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Katherine Jackson

I'm Fine

and NOT Missing

7/23/2012 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has spoken to police, and she is not in danger ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police were able to make contact with Katherine today ... and she informed them "she is fine and with a family member."

Another source tells us she is in Arizona.

The LA County Sheriff's Department has been investigating Katherine's whereabouts since she was reported missing late Saturday night.

We're told the Sheriff's Dept. is still speaking to Jackson family members to find out exactly why Katherine's nephew filed the missing person report in the first place.


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This story is very strange. I'm not buying it. Why hasn't she talked to her grandchildren? It just makes no sense. Jermaine needs to take his freeloading behind and get a real job and pay all that back child support he owes. What is this show that his brothers are doing? You gotta be kidding me? I wouldn't even go for free. They need to stop riding off of MJ's fame. This family is weird as hell. Smh

832 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Please go back to being missing! No one gives a crap about this useless, withered old hag.

832 days ago


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck...chances are it's a DUCK!!! There are still too many holes in this story, and something ain't right. Her own grandchildren can't contact her, and she took off without letting them know where she was and that she was okay. I'm not buying any of this. I'm sure she trusts her children and doesn't feel that she's in danger, which she may not be. It's not her physical self that's in danger, it's her finances and that of her grandchildren. If you lay down with snakes, you just might get bit!!

832 days ago


This almost looks like a setup to make Katherine Jackson look incompetent and/or negligent in her duties.

Look at the steps that were taken and it can be clearly seen that something is a bit off.

Hopefully when she returns there will be a proper explanation given as to what exactly occurred and why there was such a breakdown in communication. The Jacksons aren't just your run-of-the-mill family. Any movement that each member of that family makes is easily trackable.

It is extremely suspicious to have a situation where family members are reporting a person missing so shortly after those same family members claim to be "concerned" about her health. Then, on top of that, for the person to call in normally saying that everything is fine and that there are no issues.

Shena****ns are afoot and something is not right.

832 days ago


That Paris Jackson is the opposite of her dad. She's a handful. Pretty full of herself.

832 days ago


Really JPM4444? How is she a handful compared to any child of other celebrities out there? What trouble has Paris been in as of late that is of any consequence, except perhaps for blasting her uncles regarding details about her grandmother that are questionable?

It appears as if there also may a campaign to diminish Paris' voice after she publicly exposed the fact that nothing is wrong with her grandmother.

Watch and wait for something negative to be published or revealed about her in short order.

This situation has a degree of calculation about it , no doubt.

832 days ago


Whatever is happening with this situation, authorities and journalists are already paying close attention to it.

When it comes to family, money and loyalty, the truth of the matter is always revealed in the end.

832 days ago


Katherine if you are staying with Reebie watch out for the Centipede..........

832 days ago


I hope someone is not forcing her to say that. Why would she say she is with a "family member"? She was suppose to be staying with one of the sons. Why didn't she say I' m fine and staying with Tito or Jermanine and why would she leave the kids by themselves? Something is terribly wrong, I can feel it.

832 days ago


Katherine is a disgrace and completely betrayed MJ's trust, it is Michael's money for his own kids, not for taking care of the whole loser family like he did for the most part of his life, she shouldn't run away like this (or even join in the evil side) and let young children fend for themselves against the whole mess.

832 days ago


Still fishy, if it's out of character for her not to speak to her grandkids. She must have been talked into not communicating with them - especially if she is, as Jermaine pouts it, "OK now".

Jermaine, who doesn't live with her, said she had a mini stroke months ago, which mysteriously PPB didn't notice though living in the same house. Then she's going to a concert, but ends up isolated with Rebbie in a clinic - but does not call the kids to tell them it's OK and she wants to be there.

THEN her children, who are NOT Michael's heirs, write a letter to the estate and demand the executors step down, apparently unbeknown to any of the four real heirs. (When she is in need of peace and rest?) This whole thing is putting a great amount of stress on both Katherine and the three children whose legal guardian she is. The act alone of locking up a 82-year-old in a clinic with no access to a phone can cause damage to her mental status. And aside from everything else, it borders on the illegal to separate children from their legal guardian, whom they may need at any time.

832 days ago


Sounds like she's already dead ............

832 days ago


I'm glad the authorities found Mrs. Jackson, but she certainly does not look well...imho.

832 days ago


WHO... does this to 3 parent less innocent children that lost their beloved father so dramatically.....


832 days ago


Attention whores, all of them.

832 days ago
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