Cowboys Game Brawl Women Throw Down at Concession Stand ... Nacho Fast, Bitch!!!


The penalties in the Raiders-Cowboys game were nothing compared to what went down at a concession stand -- at least 3 women throwing, and landing, big punches in an ugly brawl.

So much for all that Thanksgiving spirit crap ... these ladies clearly checked theirs at the door Thursday when they entered AT&T Stadium. From the video, all we can tell is something or someone pissed off a female staffer serving refreshments ... because she hurled herself over the counter, ready to fight.

Unfortunately for her, the floor was covered in nachos, so she slipped down ... giving her opponent a chance to punch her square in the face!!! Ball caps and the combatants' long hair went flying.

As the fight raged on, at least one other woman and a male concession worker made some feeble attempts to break it up.

Cops tell TMZ ... there was a lot of this sorta thing happening during the game. They made several arrests for intoxication, but it's unclear if either of these women were taken into custody.


Maybe it's overly passionate fans returning to stadiums post-quarantine, or maybe it's fans being overly served ... but we've seen some gnarly fights at NFL games lately. Earlier this month a Titans fan was hurled down several rows at SoFi Stadium during a wild brawl at a Rams game.

BTW, if you were stuffing your face and missed it ... the Cowboys lost their game in OT. So, it's a good bet there were more pissed-off fans fighting in the parking lot.

Michael Irvin Slams Amari For Dodging COVID Vax ... 'Are You Joking?!?'


Michael Irvin's bromance with Amari Cooper is on pause for now ... 'cause the Dallas legend tells TMZ Sports he's FURIOUS with the Cowboys star for not getting the COVID vaccine.

"I'm absolutely hot about it," The Playmaker said. "Are you joking?!"

Because of Cooper's unvaccinated status, after he tested positive for COVID last week, he was automatically ruled out of the Cowboys' games against the Chiefs and the Raiders.

Of course, Dallas got kicked in the teeth by Kansas City with the star receiver out on Sunday -- and its chances of beating the Raiders without Cooper on Thanksgiving aren't looking great either.

When we asked Irvin -- who's been a huge fan of Cooper's since the player was traded to Dallas in 2019 -- about it all in NYC on Monday, he didn't hold anything back, saying, "I'm so hot at Amari Cooper for not being on that field."

"I got a guy who makes $21 million on the bench at home not playing," Irvin added. "It's crazy."

Irvin says he knows even with the vaccine Cooper still might have been forced out of the games regardless, but he said he's mad at Amari for not even attempting to diminish that chance.

"You have to try to mitigate any issue that could cost you a game or a Super Bowl, and COVID is one of them," Irvin said. "You go get vaccinated to try to mitigate it, best you can."

For Dak Prescott's part, Cooper's quarterback chose not to criticize his wideout after the loss to the Chiefs over the vaccine decision ... telling reporters he's pretty sure Cooper would have missed the two games regardless.

"Let's try not to knock the guy or put the guy down for a personal decision," Prescott said. "I don't think there's anybody that comes back under 10 days."

Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy Motivated Players With 'Monkey Butt' ... Before Blowout Win

Whatever it takes to win, right??

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy left the watermelons at home when trying to hype up his team before Sunday's game ... instead, he pulled out some Monkey Butt.


The anti-chafing powder, as Tom Pelissero noted on "NFL Now," was meant to resemble the good, old-fashioned ass-kicking the Cowboys got in their 30-16 loss at home against the Denver Broncos on Nov. 7.

McCarthy dubbed the week leading up to their matchup against the Atlanta Falcons "Red-Ass Week" ... and had staffers pass out the powder to symbolize getting over their bad loss and taking it out on their next opponent.

Of course, McCarthy had a unique motivational tactic last season ... when he smashed watermelons before a win against the Minnesota Vikings.

Say what you want about the weird motivation, but it seems to be working ... 'cause Dallas got the W on Sunday, whooping ATL in a 43-3 effort.

The Cowboys are now 7-2 and one of the favorites to make a deep run in the playoffs ... so laugh all you want, but ya can't knock the results.

Amari Cooper Buys Diamond Dog Tags For Offense ... $120k Gift!!!

Amari Cooper is making his case for best teammate ever -- the star wideout just bought diamond chains for Dak Prescott and members of the Dallas Cowboys receivers ... a gift worth $120k total!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... Amari wanted to show love to his teammates for balling out so far this season, so he hit up Gabriel The Jeweler to whip up some dog tags for his QB, fellow receivers and a couple trainers.


Gabriel -- who's done work for the biggest names in the NFL, like Odell Beckham, Davante Adams and Aaron Donald -- made 15 pieces total for Cooper ... with each displaying the players' numbers and the word "DAWGS" etched across the top.

Altogether, we're told the project is worth $120k!!!

Cooper has gotten some incredible pieces in the past -- from his "Route Runner" chain to his own mini Cowboys jersey -- and now these chains will fit right in!!

This request actually came in BEFORE the 'Boys were able to stun the Minnesota Vikings and run away with a 20-16 win on Sunday Night Football without Dak ... so the guys definitely deserve the gift.

Dallas Cowboys' Damontae Kazee Arrested For DWI ... Mug Shot Released

5:51 AM PT -- According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the officer who arrested Kazee said the Cowboys player was initially stopped because he failed to use a turn signal while changing lanes in his 2019 Audi.

During the stop, the officer said Kazee admitted to being at a party in Dallas earlier in the night -- adding that he had "consumed three shots of liquor over the past several hours."

The officer added that Kazee had "red and glassy" eyes and reeked of booze before he was ultimately placed under arrest.

Dallas Cowboys player Damontae Kazee's bye week has gotten off to a brutal start ... the defensive back was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of drunk driving.

According to reports, Kazee was stopped in The Colony, Texas at around 3 AM over a traffic violation when cops say the NFLer had shown signs he had been drinking.

A spokesperson for The Colony police dept. told The Dallas Morning News Kazee then admitted to an officer he had consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Kazee allegedly failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DWI, which is a Class B misdemeanor.

Cops tell TMZ Sports ... Kazee's bond was set at $2,500, and he was released just after noon Tuesday.

Kazee, who signed with the Cowboys this offseason, has started all six games for Dallas this year ... recording one interception and 17 total tackles.

The 28-year-old, who was picked in the 5th round of the 2017 NFL Draft, had played his previous four seasons in the league for the Atlanta Falcons.

Originally Published -- 10/19 2:56 PM PT

Giants' Kadarius Toney Sorry For Punching Cowboys Player ... During Loss

NFL rookie Kadarius Toney is apologizing for swinging on a Dallas Cowboys player during the N.Y. Giants' loss on Sunday ... saying he let his emotions get the best of him.

The incident went down with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter ... when safety Damontae Kazee slammed Toney to the ground after making a first down catch.

The 22-year-old quickly bounced up and threw a punch in retaliation ... and was ejected from the game.

Joe Judge was clearly pissed with Toney's actions ... barking at the receiver as he made his way to the sidelines.

Now, Toney is owning up to his mistake ... saying, "Wanna take the time out to apologize to the entire organization, Owners, My Teammates and the entire #BigBlue," he tweeted Monday.

"Your emotions just can get the best of you sometimes ... No Excuses just actions #ThankYall"

Toney will now face punishment from the league ... but it sounds like he will NOT be suspended for his actions.

The Giants are currently 1-4 and dead last in the NFC East ... so it's good to hear he won't be missing any time.

Drew Pearson I Could Turn LeBron Into HOF Receiver ... Just Join The Cowboys!!!


LeBron James ... 4-time NBA champ AND Pro Football Hall of Famer?!

Drew Pearson says he can make that a reality for the King ... telling TMZ Sports if Bron switched to football and joined the Cowboys, he could turn the Lakers star into a HOF receiver!!

"If I had a chance to work with him at wide receiver or tight end, he'd become a Hall of Famer, that's for sure," Pearson said.

"He'd become a Hall of Famer because he's got that talent, and with my coaching, I can coach him up to become a Hall of Famer and get one of these rings."

Pearson added that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys would be more than willing to give the basketball player a shot ... saying, "We got a contract for you."

"If you want a contract," the Cowboys legend said, "you come to Dallas, we'll make sure it works. I know Jerry Jones will make that work."

Of course, Jones has already sent LeBron a contract once before ... with James saying this week the 'Boys -- along with the Seahawks -- offered him deals back in 2011.

Seems, though, James is content fighting for yet another NBA title ... but, hey, if a change of mind goes down -- we're pretty sure Drew's waiting!

Drew Pearson Dak Prescott Is A Top-3 QB In NFL ... Better Than Brady!!!


Dak Prescott is better right now than Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson AND Kyler Murray ... so says Drew Pearson -- who tells TMZ Sports the Cowboys star is a top-3 QB in the NFL.

The Dallas legend made the claim just one day after Dak carved up the Eagles on "Monday Night Football" ... saying he believes only 2 other QBs in the league are as good as Prescott is at the moment.

"Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Dak Prescott," Pearson says. "Top three quarterbacks in the league, I would say, right now."

Dak has been tremendous through the Cowboys' first 3 games of the season ... completing 77.5 percent of his passes for 878 yards, 6 TDs and just 2 INTs.

And, Drew's been wildly impressed with it all, praising the guy for his leadership as well as his ability to bounce back from a devastating ankle injury in 2020.

In fact, Pearson tells us Dak has been so good ... he already believes the Cowboys are a true Super Bowl contender.

"You didn't hear it first but you heard it from the original 88, OK?!" Pearson says. "I think they're on a roll."

Pearson did caution the Cowboys to take it "one game at a time" from here -- but, watch the clip, it ain't hard to see the guy is CLEARLY fired up about his ex-squad going forward.

LeBron James I Was Offered NFL Contracts By Jerry Jones & Pete Carroll

LeBron James says he almost played in the NFL, telling Eli and Peyton Manning the Cowboys and Seahawks both offered him a contracts during the NBA lockout in 2011.

Bron joined the Manning Bros during their "Monday Night Football" broadcast ... when the Giants legend asked James if it were true that Dallas recruited him back in the day, with Eli asking if he had "any temptation to put the uniform on and go play for the Cowboys?”

"That's true, Jerry Jones offered me a contract. Also, Pete Carroll did as well, in Seattle during our lockout time," LeBron told Eli and Peyton.

"It definitely got my blood flowing again. Got my mind racing again thinking about the game of football, being out there on Sundays."

Unfortunately for Cowboys and Seahawks fans, Bron says NBA players and owners quickly worked through their differences, and lockout ended shortly after.

"We were able to get a deal done in the NBA and I was back on the court in no time, but I definitely thought about it. I still got the jerseys too, that Jerry and Pete Carroll sent me from 2011."

Eli asked which position teams envisioned the 6'8", 250+ lb. basketball legend playing -- wide receiver, tight end?

“Yeah, more tight end, tight end," LeBron answered ... "I wanted to be a red-zone specialist like Gronk.”

You'll recall, James was a talented receiver in high school, playing for St.-Vincent-St. Mary’s football team … even getting recruited by several Division 1 schools (for football).

He smashed the competition during his junior year ... racking up 57 receptions, 1,160 yards, and 16 TDs.

Great numbers ... but safe to say his decision to quit football and focus on hooping turned out well for the future Hall of Famer.

But, not even Peyton could stop himself from imagining what it would've been like to throw the ball up to a freakishly big, strong, and talented athlete.

“I would have thrown so many touchdowns to LeBron, put him out wide, throw the ball, throw the fade, jump ball. 75 touchdowns.”

Defenses, you're lucky ...

Dallas Cowboys Fans Pummel Chargers Fan In Insane Brawl In SoFi Stadium Parking Lot


A Chargers fan was socked in the face repeatedly by Dallas Cowboys supporters in a wild, violent brawl Sunday ... and the insane scene was all captured on video obtained by TMZ Sports.

The crazy fight began in the parking lot area of SoFi Stadium following the Cowboys' win over the Chargers ... when two women got into a heated argument.

You can see in the footage -- the two screamed at each other ... and then nearly came to blows.

As the scuffle was escalating, though ... one Cowboys fan screamed to a man trying to break up the tiff to "control your bitch."

That's when the L.A. supporter lost it -- calling the man a bitch as well, before charging at him and yelling, "F*** you!"

Complete chaos then ensued ... with several Cowboys fans rushing the man and whaling on him.

At one point, you can see in the clip, a man in a Troy Aikman jersey brutally tagged the Chargers fan in the face with a flurry of punches.

Eventually, the combatants separated ... and witnesses tell us the aftermath was bad, with blood all over one car -- while another car's side mirror was busted.

We're also told despite bystanders calling for cops and security ... nobody showed up until the fight was long over.

The brawl was far from the only altercation at the stadium following Dallas' big win ... with one scrap escalating so heavily, it ended up with people inside the stadium's water feature.

Of course, there were several other brawls at NFL stadiums throughout Sunday ... clearly showing the league is having a huge issue with violence as fans return to venues following the league's COVID year in 2020.

Cowboys' La'el Collins Suspended 5 Games Due To NFL's Substance Abuse Policy

Bad news for the Dallas Cowboys -- starting tackle La'el Collins just got slapped with a 5-week suspension due to the league's substance-abuse policy.

It's gotta be heartbreaking for fans of America's team -- 28-year-old Collins missed all of 2020 due to a hip injury ... and had been having some stinger issues during camp this season.

Collins was stellar in Thursday's Week 1 opener -- a crushing 31-29 loss to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But, it's back to the bench for the 6'4", 320-lb. star ... with the team announcing the news Friday afternoon.

No word on what exactly triggered the suspension ... but NFL Network's Ian Rapaport says it may be due to missed drug tests.

Keyshawn Johnson Tony Romo Was A 'Major Diva' ... While With Cowboys

Keyshawn Johnson says he was NOT the biggest diva on the Cowboys during his tenure in Dallas ... explaining that honor actually belonged to Tony Romo!!!

The former wide receiver made the claim on ESPN's "First Take" on Wednesday ... saying while he was a Cowboy in 2004 and 2005 -- Romo was full of drama.

"Tony Romo was one of the most diva-ish dudes that I've ever been around at that position!" Johnson said.

What's interesting ... Romo wasn't even the starter during Johnson's two years with the Cowboys -- the QB was actually a backup to Vinny Testaverde in his rookie year and then Drew Bledsoe the next season.

"I think Tony might've even been on the practice squad," Johnson said. "Major diva, though!"

Johnson didn't elaborate on what exactly made Tony such a problem to be around ... but the rant was all part of a tangent Keyshawn went on while trying to explain how QBs have more "diva" tendencies than wideouts.

"Can't say anything bad to the quarterback," Johnson said. "If you say something to him -- if you scream at him or yell at him -- you're a problem."

Keyshawn continued, "They always got to have the, 'Look at his pretty face. His hairstyle. Oh, what about his suit!' All diva stuff. Everything."

Drew Pearson Dak Needs To Play In Preseason!!! I Disagree With Cowboys' Handling Of QB


Drew Pearson is concerned for Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys ... saying he believes the quarterback not playing in the preseason this year could cost the team BIGTIME.

The Hall of Fame wideout explained his stance to TMZ Sports ... saying he thinks Dak NEEDS preseason games after sitting out most of last season with an ankle injury.

"I think you need to at least go out there and start a series and get the feel of that, have that confidence that you’re ok," Drew says.

Of course, Dallas has announced Dak will NOT play in the preseason ... as they're being overly cautious with a new shoulder injury that cropped up for Prescott a few weeks ago.

Drew says he'd handle things differently with Dak if he were running the team ... telling us he believes preseason games are the key to early success in the regular season.

"You know, back in the day, we played preseason games, OK?" Pearson says. "Back when I started, we played six of them. And, we played each and every one."

Drew says he believes that formula helped him stay healthy and play effectively in nearly every game of his career ... adding, "I missed three games in 11 years."

"Billy Joe Dupree missed none. 'Too Tall' [Ed Jones] played 15, missed none. Randy White, 15, missed none. That's because we were in condition to handle the physical part of the game."

Regular season for the Cowboys kicks off on Sept. 9 ... guess we'll know soon enough if the Cowboys made the right call.


By the way, Pearson is still riding on a big high from finally being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame ... and you gotta see his reaction when we got his grandkids to congratulate him once more on the accomplishment -- it's priceless!!

Brandon Marshall I Predict SB Run For Dallas Cowboys ... 'I've Shifted!!!'


Brandon Marshall says he's changed his tune ... the ex-NFL star is now admitting to TMZ Sports he actually thinks the Dallas Cowboys will make a run to the Super Bowl this year!!!

We got the former Giants wideout at Catch in L.A. earlier this week with his "I AM ATHLETE" co-host Channing Crowder ... and the guy couldn't help but gush about Dallas despite his past feelings on the team.

"The last two months," Marshall said, "I've shifted. I think they're a true contender."

As for why he believes the Cowboys have gone from a 6-10 squad to now a true threat in the NFC?

"Dak Prescott healthy. Defense, middle of the road -- Super Bowl!" he said.

Crowder, though, ain't convinced ... the former Miami Dolphins linebacker said he believes it'll take Dak Prescott a full TWO YEARS to bounce back from his gruesome ankle injury.

"You recover from injury two years after the injury," Crowder said. "I don't think Dak's going to be back this year."

We also talked with the guys about Deshaun Watson ... and they told us they hate the idea of the quarterback currently being listed as the fourth string on Houston's depth chart.

The two agreed that if the NFL won't put Watson on paid leave amid sexual misconduct allegations ... the Texans should either start him or trade him to another team that will.

By the way, the dudes are KILLIN' IT with their "I AM ATHLETE" show ... and after talking ball with us, they promised big things are coming with the show and the brand in the near future!


Michael Irvin Fears Dak's Shoulder Injury Is Serious ... 'I'm Worried About What I'm Seeing'

Michael Irvin Podcast On PodcastOne

"There's something bigger going on here that they're not telling you."

That's Michael Irvin clearly VERY concerned that Dak Prescott's shoulder strain is serious ... explaining on his podcast this week that he believes the Cowboys might be downplaying the injury to keep morale up at training camp.

Irvin broke it all down on "The Michael Irvin Podcast" on PodcastOne, saying everything he's seen from Dak since the injury has him worried about the quarterback's availability this season.

"When I was there at camp, he was throwing the ball back to the guy that was snapping it to him with his left hand," Irvin said.

"It only takes that little wave with the right hand to throw the ball two yards, and I was like, 'Oh, no. Oh, no.'"

Irvin said his contacts in the Cowboys have insisted they believe it's nothing to fret about ... but The Playmaker explained he thinks that might all be a façade at the moment.

Irvin said after Dak went down last year with his ankle injury, the team went into "the gutter" ... and he believes the Cowboys are now trying everything to avoid that same feeling in camp this summer.

"The worst thing in the world, right now, is to have everybody in camp saying, 'Oh, no, we're going to have to play this season without Dak.' Or, 'We're going to have to miss a considerable amount of time without Dak.'"

Irvin added, "You don't stay out this long with something this minor at that position when you had all of last year off."

Dak has resumed throwing this week after taking a week off ... and he's said he'd like to play in the Cowboys' preseason game next week.

But, if he doesn't go then, is it time to panic in Big D? Irvin certainly seems to think so.

Stay tuned ...

Dak Prescott Gnarly Ankle Surgery Scars Revealed ... In 'Hard Knocks' Opener

The battle scars Dak Prescott earned after having TWO major surgeries on his ankle last year were finally revealed on Tuesday night ... and the red and purple wounds are GNARLY.

The quarterback showed off the marks during the opening episode of this year's 'Hard Knocks' ... pointing out that they run in a "wishbone" pattern from the top of his foot to near his Achilles.

Of course, the procedures that caused the scars were VERY serious ... you'll recall, Dak was rushed to the operating table last October after he dislocated and broke his ankle during a game.

Prescott, though, appeared to be in great spirits while talking about the injury ... even telling the 'Hard Knocks' camera crew that everything's now all gravy with the once-disfigured leg.

"When I had the first surgery, it was an open wound," 28-year-old Dak said. "And, they just wanted to go in and do what they needed to do initially. I thought I was going to be able to start rehab and yet I had to go back under the knife."

"We kept that down, nobody knew that. And then, [the scar] became a wishbone."

Dak added, "I'm healthy. I'm completely healthy."

Prescott was later shown in the episode complaining to coaches about being taken out of practice reps ... cussing and emphasizing, "I sat enough last year."

'Hard Knocks' cameras also provided insight on Dak's new shoulder injury -- which kept him out of the Cowboys' first preseason game as well as several training camp practices -- revealing nobody in the team's org. believes it'll be a long-term issue.

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