Selma Blair Famous Person Sells Mansion to Famous Person

7/17/2012 12:40 AM PDT

Selma Blair
unloaded her swanky L.A. mansion after 6 months on the market, TMZ has learned, but she didn't let just anyone buy it -- she waited until ANOTHER celebrity came along to scoop it up.

The 2,918 sq. ft Hollywood pad was listed back in January of this year for $1.78 million ... it boasts 3-bedrooms, 3-baths, white wooden floors, glass walls and a Koi pond ... which is great if you like Koi.

But after half a year on the market there was still no sale ... until now.

Other famous person, Liz Meriwether -- creator of  Fox's hit show "New Girl"-- saw the modern-decor crib and just had to have it -- so she laid down some major "New Girl" bucks to call it home.

Reason # 3,567,800 to be rich & famous.