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Jackson Brothers Tour

Jermaine Travels Alone

7/27/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson brothers are NOT living up to the name of their "Unity" tour -- despite continuing to perform together -- because Jermaine just arrived to the airport on his OWN in Los Angeles.

Tito, Jackie, and Marlon arrived together shortly afterward -- telling us they're happy their mother has finally returned home after disappearing for over a week in Arizona.

Interesting that Tito and Jermaine have agreed to work together -- considering Tito TURNED on Jermaine (and Janet, Rebbie and Randy) and denounced the plot to overthrow the MJ Estate.

TMZ broke the story ... the living members of the Jackson 5 are performing together tonight in Saratoga.

Should be an interesting show.


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They should change their name to The Four $***bags.

783 days ago

bringing brighter days    

hey michael jackson post-thriller fans, particularly the following that was brought forth by the establishment since 1991.....guess what

because of your false sense of entitlement and brazen attitude, you are blended by both

your idol "the king of pop" sabotaged his brothers careers' in 1991 and that's why the world hasn't seen them make music in the own right for the past generation.....

that's why it has appeared during that time the brothers have been leeching off of Michael, because he had the power to manipulate and shape public perception

and thru the face of all of that, his brothers have never made any public statement explaining what happened to them, because

1.) Michael's ambivalent fan following have made it difficult for the truth to come out

2.) commercial media would have never given them the platform to do it

3.) by shunning them, it was easier for the opportunistic bodies in the industry to exploit Michael Jackson and move him beyond his natural existence on this earth

and its a damn shame......

Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Randy...their individual/and collective careers were sabotaged, sacrificed by Michael's quest to seek the throne in becoming universally recognized as the "king of pop"......

783 days ago


If you (TMZ) quit filming them or giving them attention, will they go away?

783 days ago


So, what's next on the docket. Janet shows up to the show and performs a few of her "HITS" from back in the 90's to show a "UNIFIED" front? Pfffttt.

783 days ago


The Jackson Poverty Tour, Give us your money !!!

783 days ago


So not true. they were all on the same plane, they were all talking and laughing in the terminal how do I know. BECAUSE I WAS THERE!. I know you have to try and make money but stop this LIE NOW!

783 days ago


This is SUCH a LIE, he just got there earlier than his brothers, They all got on the same plane, and were talking an laughing all in the Termina, How do I know? CAUSE I WAS THERE! where your TMZ camera man wasn't

783 days ago


I really hope this judge does NOT give Katherine any guardianship for the ruse she was part of. This has traumatized these kids. Give guardianship to TJ or Diana Ross. Let TJ make ALL decisions leaving all other Jackson's out of this business with the estate.

783 days ago


TMZ why are you trying to divide these brothers? Maybe Jermaine booked his flight alone, Tito and Jermaine are working together because that is what you do, just because Tito doesn't agree with Jermaine's tactics doesn't mean they shouldn't perform together. Jackie and Marlon are not onboard with Jermaine. STOP making something out of nothing.

783 days ago


Glorified backup singers. Superstars BEHIND the scenes. If these guys are so great and talented why when they went out on a Victory tour and produced an album didn't we see each of the brothers doing the STAR voice instead of Michael being the lead, AS ALWAYS. AND! Why did it take Katherine to BEG MICHAEL to do the tour? Right, they are so talented, pffft.
Gotta admit though, there was one song on that album I fell in love with, can't remember the name but they seemed to all have lent a voice to it. Hmmm, must google.

783 days ago


Why isn't Randy part of this group? I know he wasn't a member of the Jackson5, but he did join them as the "Jackson's". This was also the first time I have ever seen Jermaine Jackson NOT talk when a microphone was stuffed in his face...LOL

I'm thinking that was on the advice of his "criminal" attorney.

783 days ago


Let's hope the audience has stocked up on lots of rotten tomatoes ...

783 days ago


Joe Jackson really messed these kids up.

783 days ago


Who the hell would pay to see them? Hey wasn't it Jermain who tried to hide in Africa to avoid child support.

783 days ago


The whole family is twisted, but at least even when they don't get along, they can keep it at a business level, which would require traveling alone to avoid drama.

783 days ago
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