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Lindsay Lohan

The Bizarre Sex

Scene Demand

7/31/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was EXTREMELY hesitant to shoot a steamy sex scene for her new movie "The Canyons" last week -- but we're told, she quickly changed her mind ... after the crew fulfilled an extremely unusual request.

Sources connected with production tell TMZ, the scene required Lindsay to go topless -- but she was so uncomfortable with the idea of baring her bosom in front of the set's 10-man crew, she asked them to strip down with her ... to their boxers.

The crew was hesitant at first -- but according to sources, they eventually obliged, stripping down and shooting the entire scene in their skivvies ... and it all went off without a hitch.

You'd think Lindsay would be used to the idea of baring her lady bits -- she posed nude in one of the most widely-viewed Playboy issues of all time -- but who are we to judge?

As for her porn star cast mate James Deen -- nine inches.


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Red Cloud    

Lindsay's Playboy a flop?????

814 days ago


again Red *****- telling me what I'm thinking or feeling. This is me schooling you. You want to make wild unsupported statements and I'm asking you to back them up. So far you've done zilch except dodge, deflect, and do anything but answer the damn question.

814 days ago


Guess he went with door #2- STFU.

814 days ago


WHY?!! SMLOL about the claim of a stunt double for her sagging titties.

814 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


It was nothing new': Sales of Lindsay Lohan's Playboy issue deemed disappointing as nude shot fails to impress
UPDATED: 11:31 EST, 18 December 2011
Comments (10)

You would think that nude pictures of Lindsay Lohan would be enough to shift copies of the latest edition of Playboy, but not many people agree.
Sales of the magazine, which hit the shelves on Friday, have failed to shift and it seems there is not much interest in the actresses impersonation of Marilyn Monroe's famous cover.
It was hoped the issue would be a big money-maker for the magazine, which saw its circulation numbers fall from 2.6 million to 1.5 million last year but after pictures from the spread were leaked online Playboy was forced to release the issue early.

Slow sales? Lindsay's issue of Playboy has not been flying off store shelves

Boring: Critics have said the shoot needed to be fresher and more exciting
And according to shopkeepers spoken to by, no-one is buying it.
'I'm not surprised at all. Despite Playboy's hype, there was nothing particularly shocking or new about this shoot,' said adult blog editor Lux Alptraum to
'While these shots may have been slightly closer to full frontal than Lindsay's previous shots, they weren't actually full frontal; there was also nothing particularly new about Lindsay dressing up as Marilyn Monroe.'
He added that he found the shots boring and said it needed a fresher, more interesting concept.

Spending spree? Lindsay Lohan set out on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills yesterday, hours after her Playboy pictorial hit new stands
Playmate of the Year 2010 Hope Dworaczyk has also come out saying she thinks Lindsay's photos are a bit of a let down.
The centrefold model who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice earlier this year, shared her thoughts on the matter as she left a beauty salon in Los Angeles.
Hope initially refused to be drawn into commenting on the photos when quizzed by TMZ, but when pressed she replied: 'I saw that spread... and I was not impressed.'
She added: 'I just feel like if I would have known I was doing a Playboy shoot, I would have worked out more maybe.'
Hope's Play Mate of the Year pictorial was in the June 2010 issue of the magazine and included a 3-D fold out image of the model from Texas.
Playboy founder Hugh Hefner himself also admitted being initially unsure as to whether he even wanted Lohan for the magazine cover.

Lady in black: LiLo looked super glamorous wearing in a black shirt, black sunglasses and skin tight blue jeans
'I kind of had mixed emotions about it initially, and then it turned into something bigger than life,' Hefner told E! news in an new interview.
'I wasn't quite sure where she was at in her life, obviously. It depends on whether it's Tuesday or Thursday'.
After shelling out big bucks for the shoot to the cash-strapped starlet, Hefner also told E! News that he had ordered a re-shoot.
Hefner said the first set of images were unflattering and not as polished-looking as he would have liked.
The ageing lothario said that he didn't speak to Lohan directly about the redo but that he had explained to the crew exactly what he wanted and is over the moon with the final results.
'The pictorial and the concept for the pictorial came from me,' Hefner boasted. 'She had done semi-nudes before. I wanted to do something that would be memorable.'

Underwhelmed: Playmate of the Year 2010 Hope Dworaczyk said she was not impressed with Lindsay's Playboy pictures
'What is more natural, since she is a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, than do something that is a tribute to the red-velvet Tom Kelley photo shot of Marilyn Monroe that was our very first Playmate?'
When asked about the rumour that Lohan didn't want to pose completely naked at first, but that Hefner pushed for it, he confirmed that story was true.
But from the looks of things Lohan does not seem to be too bothered and was spotted at upscale department store Barney's in Beverly Hills.

Read more:

814 days ago

Red Cloud    

Most stories said it sold well. A few stories tried to say it did not sell. Considering the fact that Lindsay Lohan gets much bad press, one would think numerous stories would have surfaced about any substantial evidence of poor sales or returning of issues. Haters in the media would have pounced on that like a mountain lion on a pine limb above you at 3:00 AM camping in Montana.
That's it.

814 days ago


For what it's worth.... from wikipedia..........The best-selling Playboy edition was the November 1972 edition, which sold 7,161,561 copies. One-quarter of all American college men were buying the magazine every month.[31] On the cover was model Pam Rawlings, photographed by Rowland Scherman.

814 days ago

Red Cloud    

from a pine linmb
Why would a mountain lion pounce on a pine limb?
r u dum or wot.

814 days ago

help this young woman    

Q: "Dear Insider H8turd, is that Red Cloud guy an idiot, does he believe what he says, or does he just get off on acting like a retard?"

A: Yes.

814 days ago

Red Cloud    

And according to shopkeepers spoken to by, no-one is buying it.
'I'm not surprised at all. Despite Playboy's hype, there was nothing particularly shocking or new about this shoot,' said adult blog editor Lux Alptraum to

The Fox News clowns went to newsstands on Friday, the day of the release, and this story was in TDM on Sunday, two days later. No reasonable person would assume that Friday sales(issue release day) are a real guage of total sales volume. You're way smarter than that, gc!!!!! Not a backhanded compliment!!!!!!
trying to sleep............

814 days ago


Still dodging the tough questions I see Mr Stupid. I ask for empirical data to back up your statements and all you can come up with is more empty statements with not a shred of supporting proof.
You don't even TRY to answer the question- because you can't. LOSER.
I WIN!!!!

814 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Vorlon - I'm still waiting for an answer about those twitter numbers that he still hasn't answered, and this is supposedly the "twitter guru".

Just to make myself clear, once again I'll ask the question:

If Lohan has 4 million twitter followers, why is it that her DameLindsay account only has 5100, after a direct personal request was made by Lohan for her fans to follow her at that account? This is a current project, so why have 3,995,000 people not followed her?

814 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

This whore be getting caught on tap sucking dick but she can't do a sex scean for a movie ! Really ! She trying to make her self seem like a classy hoe when she is a trashy hoe ! Just a nasty old hasbeen ugh !!! The drugs **** this bitch mind up !

814 days ago


It's all Fairy tales that the Fairy tells.

814 days ago

mike jones.    

I realy think you deserve,an arward,well done,out thier.

814 days ago
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