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Katherine Jackson & MJ's Kids

Show Up for 'Unity' Tour

Despite Family Brawl

7/28/2012 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0728_kathering_jackson_tmz_videoDespite a public family showdown, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's three kids all showed up at the Jackson Brothers' "Unity Tour" ... even though one of the members, Jermaine Jackson, is actively trying to overthrow the MJ estate.

TMZ obtained footage of Katherine arriving at the concert in Saratoga, CA last night (to a small round of applause from the crowd) where Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine are continuing their tour, despite the current family rift.

Katherine wasn't there alone ... Prince, Paris and Blanket tagged along with their grams -- who just last week was reported missing after spending a week in Arizona with other members of the Jackson clan.

During the concert, Jermaine -- who is on opposite sides of the feud than his band mate brothers -- played a whole set by himself ... singing several songs as a solo act.

We're told MJ's kids, who were watching from the crowd, didn't appear to be having that much fun.



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Can't stand Jermaine wearing MJ clothes alike!

786 days ago


Well, my only thought here, if TJ went to court for temp. Custody and is now trying for PERMANENT, why the hell didn't he do the right thing and so "NO" to this idea after what those kids went through? Better yet, if he's supposed to be their "GUARDIAN" why is he NOT present? He's no freakin' better then the rest of those leeches. I guess until the dough starts to roll in for TJ he's not going to show responsibility. If I was the judge and heard of this and found out their Guardian wasn't present I'd quash his bid in a heartbeat. Those kids were at the mercy of their uncles, once again, if Katherine decided to yank them backstage. This is wrong on about 15 thousand levels.

786 days ago


This is my take : I have never liked Katherine Jackson. For me, a mother that permits her children to be abused, both physically and emotionally is no good. Look where Michael ended.
I do not think she should be the guardian of teenagers, nor a co-guardian. The Estate should give her the $$$$ and let her go. All she wants is to cover for the others.
I can't wait till this children turn 18.
P.S. I think she was part of the plot to get some Estate's reaction.
Of course the executors have to make money. They are working!! I wonder if Joe and the siblings would have paid that huge debt in just three years!, or ever! Besides being dumb, they have no credibility.
I hope KJ doesn't ruin those children before they are 18. (she ruined hers!)

786 days ago


One week she needs rest and is taking no calls, the next week she is traveling across the country. I think her mind has left her body.

786 days ago


Paris already looks like she is 25 at the ripe old age of 14. Geesh, by the time she is 20 she gonna look like she 50 they age so fast

786 days ago


This is all about maintaining a false front of family solidarity and an illusion of how hands-on it all is between a woman who disappeared for 10 or so days and her non-biological grandchildren.

I got to thinking a little earlier about the stink right after MJ died. Miss Katherine - and Joe - wanted to get into some unauthorized business ventures trading on MJ's name and likeness. I seem to recall Grandma was allowed to do something to a limited degree, but the estate made it pretty clear to Joe that there was no such thing as "family money."

Now, who do you think put her up to the business ventures back then, the same woman who now claims to have such difficulty maintaining her household and supervising the kids now? I mean, do you you really picture HER with the paid-for house, the personal allowance, and the household and child support allowance, being the one scheming back then to make extra money on outside business ventures?

She was manipulated by her grown children and husband THEN, and she is being manipulated NOW, and both times is trying to appease and please everyone. That's the problem in a nutshell.

And for those of you who think Paris is such a spoiled brat, put innocent children into a scheming and dysfunctional family situation like this and see what they do!

786 days ago


WHAT THE HELL??? That is really STUPID!!!

786 days ago


Do you think that under the cir***stances there is chance in hell that those kids attended the concert voluntarily?

They are just being USED.

786 days ago


My mother is older than Katherine and she is in fairly good health for someone in their late eighties and while she cannot speak for all older women she did tell she would probably go along with whoever and whatever just to keep the piece. She could not imagine being under all of that pressure every day The Jacksons should let their mother enjoy her golden years as well as letting her enjoy and raise her grandchildren in piece for the son that she loved so very much. Don't forget Katherine is grieving as well as MJ's kids. She lost a child it doesn't get much worse unless of course your surviving children are Janet, Jermaine and the rest.

786 days ago


Maybe they all got together to slap each other and call each other 'bitch'...

786 days ago


I am so sick of this whacked out psycho family

786 days ago

mj fan forever    

TJ is not suitable to be the guardian of Michael Jackson's children, he simply agrees with all what Katherine decides, if he had had children's best interests at heart he would have impeded them to go there and he did not!!! Nothing changed!!!!

786 days ago

mj fan forever    

It's just as if greedy unnatural mother Katherine continued to be their guardian with all her bad influences and the bad consequences that can result!!! They are not at all safe yet!!!!

786 days ago


Katherine doesn't have custody at this point. TJ has temporary custody and the judge ordered that the children not be taken out of state until permanent custody is settled. I frankly doubted that he has the intestinal fortitude to assert boundaries with Katherine, his father, aunts and uncles, but I'm flabbergasted how quickly he caved into family pressures. I wonder if the judge will address this violation of his orders and what consequences he can impose.

786 days ago


I thought TJ was the temporary guardian of the kids, so how did this happen..I bet the g-ma forced those kids to go, how g-ma no one likes your family dont push us...we are all watching over the kids , nothing had better happen to them..I hope the judge throws the book at the Jackson's. G-ma will try and get the kids to forget about this , she dont care for these children or she wouldnt have made them go to this concert..she is in it for the money too.

786 days ago
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