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I'm Single

... Again

7/28/2012 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and now ... the most SHOCKING break up of all ... Octomom and Frankie G have officially called it quits.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, Octo has decided to end their love affair, after almost a whole  three months of dating. 

Sources tell us ... the mother of 14 ended the relationship a few weeks ago because she has way too much on her plate right now and just can't make time for a serious relationship.

In case you forgot -- Octo is currently juggling various XXX gigs, launching a singing career, getting kicked out of her house, and of course ... caring for the livelihood of many, many, small children.

We're told Octo realized early on that 23-year-old Frankie G was just too young to handle her fast paced lifestyle ... so she had to cut him loose. Sources tell us they still remain friends.

... with benefits. Maybe. Probably not.


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All the spite. And just because people know she is tougher than the guys who sling mud at her, trying to cover up that they are anything but men with backbone. Sad, but human nature.

724 days ago


He called it off because he got his 15 minutes... as well as probably getting 15 social diseases.

724 days ago


Maybe he got tired of never touching the sides.

724 days ago


Oh, come on, TMZ, why did you fall for all their BS in the first place? Nadya and Frankie got you to print an article about them dating when he kissed her at the airport. Then they got you to publish the article with the photo gallery of them snuggling up together at the beach. Now Nadya generously gave you an "exclusive" about their "breakup" in which she claims it was her decision to cut it off. Thoes two used each other and they used you, TMZ. When Nadya's lips are moving, especially when she or manager Gina calls up TMZ and gives an "exclusive," you can't believe everything she says. Remember back in January when Nadya claimed she had "fired" Gina, and Gina shot back that on the contrary, it was she who had dropped Nadya, because Nadya was unreliable, refusing to do publicity assigments and always begging for money. Nadya was forced to retract her statement and apologize to Gina. Weren't you reading Frankie's tweets all week? He was the one who wanted out of this, not Nadya. He dropped Gina too. Not long after he started seeing Nadya, Gina had him listed as one of her clients and also had him on Dial-A-Star. Then his name disappeared from her roster, and he started tweeting saying that he was a free agent and asking people to recommend a good agent. Next time Nadya latches on to some man, bear in mind that she's just using you for publicity before you rush to publish her "exclusive." She and Gina have Rob "Naughty But Nice" Shuter of Huffington Post wrapped around their little fingers; he always does as he's told and writes brown-nosing articles about Nadya. Don't you fall for that too! Be skeptical, TMZ ... be very skeptical.

724 days ago


AMEN BRUNO, YOU NAILED IT ON THE HEAD. FRANKIE AND OCTOMOM WERE ONLY FRIENDS never more. you would think TMZ would verify the info they get from so called sources before they print their stories. do your homework TMZ... GEEZE

724 days ago


They must have gotten in a huge fight over whose turn it was in front of the camera.

724 days ago


i wonder is any of you TMZ staff ever get that i almost threw up taste in your mouths when you post such crap?? or is it just when its turn to kiss Harvey's tush to keep you job??

724 days ago


Hmmmmmmm...could it be that on the same day, pictures of Frankie with a beautiful, YOUNG, sexy lady, show up on his facebook, that starts octo frantically deleting or de=friending him from facebook, twitter, her previous ustream shows...even changing the name, deleting Frankies name from all previous shows.....whats the matter dumped again? Just like highschool all over again!! Be care-full, Frankie was in your filthy home many times...keep throwing him under the bus & he might let a few of your secrets, what you don't want the public to know about really goes on in your pathetic home life, out!!

724 days ago


She's nuts.

724 days ago


I have no doubt that TMZ recognizes that this 'dating' farce is bollocks. However, it provides tabloid fodder, that validates its existence, eliciting clicks, which generates sheckels.
Suleman's handlers periodically call in with a misleading one liner premise... and TMZ generates an airy fairy, insubstantial article. Does TMZ choose to take the word of the one who provides this information, without substantiation? Does TMZ really care about veracity, as long as it can spew forth a 'story' matter how shallow, or deceptive? It provides pause for thought, albeit only for a milli-second. After all this is the media. The presses must run, at all cost, excepting it would appear,the cost of research and verification.
As it would happen, TMZ was behind the eight ballwith this crock of manure. Frankie informed the public of the truth,last week. Perhaps Nadya was dating Frankie ...but he was NOT dating her.
But in fact, it was not even necessary for Frankie to expose the truth, as the Public scoffs at this '**** and bull' fabrication.
Publicity whoredome has no level that is too low to stoop... that is blatantly apparent, but to view the General Public as amoeba's who will mindlessly swallow this tripe...

724 days ago


Ur going 2 do better than Frank. That's like a Vegas guy.

724 days ago


this b**** actually thought dude was gonna stick around????? she like to dick tease lmao " what next for her?? she aint no celeb, i don't see her winning "no" emmy,oscar,or tony, she's should get (if not already) on craigs list lmao
, she don't care about her kids c'mon she stripping to feed her kids ???i rather collect cans lol ftb

724 days ago


This hoe is freaking horrendous what a dumb broad , 14 kids and doing porn now. Trying to sing lmfao, really ! Yuk go away and take ur tribe

724 days ago


She is ****ing ugly as hell

724 days ago


Both losers.

723 days ago
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