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Fueled Paris Riot

7/29/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0728_madonna_tmzThat riot at a Madonna concert in Paris had nothing to do with her brief performance -- it was payback for Madge's repeated use of a video featuring a swastika on a French politician ... this according to fans at the show and sources connected to the venue.

TMZ spoke with several people who were in the crowd Thursday night (and have been to several of Madonna's recent concerts). They say there were 10 or so "fans" in the audience who started the ruckus ... and those people were overheard yelling about Marine Le Pen.

We're told several members of this group we're holding up signs they'd brought to show support for Le Pen.

Madonna has been at odds with Le Pen ever since she started projecting the right-wing leader's face -- with a swastika over it -- during this tour.

We're told local police spoke to members of Madonna's crew the day after the concert ... and said they believe the riot was preplanned by a group of locals looking to cause trouble.

 According to our sources, the majority of Madonna fans knew to expect a short show -- as all her club dates tend to be -- so that could not have been the cause of the riot.


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What you are saying in this article is totally NO TRUE : I went to the concert in Paris and Madonna preformed a wonderful show case at Olympia. The best show ever! We were fortunate to be there during this magical moment and the public was very happy with her performance. Unfortunately ( because there is unfortunately after all ) there are people who have used her talent to sell tickets without indicating that this show has nothing to do with the other concerts of the MDNA tour. It is still displayed on the tour page that the olympia show is a part of the MDNA tour. Instead of that she performed only 8 songs, displayed 2 videos and made a very long speech (around 50 minutes). People were upset because nobody expected the concert to be a Showcase. If the organizers would have announced a showcase she would have sold all tickets anyway but this information was not communicated.
We need to understand who is responsible of organizing this misleading promotion !
Why they indicated is it a MDNA concert instead of saying a showcase or mini-show? We need to understand who is responsible of this !
People came from other countries : Hungary, Spain, Germany, Italy ... They bought air tickets, made hotel reservations for what it was supposed to be a MDNA concert.

We all have the same feeling : we were fooled !!
It is time for the organizer to take responsibility!

753 days ago


Madonna's folks will do ANYTHING to draw ANY attention to her and her concerts. She needs to hang up her straps and mentor some youthful performers who connect with todays audience.

752 days ago


The FN in the run-up to parliamentary election never issued any deregarory remarks aimed at jews or immigrants. The whole debate centered on questions regarding the economy and whether or not France should stay in the eurozone or not.

752 days ago


Madonna is planning her next tour with Don Rickles, Nipsy Russell and a few other cast members from Match game. Can't wait.

752 days ago


She can perform how she wants to perform, she can show whatever body part she wants to show, she can be as controversial as she wants to be, but the fact remains she is a 53 year old woman who had her best years about 10 years ago. She should be traveling with those memory shows that old people go to and act young.

752 days ago


That's a lie. I was in Paris Olympia that night. I'm French, I'm Madonna Fan and don't understand why and how TMZ can write such bull****s ! We were

752 days ago


That is a lie. I was in Paris Olympia. I'M FRENCH, PROUD to be, and I Don't know how TMZ can writr

752 days ago


You know her career is dying when she starts flashing her body parts!! Silly pathetic woman!!

752 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

She an old dry up hasbeen who **** everybody I mean everybody ! She probely **** my daddy ! Eww oh no 😱 !!!!!

752 days ago


pfft,I reported this to tmz like 3 days ago.. Talk about slow news.. you are welcome anyways..;P

752 days ago


Madonna needs to realize that adverse political expressions of art are not protected outside the US.

752 days ago


I attended the Olympia concert. After all the comments posted recently, let me point out some things: the Olympia concert was never billed and presented (to the public, in the ads or anywhere) as a shorter or different kind of performance. It was only presented as an additional MDNA tour concert. No one ever thought this could be an enhanced-like showcase since years ago, Madonna had already performed at the same Olympia venue in a showcase and fans were let in FOR FREE => The audience didn't have to pay anything. So, this time in 2012, nobody in their right mind thought that a concert whose tickets were sold from 65 to 270 US $ was going to turn out less than a regular performance. An "intimate" concert at the Olympia does not equate, by any means, to around 50 minutes performance (including 8 songs, 2 videos and a 10 minute’s speech). Nobody in their right mind, had they known the outcome, would have paid such a big amount of money.
ALL the angry reactions (heard by everyone at the end of the show and filmed & posted later) have anything to do with Marine Le Pen or a devil Far right plot for using Swastikas or whatever SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Fans were really angry, period. They were expecting something different, what they got they did not pay for. People came to Paris to attend a show from other countries: Hungary, Spain, Germany, Italy ...They made Train/plane, hotel reservations. They all have the same feeling: they were fooled!
By the way, that anger was correctly explained in ALL the newspapers relating the incident since the end of the performance (and that includes Le Parisien, Libération, Le Monde, Le Journal du dimanche and newspapers around the world). Noboby hinted at a so-called anti-Madonna plot or whatever. Let me add, finally, that contrary to some, I loooved this Olympia "intimate" concert which seemed more genuine than the MDNA show presented at the Stade de France where people sees anything but a a show through a big Screen !.
I simply deplore that the unjustified organization of this show and the dishonest explanations of the organizers are hampering what could have been an unforgettable performance.
Madonna was great but It is time for the organizer to take responsibility!

752 days ago


That's a lie. I was in Paris Olympia that night. I'm French, I'm Madonna Fan and don't understand why and how TMZ can write such bull****s !
THERE IS A CONFUSION made by you and Madonna publicists about length of show and 5/6 persons of Far-Right who had pannels. I CONFIRM THAT NEARLY ALL 2700 fans have booed AFTER show (not during it) because we have bought tickets for a MDNA Tour date which has been presented as a promo showcase the morning of the show ! But tickets were already SOLD and we DIDN'T KNOW THAT IT WOULD LENGTH ONLY 45 MINUTES.
So Madonna publicists tell lies and I guess Madonna who don't have the time to read this don-t know the truth about all that story.
Read full comment here :

752 days ago


MAdonna obviously did not treat well people by overcharging them , and arriving late and spending a lot of time talking. People are not stupid. They paid a high price for these tickets, they deserve more respect. Madonna as one of the owners of LIVE NATION should be ashamed of their policy of overcharging people for every single concert they do.

752 days ago


lol Blackpride is getting "hate" votes cause he's 100% correct but the whiteys don't like to admit faults...

752 days ago
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