the way to make a hiring move.

Garrett was 85-67 during his 10-year run with the team ... and only made the playoffs 3 times despite having some seriously talented players.

Post Malone More Tats, Acting & Tunes in 2020 ... Happy NYE, Everyone!!!


Post Malone has a lot of plans for the new year -- and it sounds like it involves more ink on his mug ... this after debuting a brand new tat his mom may or may not approve.

The singer was in NYC Tuesday showing off his new face tattoo, which was glistening in the sun after a fresh shave. A journalist tracked him down and asked him about it -- apparently, Post's had this one in the brain chamber for a while and finally pulled the trigger.

It also sounds like it hurt like hell, considering how intricate it is. He tells the camera man there'll be more body art to come in the new year too ... also, he loves his ma.

Post also touched on his recent acting gig, and what might follow in front of the camera in the 2020s. Don't get too excited though ... he insists he's not going full Hollywood, mostly because he's got a face for radio and villainy (especially now). His words, not ours!


PM gets into a few other topics, including best albums of the year and what lies ahead for the Cowboys and head coach Jason Garrett. He's pretty diplomatic on both ... classic Post.

Best of luck in the new decade and beyond, bud ... keep the good vibes going.

Cowboys' Antwaun Woods Weed Arrest Motivated Me ... To Ball Out Vs. Rams

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Dallas Cowboys stud Antwaun Woods says getting busted with a ton of weed actually HELPED him dominate against the Rams ... saying the arrest "absolutely" motivated him.

Woods was a BEAST on the defensive line in the Cowboys' 44-21 rout over L.A. on Sunday ... and on Wednesday, Woods claimed getting arrested earlier this month contributed to that.

"I just wanted to get all the negativity out of the way and just put something positive on my life," Woods told reporters.

As we previously reported, Woods was pulled over in Frisco, Texas on Dec. 3 after cops say he was doing 77 MPH in a 60 zone.

During the stop, cops say they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from Woods' car ... and when they searched it, they found a lot of weed.

According to the police report, Woods had 2 glass mason jars and a small gold cylinder container full of weed, along with several pieces of drug paraphernalia.


In video of the arrest obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see the cop straight-up tell the 26-year-old, "Listen, you've got too much marijuana, okay?"

The stop happened just two days before the Cowboys' loss to the Bears, but Woods didn't play in the game because of a previous knee injury.

But, in his first game back against Jared Goff and Todd Gurley over the weekend, he logged 5 tackles -- a HUGE figure for a nose tackle -- and was grateful to still have the opportunity to play after the arrest.

"I'm a kid from the ghetto," Woods said. "Football has been the outlet my whole life. I've got almost two degrees from football. So, yeah."

Terrell Owens Blames Cowboys' Woes On Jerry ... 'It Starts With Him'


Terrell Owens says put the blame SQUARELY on Jerry Jones for the Cowboys' struggles ... telling TMZ Sports the owner is the problem in Dallas!!

"Anytime there's any type of dysfunction, turmoil, it starts from the top down," TO says. "It starts with him."

Of course, Owens has hated pretty much everything about the Cowboys since Jerry cut him after the 2008 season ... but when we got the Hall of Famer out at LAX this week, he made it clear he truly believes Jones is the issue in Big D.

So much so, Owens says it might be time Jerry steps away and hires a real general manager to take over!!

As for the head coach ... Owens is still advocating for Jason Garrett's firing -- hilariously telling us, "He should have been Edward Scissorhands'ed!"

Dallas has a (very small) chance to prove TO wrong these next few weeks ... if it's able to beat both Philly and Washington, it gets a home playoff game in January.

But, if you're listening to TO ... bet on the Cowboys fumbling away that opportunity.

Dallas Cowboys' Antwaun Woods Arrest Video 'You've Got A Lot Of Marijuana'

Exclusive Details

2:07 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained more police footage from Woods' arrest ... and you can see the Cowboys' defensive tackle admits to placing his marijuana cigarette in his water bottle.

"I was trying my best to follow the rules," Woods said.

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Antwaun Woods was repeatedly told he had WAY TOO MUCH weed in his car during his arrest last week ... and it's all in new police video.

Woods was stopped in Frisco, Texas on Dec. 3 after cops say he was doing 77 MPH in a 60 zone ... and when officers say they smelled a strong odor of weed coming from his car, the NFL player was in big trouble.


Cops found 2 glass mason jars and a small gold cylinder container full of weed in his 2016 Cadillac Escalade ... and also discovered several pieces of drug paraphernalia.

The officers also say they noticed the 26-year-old had stuffed a small marijuana cigarette into a half-full water bottle during the stop.

In the video of the bust ... you can see an officer tells Woods straight-up, "So, listen, you've got too much marijuana, okay?"

That's when Woods tries to talk the officer out of putting him in cuffs ... saying, "Come on, bro, are you serious?"

Jerry Jones Big Mad On Radio After Cowboys Loss 'Get Your Damn Act Together'

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105.3 THE FAN

Jerry Jones dropped a "BS" bomb during a live radio interview -- and was DROPPED from the air -- after chewing out the hosts over Cowboys questions.

The Dallas Cowboys owner appeared on 105.3 The Fan for his weekly radio call -- but it was clear from the jump he was in a BAAAAD mood following the loss to the Chicago Bears.

The hosts asked Jones if he was embarrassed about the loss -- to which he shot back, "Get your damn act together!"

"We're going to have a good visit this morning, but settle down just a little bit."

As the hosts continued to ask questions, Jones warned them -- "I don't like your attitude to come in. I've been traveling all night and I don't have the patience to jack with you today."

Both sides settled down and talked about the Cowboys problems -- from the kicking game to the defense -- and at one point, Jerry used an expletive ON THE AIR!

105.3 THE FAN

The show dropped Jones from the air -- and explained that they panicked when he used the curse word. They had tried to just drop the audio, but they accidentally hung up on him instead.

Don't worry, Jones got back on the air and continued the interview ... but yeah, talk about a tough Friday.

'Thursday Night Football' Bears Fans Beat Up Cowboys Fans ... At Soldier Field

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8:09 AM PT -- A Chicago PD spokesperson tells TMZ Sports they can't find any records showing an arrest connected to the fight.

"Thursday Night Football" sucked for the Cowboys ... on the field and in the stands.

While the Chicago Bears players put a beating on Dak Prescott and company, the Bears fans were lumping up a bunch of Cowboys fans in the bowels of Soldier Field.

Check out the footage obtained by Barstool Sports, showing a group of Bears fans going all Mike Tyson on a couple of guys in Cowboys jerseys at some point during the game.

It doesn't appear anyone was seriously injured -- we're working on finding out if anyone was arrested.

Of course, the actual game went terribly for Jerry Jones and his Cowboys ... Dallas lost 31 to 24 ... but the game wasn't as close as the final score makes it seem.

Despite the ass-kicking, Jerry Jones insists he'll stick with Jason Garrett as the Cowboys head coach until the season is over.

Oh, and somehow the 6-7 Cowboys are still in 1st place in the NFC East and have a real shot at the playoffs. The Eagles are 5-7.

Originally published -- 6:01 AM PT

Cowboys' Antwaun Woods Arrested for Weed Allegedly Tried to Destroy Evidence

Exclusive Details

8:38 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained the police report ... which says Woods is being accused of "tampering with evidence" because he allegedly put a lit joint in a water bottle.

Here's the deal ... cops say Woods was pulled over around 11:15 PM for going 77 in a 60.

During the stop, the officer smelled weed and believed Woods was stoned -- and asked if there was weed inside the vehicle.

Woods allegedly admitted to having a bunch of marijuana in the car. The officer says Woods had a backpack containing 2 mason jars of weed and a small gold cylinder of weed.

The officer says he noticed a half-empty water bottle with a joint floating in it -- and claims Woods admitted to putting it there while he was being pulled over. The officer says Wood was attempting to "get rid of potential evidence."

In total, cops say Woods had 2.07 oz of weed.

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Antwaun Woods was arrested in Texas for weed on Tuesday, law enforcement confirms.

The 26-year-old -- who started 8 games for the Cowboys in 2018 -- was busted in Frisco during a traffic stop where things clearly went south.

Woods is now facing multiple charges including possession of marijuana over 2 ounces but less than 4 ounces and tampering with evidence. He was also cited for possession of paraphernalia, as first reported by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.


Woods was a stud defensive lineman at USC from 2012 to 2015 -- but didn't get selected in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Instead, he signed with the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent -- and later signed a 2-year deal with the Cowboys in 2018.

So far, he only has 7 total tackles in 2019 with 0 sacks.

Originally published -- 6:40 AM PT

Jerry Jones I'm Not Firing Jason Garrett ... During the Season

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105.3 The Fan

Jerry Jones says he will NOT ax Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, during the 2019 season ... but it's clear he ain't happy with the guy.

Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan and was asked straight-up if he's considered removing Garrett after the Cowboys lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday, blowing several opportunities to win the game.

"The answer is no, period," Jones said.

Of course, Jones was highly critical of Garrett after Sunday's loss --  saying the Cowboys got outcoached by Bill Belichick and his crew.

Jerry essentially says he should bear some of the blame since he's the general manager and makes the personnel decisions.

"I look at every aspect of it since I put the coaches out there, since I put the players out there at the end of the day with a lot of help and with collaborated effort."

"But, at the end of the day, the buck stops with me and I am highly critical and I'm continually evaluating the performance of everybody involved with the game."

In other words, just because Garrett is safe for now doesn't mean he won't be gone after the season.

But, get this ... Jones DEFENDED Garrett's refusal to use in-game analytics when it comes to play-calling.

Jerry says analytics are "good to know" -- but the numbers don't take things like momentum and other immeasurable factors into consideration.

"I've had my biggest success when I'm sure analytics have said make the other decision the other way."

Despite their struggles, the Cowboys are 6-5 and still in 1st place in the NFC East. They're basically in control of their own destiny ... which is probably why Jones ain't firing Garrett yet.

Skip Bayless Fires Back At Zeke Elliott's Mom ... 'I Cannot Tell A Lie!!!'

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TMZ/Getty Composite

Skip Bayless is firing back at Ezekiel Elliott's mom over criticism of the Cowboys running back -- he feels bad she's upset over his comments, but says, "I cannot tell a lie!"

The FS1 megastar trashed Elliott and his No. 21 jersey after the RB had a rough game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday ... and Momma Zeke was NOT happy about it.

"I certainly hope I don’t ever see @RealSkipBayless post another pic wearing my son’s jersey," she wrote on social media.

But, Skip went on "Undisputed" on Wednesday to explain himself ... and said he's hurt that she's upset by his comments -- but he's standing by them regardless.

"Does it pain me that Momma Zeke is down? Yes, it does! Yes, it does!" Skip said. "But, I cannot tell a lie. I cannot defend her son when he doesn't deserve being defended!"

Skip says because of Elliott's fat contract ... he deserves criticism when he's not playing well, saying, "I have a job to do, and he has a $50 million guaranteed job to do on Sundays."

Skip added he's hoping he can eventually take Elliott's jersey out of his trash ... saying he wants to see a HUGE game out of the star this weekend against the Lions or next weekend against the Patriots.

As for Momma Zeke's reaction to the show? She seemed understanding of Skip's explanation ... writing on social media that she still hasn't dumped the photo of Skip and Zeke that "Undisputed" execs sent to her months ago.

"I haven’t thrown out the pic, even though MY mother asked me why it was still on my nightstand," she said.

Jason Garrett, for everyone's sake ... feed Zeke on Sunday!!!

Post Malone Giddy About $250k Cowboys Bling!!!

Angel City Jewelers

Screw jerseys, hats and jackets ... Post Malone's repping the Dallas Cowboys in the most baller way possible -- with a $250,000 diamond chain!!!

The "White Iverson" rapper is showing off some new bling to profess his fanatical admiration for his favorite NFL team. Isaac from Angel City Jewelers is the master behind the chain and massive pendant ... and delivered it to him at AT&T Stadium last weekend for Post Malone’s second annual hometown festival, Posty Fest.

We're told the new bling includes 3,000 stones, 9.7 carats of baguettes, 13.5 carats of sapphires and 8.7 carats of diamonds. There's also a "77" inscription on the back ... PM's favorite number.


Post Malone's fandom for the Cowboys is unrivaled. He's gotten a NY Giants fan to wear his Cowboys jacket after winning a bet. PM's also put his money where his mouth is ... and it once cost him. Like when he handed over 20k to YG after the 'Boys fell short to the Rams.

Betting he'll never wager his new diamond chain.