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Katherine Jackson

At Arizona Spa

7/23/2012 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0722-Katherine-Jackson_getty_2Katherine Jackson is at a fancy spa in Tucson, Arizona, but the big question now ... why did leave Michael Jackson's 3 kids?

Sources tell us ... Michael Jackson's siblings took Katherine from the family compound in Encino, CA to the Arizona spa, because they feel "the house is utter chaos" and Katherine is exhausted.

Here's the mystery ... Paris and presumably the other 2 kids were never told Katherine was leaving and it's been a week since they've seen her. So why would Michael's brothers and sisters yank Katherine from the home when she is the only parental link to the 3 kids who are still coping with their father's death?

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... there's a "concerted effort" to get Katherine on board to challenge Michael Jackson's will and get the Executors removed.  In addition to Randy and Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet are also on board, although it's unclear exactly how much Jackie supports the move.

Michael's siblings think they have a lot to gain if the will is invalidated.  But here's the problem -- if the will is invalidated, the prior will becomes effective and under that document they still end up with goose eggs.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is still treating the report that Katherine went missing as an open investigation and they are doing a follow-up to make sure she's ok.


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824 days ago

I Was About To Say    


824 days ago


I bet it fries their asses to no end that half of the money is going to charity. Funny how they managed to find anther unsavory doctor to claim she's exhausted or had a 'mini' stroke. Jigga please!

824 days ago


The will has already been declared legal and valid. Idiot Jacksons think somehow they're going to get control of MJs fortune. The only thing they're going to do is cause a judge to yank guardinship away from Katherine which is going to stop the gravy train to her. Even if a judge decided the executors are not doing their job - a judge would declare new executors and the executors job is to fulfill the will - which is all money goes to the kids, with Katherine being taken care of. it's not the place of the executors to take care of lazy jackson who are abusing their mother to try to get her to demand more money to give to them. I can't imagine a judge would be so stupid as to not see through all these shenagins.

824 days ago


Wait so his kids inherit and charities get some cash and they have a problem with this ? not that fact that he molested kids just where is cash goes ? Brilliant !!!

824 days ago

mj fan forever    

So she ABANDONED Michael's children to go to a fancy spa AND without letting them know nothing about her if not she was "unreachable" only and exclusively to go on vacation!!!!! She should be ashamed if she had a little bit of dignity!!!!! She is just a greedy unnatural mother and a total failure!!!!! Michael would be HORRIFIED by seeing HER unruly and undisciplined way to take care of his beloved children favoring their useless plan to get her on board against the Estate!!! What that bunch of disgraceful leeches losers seem to ignore is that even if she decides to be on board the will is and remains AUTHENTIC AND VALIDATED BY THE JUDGE and they will NEVER put their hands on Michael's legacy!!!!!

824 days ago


You have to wonder whether or not the family "kidnapped" Mrs. Jackson in order to pressure her. The fact that she hasn't called the children is irresponsible - which doesn't seem like her.

Elder abuse isn't always physical.

824 days ago


so basically..theyre saying to HER "either CHALLENGE the will to give us money, or we're putting you in a nursing home". and they wonder why Michael didn't want to fool with them.

824 days ago


Estate worth $ 5Billion, MJ should 've left something to his father and siblings. They made him famous. Shame on MJ and you supporters.

Guess, when you black , you deserve nothing.

824 days ago


Its obvious to anyone with a brain that this move is about the siblings trying to get a part of MJ's money. They know that if their mother dies(which they think might be soon) Michael's children get 80% of the estate and the rest goes to charity and they are OUT of contention. It obvious that MJ's children don't like or trust the rest of the family and that is a good thing that they are aware of what motivates the rest of the family, $$. The question is who is raising the children right now since Katherine is in Arizona. Hopefully none of MJ's siblings, the whole lot of them, including Janet, are poor excuses for human beings. I pray for those children, brought into this world and into that family that is so messed up.

824 days ago


I hope his kids realize what blood suckers his family are and stay as far away from them as possible when they do get their hands on their money. They don't owe them a thing and since they aren't related to them they shouldn't feel obligated to give them a dime either.

824 days ago


WHO... does this to 3 parent less innocent children that lost their beloved father so dramatically.....

If the chaos is soo overwhelming for Mrs Jackson
Get rid of Jermaine and Randys kids

Child Services needs to get involved and put
Michael's children in a non-family situation
This is all about " MONEY "and not Katherine's

824 days ago


I was shocked to see that Janet is a part of this, as she has plenty of her own cash.... So that makes this seem slightly more legit. However, MJ was very specific about who he wanted to manage his estate and who he wanted to benfit from it and those wishes MUST be respected and followed!

824 days ago


she's 102, she really can't be blamed...those rotten, POS kids of hers are the issue

824 days ago


x17online is now reporting that MJs kids and family did in fact know she was going out of town and that Prince even helped his grandmother with her bags to her car. And it is reported that away from Trent, who the Jacksons say is “the very person and persons we are trying to protect our mother from.” Currently, we're told Trent is prohibiting family members from speaking with Michael's three children.
And is being investigated for filing false reports, and even elder abuse and they think Trent is behind the tweets from Paris' account. So where are the chlidren, if thie Trent is so bad then why were the children left in CA with him around? Wouldn't Katherine want the kids safe from such a bad influence?????

824 days ago
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