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Katherine Jackson

I'm Fine

and NOT Missing

7/23/2012 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has spoken to police, and she is not in danger ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police were able to make contact with Katherine today ... and she informed them "she is fine and with a family member."

Another source tells us she is in Arizona.

The LA County Sheriff's Department has been investigating Katherine's whereabouts since she was reported missing late Saturday night.

We're told the Sheriff's Dept. is still speaking to Jackson family members to find out exactly why Katherine's nephew filed the missing person report in the first place.


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Please keep investigating. Send someone over to check up on Mrs Jackson. Seems Paris still hasn't been able to talk to her, or visit her.

This family is notoriously secretive amongst themselves, and now Michael's kids suffer from it. Either there is a sinister motive for hiding Mrs Jackson, or she is being teated for some condition. What speaks against that, is that the Germ says his mother is "fine" and the timing of the stupid letter to the estate. If she really needs rest and treatment, why would they put that extra burden on her?

I wish the estate would step in and demand the grand kids are put in contact with their grandmother immediately. It's their right. And she is their guardian, so they need to talk to her.

Why is Mrs Jackson examined by someone else than her usual physician, and why is her own lawyer not informed?

Too many questions.

787 days ago


What adult would leave a 14 year old, 13 year old and a 9 year old children home alone( with nanny) and leave for a week without checking in on them and not let the kids know where you are and who you are with. Cell phone in hand I bet she talked to her lawyer but not her grand kids? These kids need protection from the likes of grandma and her disgusting money grubbing kids.

787 days ago


Debbie Rowe always said "They are NOT my children." Of course they are not, she was a Womb for Rent. She had eggs from another woman (who SOLD her own children in the form of eggs) put into her Rented Womb, these Seller Eggs were mixed with Seller Sperm. All it takes is a lot of $$$$. These white kids were made like a concoction. Mix Strangers Eggs with Strangers Sperm, and kids are made, and they have parents who never met, never loved, never knew their own flesh and blood. Add that weird event to these white kids put into the very Weird World of Wacko Jacko, and what will you get???? Lots of $$$$ but even more disfunction. I hope someday these White bought and paid for kids, get to meet their real parents, the Sperm Seller and the Egg Seller, no matter what we all want to know where we came from.

787 days ago


Do we known the whole story? Do we know the facts? The answers are no and no. People write (some are hate-full) comments about mrs Jackson. Why? She is taking care of Michael Jackson kids, for already three years, and she is doing great. Mrs Jackson i hope that you are doing fine, and that we don"t have to worry about your health. Its a private matter, between you and the family!

787 days ago


Police did question her in person. Jermaine says no one has been blocked from speaking with her and then also says she's under doctor's orders to stay away from phones and computers.....The children have been blocked from speaking to her, but why is she allowing that and not making her own contact with them.....something is very wrong here and it all has to do with the estate money. God help those kids for being mixed up in this family with no adult helping them. Seems the nephew Trent has been very involved with the kids and Katherine and that's why he blew the whistle something was up. Hopefully he's true blue and watching out for them

787 days ago


glad she is fine. There is always involved some family issue that we don't even know.

787 days ago

mercedes lucero    

I can't understand why Catherine could leave for an extended stay and not notify the children that have been left in her charge. Maybe she didn't know she would be leaving? As for all the other Jackson clan, (with exception to Janet who has her own money) I feel that they are so used to living off of Michael's money now find it extreamly difficult to maintain and support themselves because of the way the will is laid out.The term Jackson Compound sounds like code for ( place for freeloading Jackson family members who can't support themselves or their many many children, wives,and exwives to live together off of the wealth of their brother.) NOTE : JANET.doesn't live there because she's got money! The fact that Joe Jackson's cousin is Katherines advisory and executor of the estate is crazy. I don't.think anyone should trust any of the family members and would not put it past them to be trying to establish grounds (health problems, exhaustion, old age,) for taking custody and control of the children and subsequently the money away from Catherine. This entire situation is very suspicious. Catherine's health should be monitored closely for anything that may stand out now or in the future.

787 days ago


We never know the real story behind. There is always some issues we don't know.
But she is safe now.

787 days ago


I'm sure Michael's siblings are still seething that they were left out of the Will. It also ticks them off that none of the benefactors are legitimately related to Michael. What a lot of people don't know is once Katherine dies the gravy train for the siblings also dies as none of the money she reaps can be Willed to any of them.

Now that the Trust is out of the red and making money the siblings want a cut as they KNOW that Paris, Prince nor Blanket is obligated to give them anything.

I'm sure Jermaine/Randy, who are both broke and deeply indebted with child support is behind these shena****ns. Rebbie and Tito are going along for the ride as neither of them are making any monies. I'm shocked by Janet's participation but I'm sure she would do anything not to have the siblings begging her for money seeing as though she is marrying a billionaire.

The million dollar question, 'why did she abandon Michael's children?' because her children didn't want their plot to be made public and they KNOW if Paris hears what they are up to she will put them on Twitter blast....publicly.

787 days ago


I don't have a problem with her leaving for R&R but I do have a problem with her leaving and not telling prince, paris and blanket where she was going and how to get in touch with her.

787 days ago


Very clear that Katherine Jackson was taken against her will. The facts clearly evidence that 1) she planned a bus trip to NM for her sons show; 2) a doctor who is NOT her primary physician is brought to her home to advise her not to go by bus but rather by plane and he indicated he was there on behalf of her primary care physician who has since confirmed he was not aware nor consulted; 3) Katherine's does not ever make it to NM but instead to Arizona; 4) Katherine does not make contact with her grandchildren for over a week which is rare and out of character - those kids are her life; 5) Randy, Janet, Jermaine, Tito and Rebbie are broke and desperate for money; 6) Michael Jackson's Estate has earned nearly a half a billion dollars and wiped out his debt; 7) The disgusting money hungry kids are plotting to get their hands on the Estate's money and are using their mother by kidnapping her to present a case that she is unstable and needs a conservatorship (meaning Jermaine and Randy - the two who stand to benefit the most); How can anyone not clearly see the facts surrounding this case; the police verify she is in Arizona, however, they are not reading between the lines that this poor woman is being held against her will and is being told to say she is fine with God knows what possible threats. She would never leave those poor kids. This is an obvious plot and plan by what now appears to be irreprehensible and criminal behavior on the part of the Jackson sibling clan in a desperate attempt to get MJ's money. Hopefully, THe FBI will investigate intervene and file criminal charges.

786 days ago



786 days ago


Katherine Jackson is 82 years old seriously she probably was stressed out dealing with three teens probably tooks its tole on her, and yes I believe the sibling are "HOT" about "MJ" will to leave to 3 children that biologically were not his, and they are all borderline broke, but I know one thing forsure to keep everybody quite call JOE Jackson he whip all the butts into shape LMBOOOO its ridiculous how money makes ppl act!

786 days ago


Wait, TJ will be appointed their guardian?? TJ is TITO's son. THAT IS A DIRECT CONFLICT OF INTEREST as it is Tito that is behind the plot to defraud the will and keep Katharine away. Does anybody else see this??? Why have his son be their guardian. Sneeky. I hope the judge sees this and doesn't grant it. He is just pretending to care about MJ's kids. He will get a cut and let all the others get their cuts too. Poor kids. They can trust no one.

785 days ago
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