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I Stripped My Way


7/21/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

070_octomom_nadya_suleman_articleRest easy America, your tax dollars are safe ... 'cause Octomom + Porn + Stripping = NO MORE WELFARE!!!!!

Sources tell TMZ ... the mother of 14 no longer needs government assistance thanks to her various XXX gigs. We're told Octo has raked in more than enough cash to support herself -- we're talkin' 6-figs.

TMZ broke the story ... Octo went on welfare​ back in March (resulting in a slew of death threats) claiming she needed the cash to help feed her family. But as of June, her 3-month cycle ended and she chose NOT to renew it.

We're told Octo still stands by her decision to go on welfare in the first place ... but she's happy to show the world it was just a temporary situation.

Kind of like her clothes ... at a strip club.


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John Lewis    

I Like to stay here 2 - 3 hour a day. I earn 10 -15USD per hour. woa

789 days ago

BB not bb    

I would rather have her take welfare than humiliate herself in this way. She is stripping off her dignity with her clothes. It is sad that there is a society that would applaud this than be willing to lend a hand. That shows how cheap and immoral people are that they would encourage her to do this.

Maybe they would like to see her be a drug dealer next, except that isn't legal. I think it is about on the same moral level though.

789 days ago


Wait until everything starts sagging in a few years...stripping career will end! And who is paying to see her strip?

788 days ago


She stripped people. One time gig. Her "so-low" diddle flick won't keep the dollars rolling in for long. You also have to understand Sulemantics. Food stamps, social security, WIC and Medi-Cal aren't welfare in her mind. To normal people who pay taxes and actually work for a living, they are. She has been on one form or another of government dole nearly her entire adult life, she will remain that way for what's left of her pathetic existence. She's shown incredible immaturity and lack of impulse control in the handling of large sums of money in the past. Unless and until a conservator is appointed to make sure the children are provided for, the cycle is destined to repeat. I guarantee we will see another beg fest from Octoho this time next year.

788 days ago


I guess there's a reason tmz calls these "stories", that's what this is. Paying for total lies now, Harvey? That club is a well do***ented dump and everyone knows she was only paid 5k, most of which went to her slag manager and tacky costumes. 6 figures? A chimp could do better research and find a slew of facts discounting the crap in this article. Your credibility is ZERO.

788 days ago


She will have 14 kids rebelling at her at some stage. Good luck with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

788 days ago


Selling your soul to the devil is not something to be proud of Nadya.

You are to be an example to your children, you have just taught them, that when times get tough, go sell your body and dignity and soul.

Not good Parenting 101.

788 days ago


When your children are old enough to see what you have done to them, their lives with your selfish motives and they estrange themselves from you to get away from the toxic environment, you only will have yourself to blame for failing all of those children.

They deserved better. A single Mom who is not even taking care of her first several children, then you intentionally and selfishly put them all at risk and jeopardy by having more.

Not a one of those children are going to have individual one on one time with a mother and a father, which is what they deserved, all children deserve, the love of two parents and to be raised in a healthy, moral environment, nurtured and cared for.

788 days ago


Nadya's tummy tuck and butt implants are SO damn obvious. And even worse, I bet you anything they were paid for using 'donations' that were meant for the kids.

788 days ago


Well she got what she always wanted. To be up in front of people and getting a lot of attention. It's not a reality show but she is working on it. The only show she may get now will be on Animal Planet. They will follow the mother stripper around while she looks for a den for her poor starved homeless and deprived pups. Who will one day turn on her and rip her to pieces. That there will be some educational TV don't you know.

788 days ago


It's funny how however dirt broke she claims to be she always seems to be able to afford to inflate up those duck lips like tyres and pump her face full of enough botox to paralyze a small dog. That crap takes regular maintainance, too.

788 days ago


Many people will continue to attack her, both by name calling and insults. I wonder if their smug superiority is caused by their own feelings of inferiority? Anything they can do to feel they are bringing someone down more to their perceived level.Very childish behavior.

788 days ago


I love the Kardashians too. They're my inspirations!

788 days ago

Cheryl A.    

If she is still in bankruptsy then she has not done too much about that. The "stripper" money will run out soon enough and she will be back on welfare AND bankrupt.

788 days ago


Nadya seems to enjoy what she's doing, if this her idea of being a 'star', go for it. Some stripper's make excellent money, she needs it, hope she has a good babysitter.

788 days ago
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