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Randy, Jermaine Jackson

Plot to Get MJ's $$$ ... Allegedly

7/20/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy and Jermaine Jackson are trying to get at Michael Jackson's money, by hatching a sinister plot involving Katherine Jackson ... so claim sources connected with the Michael Jackson Estate.

Randy, Jermaine, Janet, Tito and Rebbie Jackson all signed a letter, demanding that the Executors of the MJ Estate step down, claiming the executors are failing so badly, the stress caused Katherine to suffer a stroke.

Sources connected with the Estate are now lashing back, telling TMZ they believe Randy and Jermaine (they are not including the others) are strapped for cash and know when Katherine dies there is no way they can get their hands on a penny of MJ's fortune -- that's because all of the money goes to charity and in trust for Michael's 3 kids.

Our sources believe ... Randy and Jermaine are trying to make it appear that Katherine is infirm and may need a conservatorship. And the sources further believe Randy and Jermaine will try and get themselves appointed as her conservators, which would give them access to more than $70,000 a month.

We know Katherine's people have denied she had a stroke. As for the Estate failing miserably, it seems like bad timing, because new court docs just revealed the Estate has grossed nearly half a billion dollars, wiping out MJ's massive debt.

Calls to Randy and Jermaine have not been returned.


Jermaine Jackson has released a statement, through a rep, saying, "I note that this 'story' comes from 'sources close to the Estate'. It, therefore, does not surprise me that such a wildly false claim is being invented, presumably to deflect attention away from this family's very real concerns about the Estate."

The statement continues, "This claim is as far-fetched as it is untrue, but such are the anti-Jackson falsehoods we have come to expect from 'sources close to the Estate.'"

"I will reiterate that this family's first and foremost concern is our mother's health, welfare and well-being. Nothing else."


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I'm curious to why Janet's involved. She the second most successful Jackson sibling, so she should be set for life. At least Marlon, Jackie, and LaToya are staying out of this.

722 days ago


All the Jackson siblings need to get a job and make their own money. Quit trying to continue living off of ur brother. Let him rest in peace and let his kids live a peaceful life. Talk about golddiggers!!!!! What a shame. Jermaine, on ur most recent interview, u implied Michael got his moves from the brothers, Sorry!!! Michael taught the whole world to dance!!!!! Nuf said.

722 days ago


Why would the Estate according to jermaine come up with such a lie?

As for Estate failing? where did that come from?

The Estate has done a great job and Michael couldn't have chosen better people as executors to his will.

721 days ago


When will POOR MICHAEL rest in peace?

721 days ago

Miss M    

You need to read What Really Happened to Michael jackon , by Leonard Rowe! I know something is going on about fraud on the estate whereas the lawyer handling the case has been embexzzling funds. The Jackson brothers have been on tour and have sold out shows, so they are making money at a rate of $60..., and $75.00 a ticket just some food for your thoughts!

721 days ago


randy and jermaine kids are by the same mother jermaine child support is so behimd he cant drive the state took his driving licence i thought randy bagged groceries

721 days ago


money the root of all evil, you would think his brother's have enough money already. That's for his kids can you say dumb as h....!

721 days ago


Known all of the Jacksons except Mikes children. For 40 years Jermaine, Tito, Jackie are morons... Randy and Marlon are closer to reality. and let's get real ... They have no money because of their bad decisions and Michael full of himself and didn't look out or plan for his moronic , difunctional, and enabling family. Just because your and elder DOESN'T exonerate you from enabling the distruction of a family. Joseph and idiot and Mother .......... You know that's why your in Arizona ... The guilt being 82 and your children except for Janet,Randy and Rebe are ....well have aged to be disgusting people. I don't want to say more . But Katherine CLEAN house Branca is a mooch and McClain is an opportunist ...they have made their money totally on others. Listen to Steve Manning he has a level head. Anything Toya says is nonsense. Your children are the same people that abandoned Ronnie Rancifer and Johnny Jackson without any REMORSE. shame shame shame

721 days ago


Cold inside....
This whole thing would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. And while the Executors are far from pure, the Jacksons will have a far way to go to prove they're not doing their job in light of the FACTS--almost a BILLION in revenues and still chinging....
Of course, if they REALLY believe the will isn't valid (and many of have known it's a bit shady ever since Branca materialized with it) they need to hire some crackerjack detectives and legal minds in order to crack it. But I doubt they'll ever do that based on their track record...and the fact that they never all seem to be on the same page about anything. You know, a house divided, yada, yada....
As for Branca and Co., I just hope they maintain their hustle, but keep in mind Michael's LEGACY. They have for the most part, but allowing Sony to release another patchwork/bootleg CD would be the height of STUPIDITY...
Let's allow the family to keep THAT title....ouch....
If they truly are bringing Katherine into this in order to gain control, that's got to be the LAMEST move ever...even for Jermy and Randy...
So glad to hear Katherine is ok. My heart dropped when I first heard she was missing given her age and in light of the shady dealings going on with BOTH sides...
Suffice it to say, I smell a HUGE, FAT, RAT....again....
Missing Michael...period, point blank, end of story.

721 days ago


Say What???
Ronnie Rancifer and Johnny Jackson?? Now there's 2 names from the FAR distant past.
Remember, they were included as musicians because they were on Motown's roster, but publicized as cousins of the Jacksons--a CLASSIC Gordy/DePasse move (read "Diana Ross introduces the Jackson 5.")
Thing is, once Michael's genius was fully unleashed, and he and the brothers left Motown to produce their own material, even Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Randy had trouble holding onto their positions. Jermy for once did the smart thing and jumped ship early hanging onto the Gordy's coattails. All of the brothers should be eternally indebted to Papa Joe to be frank, for pushing and prodding Michael for almost 10 years past the time when he KNEW he should've left them all behind...
Johnny and Rancifer had their moment in the sun back when the J5 were at the top of their game. Both had a career at Motown before they hooked up with the J5. It was just the highlight of their career as musicians and the reason they have a WIKI page...
M.I.C.H.A.E.L. L.O.V.E. 4EVER!!

721 days ago


Strange how this story turns up when the brothers are having a moderately successful tour! Right when the estate admits to owing the brothers money! I have an ides: SUE the estate! If you are owed money take the money and LEAVE these LEECHES ALONE!. Jermaine, what Michael did to you was horrible. It can't be undone! However, with this tour you are making headway! Leave the estate alone! They will pay for their sins soon enough!

721 days ago


Granny Jackson is so sick and tired of playing Mammy to those purchased white children. They are NOT HER GRANDCHILDREN. The family deserves the money, not those bought and paid for brats who think they are fooling people. They make me sick.

721 days ago


I never like Jermaine and can't believe Randy, who Jermaine had children with his wife by, is part of this scheme. If MJ wanted any of you losers to have any of his money he would have included them in the will. Get a job, get a life, and stop sponging off your mother and MJ's money.

720 days ago

lee ann    

Since Jermaine introduced Tohme to MJ - And now it looks like Tome is going to get scewered in court by the estate. Jermaine isn't going to get his kick backs through Tome. Now Jermaine can throw his mother and kids under the bus. S***BAG

720 days ago


So MJ cut you out of his will! Your fault for lending him money! You don't contest the will for that; you SUE ! You don't let momma or the kids protect the estate from the nasty lawsuits. Family is family: business is Business! Theyre just trying to make you look bad Jermaine ( You know how these lying haters are! Think of your kids!) If Michael truthfully owes you money and died without paying the debt, Don't let Moma and them stop you from suing! This is distracting from your work! Time to build your legacy!

720 days ago
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