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Randy, Jermaine Jackson

Plot to Get MJ's $$$ ... Allegedly

7/20/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy and Jermaine Jackson are trying to get at Michael Jackson's money, by hatching a sinister plot involving Katherine Jackson ... so claim sources connected with the Michael Jackson Estate.

Randy, Jermaine, Janet, Tito and Rebbie Jackson all signed a letter, demanding that the Executors of the MJ Estate step down, claiming the executors are failing so badly, the stress caused Katherine to suffer a stroke.

Sources connected with the Estate are now lashing back, telling TMZ they believe Randy and Jermaine (they are not including the others) are strapped for cash and know when Katherine dies there is no way they can get their hands on a penny of MJ's fortune -- that's because all of the money goes to charity and in trust for Michael's 3 kids.

Our sources believe ... Randy and Jermaine are trying to make it appear that Katherine is infirm and may need a conservatorship. And the sources further believe Randy and Jermaine will try and get themselves appointed as her conservators, which would give them access to more than $70,000 a month.

We know Katherine's people have denied she had a stroke. As for the Estate failing miserably, it seems like bad timing, because new court docs just revealed the Estate has grossed nearly half a billion dollars, wiping out MJ's massive debt.

Calls to Randy and Jermaine have not been returned.


Jermaine Jackson has released a statement, through a rep, saying, "I note that this 'story' comes from 'sources close to the Estate'. It, therefore, does not surprise me that such a wildly false claim is being invented, presumably to deflect attention away from this family's very real concerns about the Estate."

The statement continues, "This claim is as far-fetched as it is untrue, but such are the anti-Jackson falsehoods we have come to expect from 'sources close to the Estate.'"

"I will reiterate that this family's first and foremost concern is our mother's health, welfare and well-being. Nothing else."


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The Neko Nation    

The Jacksons may just be the most disgusting family in America. Nothing but leeches, liars, abusers, and a dead drug addicted pedophile.

802 days ago


Katherine Jackson 'Blindsided' By Her Children's Letter To Michael


Katherine Jackson was blindsided by news a letter had been written by several of her children to the executors of Michael Jackson's estate, demanding their resignation, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, several media outlets obtained a letter allegedly from Janet, Rebie, Tito, Randy, and Jermaine Jackson demanding that the Jackson Estate executors John Branca and John McClain resign immediately because they (the Jackson siblings) believe that the late singer's will was a fake. This comes after three failed legal challenges in the matter already. The letter also alleged that Katherine Jackson was in bad health and had recently suffered a mini-stroke. Katherine's lawyer told CNN she is in good health and did not suffer a mini-stroke.

Katherine "had absolutely NO idea that her children had written to the executors of Michael's estate. Katherine was extremely upset because this isn't something that she would ever authorize or support, period. Katherine has no issues with the executors, and she is satisfied with the work that John Branca and John McClain are doing. Katherine is extremely upset with her children for writing the letter, and is extremely disappointed that the letter was made public," a source close to the matriarch of the Jackson family tells us.

On Wednesday, Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, put her aunts and uncles on notice and said on Twitter that she will, "defend my beloved family member with all I have, even if it means from other family members. I am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened, she is completely fine. I will defend my beloved family member with all I have, even if it means from other family members."

According to our sources, the letter was written because "the wrongful death lawsuit that Katherine Jackson was pressured into filing against AEG for the wrongful death of Michael is turning into a disaster. Katherine has been deposed, and it was a grueling process, and it's very taxing on her. The Jackson siblings wrote this letter, even though there have been three failed challenges of the will, and the statute of limitations to contest the will has expired to try and get money from Michael's estate. Make no mistake, this is all about money. There is a very good reason why Michael intentionally left his siblings and his father out of the will. Michael's will was very clear, and the beneficiaries are his three children and Katherine. Period. End of story. The Jackson siblings have no legal recourse as far as the will is considered and the person responsible for Michael's death is behind bars, Dr. Conrad Murray," the insider revealed.

At the time of Michael Jackson's death he was over $500 million dollars in debt. Recent court do***ents filed by the executors state that the estate has a gross earnings of $475 million dollars, and the outstanding debt will soon be whittled down to nothing in the very near future. "Michael Jackson's legacy and the financial legacy has been single-handedly resurrected by John Branca and John McClain, and the lucrative deals they have made for the estate. Many people said that Michael was naive when it came to business, yes, he spent money he didn't have, but the smartest thing he ever did, besides buying the Beatle's record catalogue, was to appoint John Branca and John McClain as the executors. Michael trusted those two men and respected them as human beings. He knew they would always do the right thing, and they have. They have carried out his wishes to the letter,' the source said.

Katherine has requested "increases in her monthly allowance for expenses, and the Estate has never opposed that, and it has always been granted. The only thing Katherine's children are doing now is causing her more stress than she needs. Katherine has an excellent lawyer who looks out for her best interests," the insider stated.

Whenever the executors are about to sign a new contract on behalf of the estate, "the lawyers submit it to the judge for his review. Almost all of the deals are approved by the judge, even though the Estate often isn't required to get approval. There has been absolute transparency in all of the business deals that the executors have made, as well as the debts that have been paid off," the source said.

802 days ago


And this why he left them nothing!!!! He completely left every one of them out of the will, therefore it would be a disgrace if they got a penny as there is a reason he left them with nothing (they even said that before the children, he still left his siblings and father out of will by giving money to nephews and cousins, mother and charity)- They must have been so cruel to him.

802 days ago


Some things "NEVER CHANGE" which is probably "WHY" the late Michael Jackson made it a point to "SHUT OUT" HIS FAMILY regarding the management of his estate. Just because Katherine Jackson is a beneficiary of his estate doesn't mean she's able to "FUNNEL HER MONEY AND BENEFITS" from it to her other children. It's time for these "LAZY", "GROWN AZZ" LEECHES TO GIVE IT A REST!!! They made their choices a "VERY LONG TIME AGO" AND NOW THEY HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES!!! You can't "LIVE LARGE" when you don't have the "INCOME" to support such a lifestyle. I suspect their other siblings went along with the "SCHEME" because they DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE CARE OF THEM EITHER!!! THESE "LOSERS" SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!! They've had opportunities that many people especially African Americans can ONLY DREAM ABOUT and DIDN'T MAKE THE MOST OF THEM!!! WHO'S FAULT IS THAT??? CERTAINLY "NOT" MICHAEL'S OR THEIR MOTHER'S!!! Their accusations against the EXECUTORS OF "MISMANAGEMENT" only proves just how "UNINFORMED" AND "UNEDUCATED" THEY REALLY ARE ABOUT LEGAL AND FINANCIAL MATTERS!!! Perhaps, if they were TO STOP "HOUNDING" THEIR MOTHER ABOUT MONEY, SHE WOULDN'T BE SO STRESSED OUT!!!

802 days ago


Shame on them for trying to get michael's money.... they are all bottom feeders!!

802 days ago


I just hate this family...these poor kids, lost their father and now are stuck with these nutbags till they are 18.... they are best off with janet, when the frandmother dies.. janet wont rob them blind.

802 days ago


Yeah, and then he wanted to participate in the Michael Jackson Tribute in Australia, and he was booted out, because of his big mouth!
Luzifer, get your fact straight!
Tribute in Australia??? Did you organize that???
Lol Lol Lol!!!
No, the Jackson family did. Again, do your research before you talk.

RoFlmAo, ignorant rabid you are, Luzifer!

Here is a hint: Cardiff!!!
I love the rabids keep telling people to do their research when they are the one who need to grow a brain. It is so much easier to believe MJ was a straight innocent naive man!

802 days ago


Jermaine said: "this family's first and foremost concern is our mother's health, welfare and well-being. Nothing else."
Hogwash.........they send a hateful letter copying Sony, AEG, Barrack discussing her without her knowledge. You don't drop a bomb on an 82 year old lady, who has since had to go to Arizona per doctor's orders, and put her in the middle of everything even more so. Absolutely no forethought of concern or passion was given to their mother.

If Jermaine and Randy don't like the press coverage then stop tweeting about it.

If you look at MJ's will, it's the executors that signed the page under penalty of perjury that they were in L.A. not MJ. MJ faxed the will back to L.A. the day he signed it.

802 days ago


In the interview with Larry King in August 2009 Larry asks Jermaine: "the last time you said -- you were on the show, you -- you said his wishes would be carried out exactly, that you wanted your mother to get custody and did you -- were you happy with the way all this has apparently been resolved?

JERMAINE JACKSON: Yes, Larry, the -- there are -- well, Joel -- Joel Katz is the co-counsel and John Branca and also John MacLean (ph). These are people that we've known for many, many years. And they're doing an incredible job. They've raised a lot of money -- close to $100 million -- for the estate. They're following out Michael's wishes accordingly.And I just said, and I'll say it again, anyone that's trying to contest the will is going against Michael's wishes.

802 days ago


randy & jermaine huh? wonder if their mutual baby mama alexandria put them up to this?

anyways, i'm just counting down to their next predictable; move demanding a dna test claiming mj's 3 kids are not biologically his & therefore not entitled to the 40% of the estate and claim it should go to mj's next of kin, their mom, then claim she's to old & feeble and try to became her p.o.a. and
volia! free access to their dead brother's money, as oppose to earning their own.

thanks for reading

802 days ago

Freedom Rose    

Breaking News:

HumanNature has been arrested pleasuring herself during a mimipoop's donkey show!

As usual, the hypocrite Jehovah witness will deny all charges!

801 days ago


Evils seem to have a certain look.

If you photo shop MJ's wig on James Holmes, they look like dead ringers, and brothers more than the Jacksons. Ahhh, that was why MJ started bleaching!

801 days ago


Michael got all the talent in that family as well as all the money. These clowns are still riding his coat tails. Pathetic!

801 days ago


Cash Cash - Michael Jackson (Official Lyric Video)


801 days ago


Theres enough money there so that the whole family could be taken care of. Michael would have wanted his loved ones all not to starve.

801 days ago
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