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Minka Kelly

Sex Tape Shopped

7/23/2012 4:30 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/23/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minka Kelly has a sex tape?!
Minka Kelly
is the latest in a long line of actresses to star in a sex tape that is now being peddled to the highest bidder ... TMZ has learned ... but there could be a big complication ... because it's possible Minka was a minor when it was shot.

The tape ... which is 30-minutes long ... was shot in New Mexico and features Minka with an ex-boyfriend. 

The tape is shot in a semi-professional manner. The camera is secured by a tripod and hooked up to a TV monitor, so both Minka and the BF can watch the action they create. Minka is very aware of the camera.

It's unclear how old Minka was when the tape was shot. Two songs from Brandy's second album, "Never Say Never," are playing in the background. The album was released on June 8, 1998 -- 16 days before Minka's 18th birthday. But one source questioned whether the song was added after the fact to make it appear she was over 18.

As for Minka, we put a call in to her rep. So far, no comment.

As for the claim the Brandy songs were added after the fact, that's not possible, because we now know Minka is singing and dancing to the songs in the video.


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The only video woth watching is the one with the gorgeous Kim K. Yeah, compare to Kim, these other videos are boring as hell.

786 days ago

Sin D    

Ple se rellses tthee ta pe....Sorry hard to type with one Please release the tape !

786 days ago


thanks to Herpes Hilton, "sex tapes" will forever be the way "in" for no talent skanks

786 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Just proof there is no such thing as a beautiful GOOD girl anymore. If she's cute, then someone at some point wore the hell out of her and displayed it...or there are some goood stories.

786 days ago


How much you want to bet, this broad will Frankenstein herself by getting a nose job? She only looks semi-good at certain angles like that Draya girl. Anyway, I love how the media makes these broads so important. They have the best publicists who are truly the stars for keeping these vagina driven, media #$uts relevant.

786 days ago


I don't know what it is, but looking at this girl, I have the feeling she is behing the shopping of the tape.

786 days ago


The 'ex' wasn't Neil Fifer was it? He'd put his dinka into Minka's pinka and stinka!

786 days ago


Will buy it.

She's going to be a star now.

Just ask Kim K Superstar. $5 million richer as a profit participant in the video and, of course, now her big fat face and ass plastered on every website.

786 days ago


Still not sure why young girls would have themselves taped while having sex but I hope that this is true.

786 days ago


Who really cares? Seriously, what's the big deal here? All this means is that she has the same body parts as any other woman and like most women today, she enjoys her sexuality. Taping yourself having sex is nothing new. People have been doing it since the first home video cameras became available, and even before that in the days of 8mm film.

You can find thousands of similar videos on the net made by average people. She has nothing to be ashamed about and the only person doing anything wrong here is the s*** trying to sell this for money.

786 days ago


A wonderful beautiful whore, I will wait to see if this tape ever comes out, she really is a great looking slut and I will enjoy seeing her vagina

786 days ago



786 days ago


Underage my ass. Just like that anti-gay beauty pageant contestant skank from California a few years ago who had a masturbation video, she's trying to prevent us from seeing the video by lying and saying she was underage when she made it.

786 days ago


can someone post the link?? i cant find it

786 days ago


Another thing I'd like to add. Why do these idiot ex-boyfriends and hackers try to sell the sex tapes and nude photos instead of just putting them on all the famous free porn websites on the Internet? Just like the idiot who allegedly had 100% naked pics of Miley Cyrus. Instead of just putting them on the Internet for the world to enjoy, the idiot tried to sell them to The National Inquirer and they called the cops because the idiot tried to sell them underage nude pics. Needless to say, the party van showed up for him 2 days later and we'll never get to see the pics.

786 days ago
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