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Kirstie Alley

Sued For Allegedly Lying

About Dumping Weight

7/23/2012 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kirstie Alley
is being sued for allegedly lying about how she dumped 100 lbs.

The suit, obtained by TMZ, was filed by a California woman who claims Organic Liaison -- the weight loss product Kirstie hocks online and on QVC -- is not the reason Kirstie dramatically slimmed down.

Plaintiff Marina Abramyan -- who used the product and filed the class action lawsuit -- alleges Kirstie shed the lbs by dancing her ass off on "Dancing with the Stars" and eating an extremely low-calorie diet.

As for Organic Liaison, Abramyan says it's bogus -- just a bunch of calcium and fiber which is not a proven weight-loss product.

Abramyan is suing for unspecified damages.

We contacted Kirstie's rep. So far, no comment.



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I thought she had gastric banding after she started gaining weight after she was on DWTS. No?

822 days ago

head bussa    

The best diet plan is eat less workout more. It works for me. ;)

822 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

No surprise there. More than half the weight loss programs are misleading. Only works if you exercise.

822 days ago

buzz kill    

Why no recent pictures of K. Alley, she probably has gone back to being a tub of lard.

822 days ago


This woman sounds like a complete moron. There are no proven weight-loss products. Everyone on the planet knows Kristie lost the majority of her weight on Dancing with the Stars, there's no secret about that, as she's been very vocal about it. She also was not eating an extremely low calorie diet, she would have passed out and had various medical problems if she was doing that at the same time she was on the show. Calcium & fiber are both known to aid in weight loss, but there's more in the products than just that. Kelly Preston lost like 40 lbs using it, she was just on a talk show talking about it. Not everything works for everyone, plus you do actually have to do something other than just taking the product. You have to eat right and you have to exercise. This woman is probably one of those people who did neither thing. She won't win, people never do when they try to sue companies that sell weight loss products.

822 days ago


Shocking!!! watching your food intake and increased exercise result in weight loss??? Who would have thought.

822 days ago


everyone s4ould sue da krapdas4ians.....

822 days ago


More Scientology HOGWASH!

822 days ago


She is such a liar... I can't stand her. I bet she ranks pretty high in Scientology.

822 days ago


I think Kirstie said she needed to lose another 30lbs when she started DWTS and she apparently did. But if she did rely on extreme calorie restriction for the rest, she'll most likely gain the weight back once she eats normally again. That happens even to people who have gastric band etc. You don't even need to overeat or go on junk food binges for it to happen - the body has ways to deal with perceived times of famine and will alter the metabolic rate and fat storage after you've starved it for a while to be prepared for the next famine. The body doesn't like change, so slow and sneaky is the way to go in weight loss. She definitely was seriously into exercise before DWTS - I saw something on tv showing her working with a trainer. That's something that is also hard for most people to keep up, so it's not wise to rely on extra exercise to lose and maintain weight. It helps keep the metabolism up and has many other benefits, but in your sixties you just can't eat the same as in your teens...
Plus there are other factors harder to control. That's why so many people struggle with their weight even though they seem to be doing the right things- it's just more complicated. Low thyroid function can make weight loss very difficult, for example. Even stress levels and sleep deprivation mess up the body's normal weight regulation mechanisms, as well as the new stuff in our food and environment such as pesticide residues. Even if your body manages to deal with such things when younger, it gets less flexible as we age.

822 days ago

if she wins the money, $10 says she will head to the first all you can eat buffet she can find.

822 days ago


Wait a second. I thought Kristy claimed that she lost all the weight because of Scientology? I always thought that statement was stupid since she's been in Scientology for 30 years and has been fat most of that time.

822 days ago


I don't care if she's fat or skinny...she's stil a damn good looking 61 year old woman...

822 days ago


This person Marina is looking to make some fast cash. First of all, Kirstie developed that brand of organic food and the diet long before she did Dancing With The Stars. It was all part of her reality show that aired a year before DWTS. She had already lost 50 or more pounds when she was a contestant on DWTS. She was determined to lose the rest while on the show! And she did lose most of it. She continued her organic diet and changed her exercise to dance. She still had some weight to lose when DWTS ended but continued on with her routine. I watched every episode of her Reality Show and her stint on DWTS and still kept up with her progress and interviews after the show ended. I say Marina doesn't have a dancing shoe to stand on with her bogus lawsuit.

822 days ago


I remember watching it happen, lol..... she had to first get in shape before a doctor would let her go on DWTS, because she could not dance safely without exercising enough to be able to not faint (loose breath) or even break a ankle,etc. I also heard that Maks guy telling her to eat or she would pass out but she saw the weight coming off and didn't want to. Also I watched Marie Osmond DO THE SAME thing, then Rikki Lake! she came right out and said she wanted on the show to loose weight, I mean really, no one noticed how people got much thinner?Kelly Osbourne did the same thing, but did not say she set out to do it, but it just happened.Anyway, I used to like the show , it was more family oriented and they seem to have fun together and then the year that Donny Osmond was on was whack, he fell and won, with all his Mormon callers. And after Alley was on something changed about it, it lost that good feeling, everyone came on to loose weight.

822 days ago
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