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'Real Housewives' Dr. Paul

Pulls Trigger on Separation

from Adrienne Maloof

7/30/2012 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0730_adrienne_maloof_-paul_nassif_tmz_article"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Dr. Paul Nassif has filed his petition to become legally separated from his wife, and 'RHOBH' co-star, Adrienne Maloof ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Nassif filed the docs in L.A. County Superior Court this morning -- claiming he wants joint legal and physical custody of the ex-couple's children. He also wants each party to pay their own attorneys' fees.

According to Paul's docs, there IS a pre-nup. The ex-couple's date of separation is listed as TBD.

As TMZ first reported ... Adrienne and Paul discussed making the move for separation before he filed.

Paul tells us ... "The welfare of our children is my primary focus as Adrienne and I work through this difficult time."

He continues, "I want the best for her and our children and I hope that everyone can respect our privacy away from the cameras."


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I've only watched the show a few times, and she was always so mean to him, never said anything nice. She looks awful with her fake tan, fake boobs, crazy white horse teeth and hair extensions. No amount of money can fix that!

778 days ago


He was WAY to good for her!! She treated him like a dog not a husband and certainly not a husband!! That's what happens sometimes when women cant handle making more money then a man, they act like a bitch!! You don't have to put a man down or treat him like **** because u have more money!!! Good luck finding another man as good as the one u just lost!! So long.

778 days ago

arale norimaki    

The whole line that marriage existed before governments is utter bull****t. You know what marriage was then, it was a contract between a man and the woman's father.It used to be about owning a woman and joining families together for power and property.Why do you care if somebody wants to marry who they love?" Same sex marriage should be legal. The fact that it's illegal is embarrassing.

778 days ago


She is so mean to him. I hope he finds somenone new because he seems very sweet and caring.

778 days ago


I hope he gets tons of cash from this b.

778 days ago


heads up moron. She has 10x the money he has.. THe Maloofs as in the Palm Casino and owners of the Sacramento KIngs

778 days ago


Who didn't see this coming a mile away... They were always bickering!

778 days ago


She has a lot on her plate and is tired. Tired of taking care of so much and taking care of a grown man. Just once she wanted him to handle things as the "man of the house"...but he was probably incapable because he instead needed to be watched over and taken care of like one of her kids...just once she wanted to not have to be the one to figure out all the finances, or needed support from her husband and advice...and he was incapable...he was just another thing she had to worry about on top of paying 95% of the bills, taking care of every problem even though she had tons of business pressure on her plate...yes he could give her a hug...but could he really help her when she needed it? No. He just added more stress to an already stressful situation... Yes, he had a job...but in this economy...just as her companies have been suffering...don't you think his was suffering too???? She is a beautiful smart woman who deserves to have someone take care of her for once...has he ever bought her a car? A house? Made a major family decision on his own? Highly doubtful. She needs someone who understands her stress/family/ personal needs....not someone who adds to her stress and constantly needs looking after. Of course she seems frustrated...if you are a woman with two kids who also has businesses to run...the last thing you need is a grown man to take care of all the time. IF he has any integrity and truly loves her...he will walk away and not ask for ANY spousal/ monetary support and stand on his own two feet like a big boy. Be a will see all she has done once he finds a regular younger woman he needs him to take care of her...he won't know what he had until it's gone lol! Adrienne can have anyone she wants...she needs someone she can trust to look after things and make decisions when she is exhausted...someone who says "Honey...let me take care of some of these issues for you...why don't you relax and take it easy for a couple of day"....he can't....she can't trust him to take care of can't teach common can learn to be a surgeon though:)

778 days ago


When you agree to do any reality show, its most likely your relationship will end

777 days ago


I knew this was going to happen..she acted like he embarassed her by everything he did. There was so many scenes where she acted like she did not want him there. Good day for him..

777 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

WHO ????????

777 days ago


Right on the anniversary f their 10th year must have fried her ass. He must hate her. Guy Ritchie could only hang for 7. Paul will probably get more than Guy got.

777 days ago


You could see this comming a mile away. adrien was a bossy ice prinsces.mybe he wants leagal sepration beaucse her family lostt he plams so she would be spending his money now. Paul did the right thing he looked miserable when he was with her. he was allways trying to be romantic and adrine just blow him off she toaly took him ofr granted. Now she well be looking old and haggerd all alone and Paul well be dateing gourgaous models . adrien well have to share her kids with another woman. That is horrible he must be asking for joint custody beaucse she itnores her kids.
You can tellby the way her kids act that neight one of them spedn much time with them. Paul is more activee with them than she is . sheis obssed with money power and fame . It was the reality show curse that did them in. i tried to warn her but she had her nose too far up her own ass to lesson to anyone. I sure wouldnt want to be her now.
There s now way there gonna work it out they have zero sexual chimistry togher.
Paul desrves to be happy not banged down by that stuck up bitch.

777 days ago


Just look at the surgically corrupted faces of these two superficial freaks of humanity. So effng gross.

777 days ago


Maybe I missed something but who are these people and why are they here??

Isn't this broad connected to the Maloof brothers and sucking off the n*pple of the parents empire??

777 days ago
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