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Stepson Dies

After Jetski Accident

7/21/2012 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0714_tmz_tameka_usherUsher's 11-year-old stepson has passed away this morning from injuries suffered in a tragic jetski accident in Georgia earlier this month ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Tameka is understandably devastated.

Glover was injured on July 8 ... as he was riding in an inner tube that was connected to a pontoon in Lake Lanier. According to authorities, a family friend who was riding a jetski behind the pontoon lost control and collided with Glover's tube.

The accident is currently under investigation.


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Aww. Rest in peace :(

768 days ago


I had a feeling this was coming when no one ever reported some kind of brain activity. It was reported here about the insurance running out next month and whether Usher would pick up the medical bills if Tameka wanted them to continue life support (I found that "will-Usher-help" story ridiculous). But, still no change was ever reported on Kyle's condition. I know the family was holding out hope for a miracle, especially when you hear rare stories of people turning around who've had traumatic brain injuries. I know I'd probably hold on for awhile like Tameka did. Rest in peace, Kyle. The family friend who accidently hit Kyle and the 15-year old girl must be beside himself.

768 days ago


My condolences. Life is too short...RIP

768 days ago


Very very sad..My heart goes out to this family

768 days ago

South Beach    

Every parents nightmare. Cannot imagine. Appreciate life and those in it, it could change in a breath. So very sorry.

768 days ago


Rest in peace and condolences.

768 days ago


Count your Blessings Every Day. We are all on borrowed time, never knowing when the bill will come due. Don't waste your precious time with anything thats not positive. Condolenses!

768 days ago

Joan K    

I cannot imagine what they are going through right now, so sorry for them. RIP

768 days ago


Angels are real and he'll be a good one <3,

768 days ago


I truly pray that they at least considered organ donation in this case. I truly feel for the family going through this terrible tragedy. But I have seen so many parents find solace in knowing that they have helped others.

768 days ago


Im so sorry for your loss. Two years ago we hadto remove my mother from life support.Very hard to deal with. My prayers are with you and your family. May God bless you and keep you.

768 days ago


So horribly sad. I can't even imagine the loss of a child. My heart breaks for them but especially her.

768 days ago


The pain in my heart will never heal because you’re not here with me
Never thought that I would lose U babe
A sad day like this, couldn’t imagined I’d ever see
Blaming myself although I know that there was nothing I could do
Spent all of my time 24/7 being the best damn parent I knew
Just doesn’t seem fair that your stay on earth would be so, so brief
And now that you’re gone I’m overcome with so much overwhelming grief
There’s a hole in my heart, a void and pain I don’t think will ever go away
And now with you gone, I know my life will never be the same
Shared in all of your triumphs, pain and setbacks
Did my very best to guide you through
Struggling hard to understand why I have to live life without you
Can someone please tell me how? How?
How do I say good-bye to my child
It’s seems you were cheated on life because you were only here for such a short while
Please tell me how? How?
How do you say good-bye to your child
It’s the most difficult thing to say
A parent should never have say good-bye to a child
Please tell me How?
How am I supposed to just let go?
My child was a big part of my life
And now my baby isn’t here anymore
Why? Why ii?
Why was my baby taken from me
How am I supposed to go on with my life happy
Without feeling so damn guilty
I would give anything to be in your place
I feel like you need me there
But what I’m thinking
I just can’t do
To me it just doesn’t seem fair
They say all things that happens
Is in God’s plan
But you were my precious child
Losing you, I can’t comprehend
I remember the day you were born
Those memories I’ll always hold dear to my heart
The first time I saw your precious face, baby I loved you from the start
Don’t think a day will ever come when I’ll ever smile again
Cause I lost the love of my life
Lost my child, my heart, my friend
Praying so hard for your recovery
Always thought you’d be here to grow old along with me
Give up all of my fame and fortune
So you could spend one more day with me
My days are so dark, my heart heavy
Because I’m missing you
Never fathom the day would come
When I’d have to bury you
To you my child:
Losing you has given me a new perspective on life.
While you take your rest in heaven
I live on Earth in hell knowing that I won’t ever see your face or hear your voice again
Your death has taught me that tomorrow is not promised, no matter who you are or the family you’re apart of
From this day, I chose to live each second like it’s my last
For no one knows when that day will come
I’d give anything to have you here
But God needed an Angel so he called you there
I love you beyond words
But God loves you best.
Sleep in peace my child
Take your eternal rest
God! I know better than to question your reason why
But my child is gone, leaving a big void in my life
Please God, see my family through these devastating times
The answer to why my child is gone
I search for
But may never find
Grant us the serenity
To accept the things we cannot change
The Courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference
The past cannot be changed, so we must accept what is to be
Although it’s extremely difficult for me and my family
I love you Lord
And you know the love I have for my child
Please keep him safe
I wish there was more I could do
Keep my family strong Lord, and help us all get through
CHORUS 1 X then fade

768 days ago


it is an overwhelming tragedy to a parent . i cannot imagine their pain . i am so sorry for their loss.and i am very sorry for every other parent out there who has had to live through this loss.

768 days ago


I feel so horrible for everyone involved, but especially his parents. No parent should have to bury their child.

768 days ago
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