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Katherine Jackson

I'm Fine

and NOT Missing

7/23/2012 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has spoken to police, and she is not in danger ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police were able to make contact with Katherine today ... and she informed them "she is fine and with a family member."

Another source tells us she is in Arizona.

The LA County Sheriff's Department has been investigating Katherine's whereabouts since she was reported missing late Saturday night.

We're told the Sheriff's Dept. is still speaking to Jackson family members to find out exactly why Katherine's nephew filed the missing person report in the first place.


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uhhhhhh she is responsible for those kids and just takes off and doesnt bother to let them know where she is going? she doesnt deserve to be the custodian of the kids.if this was any other person with their kids people would be ripping her a new on and saying that cps needs to get involved

820 days ago

buzz kill    

Guess the nephew is just a drama queen pissed off because he didn't get a postcard.

820 days ago


MJ's kids better, watch their backs. ole Mamma J has took the Biological families side.

820 days ago

No comment    

So she has had no contact with the kids she is the guardian of for a week, nor did they know where she was.

The ones who signed the letter to the executors are either hiding her because she is no longer mentally competent to care for the kids. Or, they are trying to persuade her or brainwash her to take control of the estate [on their behalf]. I don't trust the Randy, Jermaine, Janet or the rest of them. (Janet doesn't rake in the money she used to so I could see her in favor of getting a hold of MJ's money. I assume that is why she signed the executor letter).

I think the court needs to determine Katherine's competency. The Jackson leeches want to steal the money from MJ's kids.

820 days ago


I don't buy it if it was over the phone. Did someone speak to her in person? If she is okay, then she should be fired as their gjuardian. Who takes off for 2 weeks, leaves 3 minor children without reporting in every day?

820 days ago


Does MJ have a new album coming out?

820 days ago


I'd run away for a while too, such a messed up family.

820 days ago

mj fan forever    

Why the hell she left Michael's children alone and was not even in contact with them??? She should be their guardian, should take care for them not traveling without not even giving any news about her and leaving them alone!!! It's seriously irresponsible!!! They need to explain many things!!!! Whatever is their plot there is NO way they can put their hands on Michael's legacy!!!!

820 days ago


She owes it to PPB to keep in touch, she was put in charge of caring for them, they are still just kids!

820 days ago


If she is custodian, what the hell is she doing taking off without telling them what's going on?

The police need to question her IN PERSON, if only to make sure she is STILL ALIVE.


820 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...I can't WAIT for Paris too reach 16!!!!!!!!...and I hope she gets some more power withing a couple of years after that...legally....this is the beginning of all kinds of crap..poor kids...and btw...Mrs.Jackson could be residing in her home with a team of nurses and Doctors too tend too her.....all this drama...something doesn't fit...feel sorry for HER!

820 days ago


How is it that black people represent less than 13 % of the population, but make up 100% of TMZ !!! As far as the Jacksons why dont they all just disappear. MJ was a pedophile, Latoya is nuts, Janet looks like an alien, the brothers just want money and the mom and dad are Jehovah Witness freaks... just go away already !!!!

820 days ago


Thank goodness she is safe but why didn't she call her grandkids or her other family members to let them know where she was going & how long she would be gone? Those questions NEED to be answered.

820 days ago


To take off for a week and be unreachable to the kids shows neglect.
Take the kids away from her and give them back to Debbie Rowe.

820 days ago


Something is wrong. I feel that Paris is scaring the family because she won't lie like the others - when she disagrees with the family, she speaks up. Something is crazy that she couldn't speak to her grandmother. I believe the family is holding Katherine somehow and she doesn't know how to get away from them but she also doesn't want the police involved. Scary.

820 days ago
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