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Selena's Real-Life Killer


Seen the Movie

7/28/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yolanda Saldivar
-- the woman who shot and killed Latino pop legend Selena -- doesn't plan on releasing a comment about the death of the women who portrayed her on the big screen ... because Yolanda has never seen the movie.

Yolanda -- the former President of Selena's fan club -- is currently locked up in a Texas prison ... serving out a life sentence for killing the 23-year-old singer in 1995. She was portrayed in the 1997 biopic "Selena" by Lupe Ontiveros.

After Lupe passed away this week, we reached out to Yolanda's family to see if she had any thoughts on the actress' death.

Yolanda's brother told us ... nobody in the family had ever seen the movie because they believe it's "filled with lies" about Yolanda.

Still, Yolanda's brother says the family never felt any ill will towards Lupe ... because she was an actress and was only "doing what she was told."

As for Yolanda, who is now 51 years old -- her brother tells us she's still in solitary confinement out of fear for her safety ... but insists she's "doing well."


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Oh, poor Yolanda! Cry me a river...

815 days ago


The real Yolanda, has no ill will against Lupe? I have ill will against Yolanda because I did not get to hear Selena's music more. Chris did not get to have children with his wife. Abraham and his wife did not have grandchildren from Selena. Give me a break!

815 days ago


Good let that piece of SH#^T rot in there..
She killed a beautiful innocent talented lady for no reason...Lies? I dont think so you losers!!!!

815 days ago


yolanda is so hot and sexy!

815 days ago


I can't decide if this woman is a rabid fan who went nuts after being rejected, or just got pissed because she was caught robbing Selena's fan club.

815 days ago


Killing someone on the their backs while trying to run away is not "Just shot her"? she lied about being raped, she lied about having stealing money from her. It's sad that a very popular singer died because she lied. I sometimes don't understand people having excuses for everything.

815 days ago


Slow news day?

815 days ago


The movie's portrayal of her really isn't all that bad considering the cir***stances. Maybe her family SHOULD watch it.

814 days ago

Bwoy dem    

Blackpride... lol... you're a black embarrassment making statements like that.

814 days ago

Todd Frei    

HAHAHA TMZ is a bunch of morons;they clearly have no idea of the Spanish language. So let me give you a lesson in Spanish 101. In spanish they have what is called masculine and feminen verbs, so when a person is talking about a woman they would use the letter a to indicate a feminen verb, when they are talking about a male they use a o to indicate a masculinety, and when a person is talking about woman and men together they use an o. But Selena was clearly a woman, so saying Latino pop star is incorrect it should be latina pop star.

814 days ago


I'm just curious. Did several "women" play this this convicted killer or just one "woman"?

814 days ago


Dear Blackpride . . are you kidding me? "she didn't kill her in a viscious way?" She SHOT HER IN THE BACK in cold blood, in broad daylight! SHE MURDERED SOMEONE regardless of how she did it. She should NEVER GET OUT. Educate yourself.

814 days ago


Thank goodness that DEVIL Yolanda will be in jail forever and NEVER experience freedom.

She killed the beautiful Selena for no reason other than her selfish needs. She deserves not to be mentioned again. Thank goodness just a few of us responded to this post. I did it just to say I am SO HAPPY she will be behind bars FOREVER!

814 days ago


"filled with lies"? to be fair, they hardly showed lupe in the entire movie.... her character (obviously) came in towards the end of the film, and the worst thing they'd showed her doing (besides killing selena, which she did) was taking all the money all the other workers saved up to buy something for selena, bought something herself then gave it to selena "from lupe only"....

814 days ago


wow glad that crazy bitch is locked up... I hate jealous people... don't hate me cause I'm beautiful please.

814 days ago
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